Are You Not Entertained? Florida A & M

Written September 23rd, 2013 by Gary Russell II

If anything… This sure was Entertaining…

After an embarrassing blowout of FAMU….let’s check out how our wishes faired:


  1. Duel Threat –   Carlos Hyde and Jordan Hall with 100 yards. Want to see Hyde get in there with the 1st O line and run over people. Sorry Hyde and Hall….this was Elliott’s day!
  2. Less Penalties – Penalties are killing this team and 75% of them are of the stupid variety.  Much better here….only three!
  3. A special teams TD – No TD scored but they definitely setup TD’S!
  4. One Half – Braxton to play a half, just to knock the rust off.  No Braxton…no problem
  5. Mix It Up – A good mixture of Wilson and Elliot late in the game. – Elliott definitely got his share with 162 yards.
  1. Tackling - I still believe that one day this hope will come true. – Improved!
  2. Did We Mention One Half? –   No more than one half for Braxton and at least one quarter for Cardale – this is going to be a blowout so get Braxton out there long enough to shake off some rust and then get him back on the sideline, personally I’d prefer him only in for a quarter. Give Kenny one quarter or so and then bring on Cardale and the 3rd team. – Braxton missed out but Cardale got to show some of what he has!
  3. Touchdown? – A defense or special teams score- Not quite….
  4. No stupid penalties – Most penalties are stupid but we cut down on them.
  5. Focus – Consistent focus from the team, no looking ahead to next week – In a 76-0 game this team kept it’s focus.
  1. Figure It Out – Have it figured out what Kenny G will do in the regular offense. Hyde may be in dire straights because of his and Hall’s performances. My favorite quote from analysts is the offense is more efficient with Kenny G at the helm – Not much to figure out since Braxton didn’t play
  2. Leave Bosa Alone – Kid is going to be an AA defensive end. Turn him loose and find somewhere for Washington. – Consider him uncaged!
  3. To that remark – Play ALL of the twos and threes in this game. Would like to see Cardale take snaps finally – Welcome to the show Cardale Read More

You Are Not Entertained: The Game

Written November 28th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, let’s try to put a bow on this, shall we? Silk purse, sow’s ear and all that… Actually, there’s a lot to be positive about looking back at the team’s efforts against TTUN- and some things that definitely need attention.


Defensive Heart. Depends on who you’re looking at- Shazier played his heart out, and Simon/Hankins were fighting on every play (funny how that happens when you get held). The secondary, though… wow, we’re going to need a tune up before next season.

Courtesy, CPD

A worthy offensive gameplan. Throwing the ball on first down? Sweet sassy molassy… what was that?  My only frustration is that this type of game plan would have won against Michigan State, Penn State, and Purdue… What took Bollman so long?

A Jake Stoneburner touchdown. Nope- but he was targeted. And we had Fragel sightings again!

Weeping M*ch*g*n fans. Sigh.

Beat M*ch*g*n. Double Sigh. Read More

You Are Not Entertained: Penn State

Written November 20th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, that was awkward. Was there anything salvageable about yesterday’s dose of disappointment?

Things Started Well


  • Ohio Stadium-  Check. C-Deck, Ahoy.
  • The Best from Buckeye Fans- A number of sources said that PSU fans and players were treated with respect and dignity, so good job on this. Here’s hoping that it catches on for the next trip to Happy Valley.
  • 100 Yards from DeVier Posey- Nope: 66 yards on 4 catches.
  • 100 Yards from Boom Herron- Nay: 76 yards. Brax has 105.
  • A passing game that Penn State has to respect- Still wishing. Some big drops by the young Bucks really hamstrung this game from the start.
  • A pick-six- What about a Pick that led to Six?


  • Welcome Back, DeVier

    Boom goes the dynamite – No one will ever doubt Boom’s courage and heart. But the fumbled exchange was almost catastrophic.

  • A pocket full of Poseys – If only there was a passing scheme in the Ohio State offense… I loved the screen call, and moving him around to get better coverage; it just seems as if the Buckeyes haven’t gotten to the point where they have any idea what to do in the aerial attack, no matter who the receivers are.
  • Shazier sharp defense – Holy hell, this kid can flat out play. A couple of missed assignments, but in the second half he was a one man wrecking crew… he’s going to be special.
  • A senior moment - Unfortunately, it feels as if this year’s team is looking for the exits, and who can blame them after all they’ve been through. Still, it’s disappointing that they were unable to exert their experience and will to keep the team focused. Read More
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