You Are Not Entertained: B1G Championship

Written December 10th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Sparty shocked Buckeye Nation by sending the Buckeyes to the Orange Bowl.  Let’s see what they did to our wishes:


  1. Offense – Mistake-free (turnovers/penalties) game. MSU brings as good a defense as you’ll find; points will be hard to come by.  No turnovers but 5 penalties for 62 yards.
  2. Offense (again) - An efficient passing day from Brax & his receivers. If OSU is forced to go one dimensional against MSU, trouble looms.  8 for 23 iis hardly efficient.
  3. Defense – Please, no missed tackles.  Too many for the offense to overcome this time!
  4. Defense (again) -  Pressure MSU’s QB; sacks, hits, pressure, I don’t care, just get to him.  Only 2 sacks.
  5. No injuries  You and the injury request!
  6. A WIN!  Sorry Ken……not on this day!
  1. A win  Sorry Scott…….getting Oranges instead of Roses this New Year’s!
  2. No turnovers – Don’t help them.  They accomplished this!
  3. Solid defense - Spartan offense is inconsistent. Good defense will be sufficient.  No where close to solid and it cost the Buckeyes big this time!
  1. CARLOS CARLOS CARLOS - I know I know. I’m a broken record but is anybody really paying attention to what he’s doing in an abbreviated season? This is HIS team. He’s taken it. Let him and the line prove it against the best rushing D. 100+ a game continues.  Carlos had 118 but he can’t play defense too!
  2. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS??? It’s not high powered but the D cannot make their QB better than he is. I want to see a swarming D like we saw Saturday for a short while.  This defense surely can’t win championships!
  3. OFFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!  This offense is obliterating the records of the former best two from ’98 and ’95 and needs to expose the lack of talent on the Sparty D. Might have to actually go away from the power running game up the gut to do so. That’s where Sparty is VERY good.  The offense had to on this day but came up a little short!
  4. SPECIAL TEAMS - They’ve been quiet for a few weeks save for the leg of the Aussie punter. Need a huge play by someone. Jordan Hall is due.  Nothing special on this day! Read More