Coach and Players of WWII Basketball Teams Set the Standard

Written March 22nd, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

We live in a time today where it would be very difficult to imagine what life was like during the second World War. Our country has been through a lot as of late, but it doesn’t really compare to what the millions of people went through in the 40’s.   My grandfather fought in WWII and Korea and if he were still alive today would be in his 90’s. As it is, he passed away of cancer in 1983 and never spent a lot of time discussing his time in battle. I do know he was a gunner’s mate who manned the big turrets on merchant marine ships and was sunk three different times.  I also know that he was a railroad worker, and eventually worked at an alloy plant, manufacturing steal for the government here in southeast Ohio.

What I did not know about the era he grew up in was how sports in general survived such a harrowing time in our history.

This is the story of one of those teams that flourished during this time and set the standard for success in basketball at THE Ohio State University.

One of the best to wear the Scarlet and Gray

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