tBBC Playlist: Ohio State Music

Written November 6th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

It’s been a while since we’ve done an “official” playlist here at the mothership, although our posts certainly reflect how much of an impact music has on our lives- It’s not gameday without music.

While that’s obvious to any true Buckeye, since they don’t call it “The Marginally Adequate Musical Group In This General Vacinity At This Point In Time“, for many people the tunes start during the week of the game and don’t end until we’ve sung Carmen Ohio and “wobbled in our shoes“.

And it’s not just the marching band that’s highlights our college sports experience; Buckeye fans have embraced many other songs as part of the Ohio State canon- “Hang On Sloopy” is an obvious example, but you could include “Neutron Dance” and “Seven Nation Army” to the hymnody bathed in scarlet and gray.  The “Bong!!!” that we resonate with, even on our livechats during the games, comes from a rock and roll anthem; like many college fans, hearing the “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burona doesn’t give images of Italian opera; instead it’s the sountrack to Saturdays.

Even the band has crossed over into the world of mainstream music.

And I’m sure there’s many, many more examples that we can come up with.

Because of the melodic connection so many fans have with Buckeye Sports, we often get great musical “submissions” here at tBBC. Today, we want to highlight a few of them and give you a chance to connect with local artists who bleed scarlet and gray just as much as you do.

Mekka Don- Let’s Go (O-H-I-O)

This is a song that you’re probably already familiar with- it’s been played at the ‘Shoe, and Mekka Don even performed it as part of the Homecoming festivities prior to the game against Nebraska. Read More

The Week That Were: 09.22.12

Written September 24th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

And now, it gets real. Conference season. No more cupcakes… although, that hasn’t worked out all that well for a lot of teams.  Today’s soundtrack is from this week’s release, and was chosen just to make our friend Bacon happy.


Let’s start out west this week, which gives me a chance to do two of my favorite things in the world.  The first is to enjoy this moment: Oh, Rich Rod face, how I’ve missed your sublime poignancy. The second is to post a great FanShot, sent to us from pretty choice seats in Eugene… lots of people making their “O” face in that game, for sure. As a reminder, if you go to a game this year, send us a photo and we’ll run it on Monday mornings.

So, let’s talk about the Ducks.  The wife and I watched the game… at least until Arizona threw a 4th and goal interception in the third quarter. After that, the fate of the Wildcats was sealed and we headed onto other things (Food Network, Ahoy!). ‘Cause here’s the fact- Oregon may take some time to warm up, but once they find weakness they will attack and attack and attack… and the next thing you know, you lose 49-0. Well, until they play a team with a defensive front, that is.

While the Ducks are still doing what they do, I’ve got to tip my hat a bit to Arizona- it was fun to watch the Rodriguez offense again and only have a little bit of hatred for the passes to the slot receivers and so forth. He’ll do well in Tuscon, particularly given that the transition won’t be as drastic as it was heading from Morgantown to Ann Arbor… and he probably doesn’t have alumni and former coaches trying to sabotage him as well.

In fact, I’d love to see RRod’s former team play the one he just faced- What WVa is doing offensively is probably the only thing that can match with the speed and scoring ability that we’re seeing in Eugene. Granted, they only managed 31 against a pretty bad Maryland team, but the potential is there.  A bowl game between Chip Kelly and Dana Holgorsen would certainly surpass the UW/Baylor game from last year, and would feature some of the most unique costumes uniforms in college sports.

I don’t know which is worse- that the play was allowed to continue, or that the official seems to be enjoying the spectacle.  A little help here: Was the player that removed the helmet ejected, as per the rules? Read More

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