One Fan’s Opinion- B1G Media Days

Written July 30th, 2013 by Scott

Another great look at the upcoming season from Scott, formerly from the Dayton Daily News and Beavercreek News-Current.

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Ahhh, you have to love this time of the year.

It’s almost time for college football and I can picture it all now.

Marching bands.

Packed stadiums.



Michigan losing.

To help whet your appetite for things to come this fall, I present some notes and quotes from the recently held Big 10 media days.

Optimism abounds ….. sort of

I give you Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald. “I don’t know if you guys or anyone is charting how many times a coach up here says ‘excited’ but I think across the country every coach is really in anticipation for two weeks from now when we get together with our teams … ”

Just for the record, coach, the word was used 51 times based on the transcripts the Big 10 published on its website.  The range went from 11 times by one coach to zero by another. The coach that finished at the bottom used the word the most. But if you are Illinois and Coach Tim Beckman, there is nowhere to go but up, so why not be excited.

The coach who said it zero times? The same coach who lost zero games last season. And if you have to look that up, you don’t belong on this website. Read More

One Fan’s Opinion: Why The MAC Matters

Written July 23rd, 2013 by Patrick

Our friend Patrick rejoins us for a perspective on the B1G’s conference strength. Remember, if you think you’ve got what it takes to entertain and educate the masses, let us know!

When most national sports writers speak about schools dethroning the SEC’s run of seven straight national championships, the usual suspects are identified; Oregon, Stanford, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida State, and Notre Dame to name a few.

However, when those same writers talk about conferences that stand to unseat the SEC, the B1G usually isn’t at the top of the list.  Many feel the Pac 12 with Oregon and Stanford is the closest conference with a shot followed by the Big 12 with Oklahoma and a somewhat surging Texas Longhorns.

Most feel like when it comes to the B1G it’s back to the old school “big 2 and little 10(11, 13)”.  Ohio State and Michigan have noticeably separated themselves when it has come to recruiting in the B1G, which led Urban Meyer to call out the coaches and their level of recruiting.  When the B1G expanded to include Maryland, Nebraska, and Rutgers, most pundits chuckled at the thought of the B1G returning to football prominence.  The fact of the matter is, if the B1G is to return form, it is going to be the Indiana, Minnesota, and Purdue’s of the world who hold the key for success. Read More

Beat The Heat With Silver Bullet Points

Written July 17th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Now that the rain has subsided, maybe the Buckeye State can enjoy the summer sunshine and higher temperatures… or as we call it in Los Angeles, “Wednesday”. Today’s soundtrack hearkens back to the halcyon days of the 80′s, before I had to actually pay for air conditioning. Back then, I thought that a Power Station meant something completely different…



Buckeye 411

  • Watching The Watched, Men- Following up from last week, we’ve got a few more Buckeyes on “watch lists” this week. Two thirds of the secondary is on the Thorpe Award list- Roby, Barnett, Bryant; while Corey Brown and Devin Smith were named to the counterpart Biletnikoff list. Ryan Shazier doubled dipped this week, being targeted for the Butkis and Lombardi lists; he joins Andrew Norwell on the latter.
  • Thoughts And Prayers- Go out to the family of Buckeye legend Jim Jackson, who lost his father this weekend.
  • “I ain’t drunk… I’m just drinkin’” I’m pretty sure that Marcus Baugh is not familiar with the work of Albert Collins; just as I’m sure that Mr. Baugh is going to be intimately familiar with the work of strength coach Mickey Mariotti following the news from this past weekend. If you hadn’t heard, Marcus was arrested for underaged consumption and use of another person’s identification- it sounds like a double dose of trouble, to be honest. If you believe message boards and whatnot, Baugh was brought back to his dorm when initially confronted by police; he chose to return to the party and use another student’s ID when confronted a second time. We’ll continue to monitor this as it develops.
  • Urban’s Fault? With everyone jumping on the bandwagon to blame Coach Meyer for global warming housing bubble crash assassination of Archduke Firdinand the Aaron Hernandez situation, it was interesting to read an account of the Meyer legacy from someone who was actually there. You know, in stead of someone who’s digging for pageviews and interviewing disgruntled former players.
  • Your Killing Me, Small(s)- MotSaG with the latest in this trainwreck.
  • The Game, Junior- Since Pennsylvania backed out of their annual High School All Star game against Ohio’s best (I guess they couldn’t handle the annual loss, in spite of the shady officiating), That State Up North has stepped up the the challenge. As the OZone’s Tony Gerdeman notes, this event will see the best from Michigan and the best from Ohio play for bragging rights, beginning next year. Several of our twitter friends pointed out that this matchup will feature TTUN and OSU players against MAC Conference players- unless, that is, Ohio’s roster gives players to Michigan to make the game interesting. You know, just like in November.
  • Buckeyes Grow On Money Trees- Kyle Rowland from 11Warriors with a great article Tuesday morning about the spending habits in college athletics.  Guess what? The teams that spend more are more successful.
  • Lineup- From Sammy Silverman, the front wall of the B1G’s best offense: Read More

Ohio State Announces 2016-17 B1G Schedule

Written July 11th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Following up on the earlier announcement of scheduling with our new BFFs in the B1G, Ohio State released the conference schedules for the 2016-17 seasons today.

As a reminder, this is when the conference moves to a 9 game schedule; 6 divisional foes and three from the Leaders Legends West.

Here’s the info you need to start scheduling your travel priorities:

2016 Ohio State Football Schedule
Sept. 3 – Bowling Green
Sept. 10 – Tulsa
Sept. 17 – at Oklahoma
Sept. 24 – Off
Oct. 1 – Rutgers
Oct. 8 – Indiana
Oct. 15 – at Wisconsin
Oct. 22 – at Penn State
Oct. 29 – Northwestern
Nov. 5 – Nebraska
Nov. 12 – at Maryland
Nov. 19 – at Michigan State
Nov. 26 – Michigan
Dec. 3 – Big Ten Championship Game

Starting in October, the Buckeyes will see nine/ten straight conference games on the road to Indianapolis- compare this, if you will, to the SEC’s practice of scheduling something called a “Wofford” midway through the season as a palate cleanser.  Also, it should be noted that this season will be the last that we’ll see of the mythical “Purdue” until 2018, unless they make it to the Conference Champ… sorry, I just couldn’t do it.

Across the conference- Penn State will conveniently not play any of the traditionally top three teams in the West in 2016; prepare for “We Are!” chants with a zippy “Fortunately Scheduled!” response (ok, maybe a bit wordy). TTUN will miss the two Western “N” teams in 2016 as well.

Wisconsin’s karma runs out, as they play Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State in 2016 after avoiding them prior.

2017 Ohio State Football Schedule Read More

Silver Bullets Point To Hope

Written May 22nd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

What’s really important

Continued thoughts and prayers to our friends in Cowboy and Sooner land… soundtrack should be obvious for today.

Buckeye 411

Simon’s contract has a total value of $2.545 million, including a $385,652 signing bonus. The deal includes base salaries of $405,000, $495,000, $585,000 and $675,000.

Ohio State Announces 2014 B1G Schedule

Written May 16th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Welcome to the family, Terrapins and Knights!

Ohio State will open the 2014 B1G season by traveling to College Park on October 4th for the n00bs first home conference game. Ohio State will then host Rutgers two weeks later as a part of the Conference Welcome Wagon.

Rutgers seems to have gotten the “Nebraska” treatment; wherein a new conference team has a bloodbath of a schedule. The Knights will play Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State (all East Division foes) as well as Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Maryland swaps one set of “Children of the Corn” for another, and will see Wisconsin and Iowa as a part of their cross-divisional experience.

The B1G 9 game schedule isn’t set to start until 2015, so OSU will still have four non-conference games this season. The full schedule is as follows.

  • August 30: Navy (in Baltimore)
  • September 13: Kent State
  • September 20: Virginia Tech
  • September 27: Cincinnati
  • October 4: @Maryland
  • October 18: Rutgers
  • October 25: @Penn State
  • November 1: Illinois (IlliBuck Game)
  • November 8: @Michigan State
  • November 15: @Minnesota
  • November 22: Indiana
  • November 29: THE GAME

You’ll note that Ohio State “misses” Wisconsin in 2014… Eric will just have to find another outlet for his loathing (or save it for basketball season). In fact, the Badgers don’t play Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, either… and you thought their 2013 basketball schedule was easy.

Passing Along Some Silver Bullet Points

Written May 15th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s not summer yet, no matter how many days of 90+ degree weather that we have in Los Angeles… but the summer blockbuster season is upon us. With that in mind, let’s revisit an SBP favorite for this week’s soundtrack.

Buckeye 411

It’s Disney? Rats…

The beauty of it is, kids are kids and people are people, and if they first and foremost feel that you care about them and that you really are there to serve them, it’s easy. I’ve had the chance to hone those skills for many, many, many years, and to me it’s second nature to want to see what I can do for someone.

This also sounds familiar,

That marketing and television and all of the funds that are involved in major college athletics have certainly taken a little bit of control, not just for the institution, but I think it’s affected the experience for the youngsters. It’s not necessarily what I believe in, and I worry a little bit that there’s so much time invested into that singular passion, that — are we giving them the experiences that they are going to need through the rest of their lives?

Akron students… I hope you know how fortunate you are.

Buckeye Hoops

The Madness Of Silver Bullet Points

Written March 20th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Welcome to the calm before the storm… unless you’re an NIT junkie, then your Madness has already started.  In honor of Coach Calipari’s fantastic coaching job on Tuesday night, today’s soundtrack channels the thoughts of Wildcat fans as they get to watch the rest of the tournament. Hey… you think they’ll have time to join our Bracket Challenge?

It’s What We Do

Buckeye 411

  • We Talkin’ About Practice? Tuesday was a return to the WHAC for the Buckeyes after Spring Break, and it sounds as if it was a bit of a “rusty day” for the Scarlet and Gray. No need to panic, though- this is typical for teams the first time they put the pads on in the spring or in the fall.
  • Injury Update- Barrett, Shazier, Wood, and Bogard were in “orange” jerseys today, although JT was taking mental reps behind Braxton as the practice went along. Jordan Hall had a hamstring strain as well, but Coach Meyer said that there was nothing to be overly concerned about with his progress.
  • TP Again- Tyvis Powell seems to, at least for now, locked in on the #1 Star position, with Roby and Doran Grant at corner.
  • Committee- Rod Smith and Warren Ball ran the ball really well Tuesday, although Smith caught the ire of Coach Drayton with his nonchalant flip of the ball in the endzone.  Anything to help break the fumble-itis, right?
  • Caffeinated- Apparently Kerry Coombs is in mid-season form, screaming at what he perceived to be a horrible call by an official helping monitor the scrimmages.
  • los ‘Los- After practice, Carlos Hyde talked about his decision to return, and his desire to help Coach Meyer get his first 1K yard runner. He also was honest about the fact that he had some work to do in order to be NFL ready, a sentiment that his coach agreed with. Read More
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