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Written September 6th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

News and notes from the Ohio State Press Luncheon and around the world of college sports

Wanna shoot down Rockets? Here you go...

Buckeye News

  • Injury Update- Today, Coach Fickell said that he was hopeful regarding having Jamaal Berry back from his hamstring injury- as of this time, though, there is, no news on Underwood/Philly Brown.
  • Captain, My Captain- This weeks’ leaders, based on the performance against Akron: Joe Bauserman, Andrew Sweat, and Nate Ebner. We write about a guy, and good things happen…
  • More of the same- No change in the QB rotation/depth chart are in the works for Toledo; if it ain’t broke and so forth.
  • Guess who’s back- As of this week, all of the “Trinket Three” (Jordan Hall, Travis Howard, Pittsburgh Corey Brown) have been reinstated as was tattoo recipient Jordan Whiting- however, Coach Fickell was adamant that all will need to earn their positions.
  • Get off my front yard! Old Man Bauserman talked about owning a house and mowing his own lawn the only way he knows how.
  • Game Awards- Following his first career win, Coach Fickell got a game ball from Gene Smith. Got to wonder if it was autographed, though?
  • Picture’s worth a thousand words- Check out this action shot of Evan Spencer’s catch:

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Basketball Buckeyes in Review

Written May 19th, 2011 by Eric

This image should be seared in your brain for all time.

It’s been a month and a half since that fateful day a magical season ended.  That day when the Buckeyes lost against Kentucky for the first time in the NCAA Tournament.

A lot of words have been spilled on a lot of sites around the internet about Buckeye Nation’s feelings towards that loss.  Now that we’ve had some time to sit back and digest, however, it’s worth looking at this season as a whole.

The Buckeyes clearly fielded one of the best teams in school history.  They went undefeated for 24 straight games, a feat not equaled by a Buckeye basketball team since the early 1960′s.  They were the first team since the 2005 Illinois squad to be discussed as a candidate to match the undefeated 1976 Indiana team. Read More

National Championship LiveBlog

Written April 2nd, 2011 by Eric

This season marked our first official run of Basketball LiveBlogs on the Buckeye Battle Cry.    And what a first year it was!   A strong Basketball team, plus several years of Football LiveBlogging experience, made these an absolute blast.

Three blogs joined us from the beginning – Silver Bullet, Our Honor Defend and Fox Sports Ohio – and how lucky we were to have their support.  Without their help, these LiveBlogs don’t come anywhere close to what they finally became.  Eventually Scarlet and Game, a newer member to the OSU blogging family, and Men of the Scarlet and Gray joined us as well and helped send these LiveBlogs into the stratosphere.

While the OSU sports are done for the season, we simply can’t quit the LiveBlogs yet.  On Monday night, we will run the final LiveBlog of the 2010-2011 season by covering the National Championship game.  Think of it as one last chance to make fun of the commentators with all of your favorite OSU sports buddies!

You may notice that we’ve posted an add for the LiveBlog on the right sidebar of the website (you’ll also find it below, in this post).  Look there in the future for our next upcoming LiveBlog for both Football and Basketball.  You can also set it to give you an email reminder!  Isn’t technology wonderful these days?

For those who haven’t yet taken the time to stop by and see what all the excitement is about, you’re missing quite the show.  You should sneak a peak during this National Championship game!  If you don’t, you’ll just have to wait until September for the next one (or the Spring “Game”, if it’s televised).

For all of you who joined us for our LiveBlogs this year, thank you for making them so successful!  We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you!

tBBC Radio Hour: Episode 9 with OSU Silver Bullet

Written February 6th, 2011 by Eric

Dave and Drew of the OSU Silver Bullet Blog join me for the next installment of the radio hour! We talk about the National Letter of Intent Day, particularly who we’re excited to see and what we think of the class as a whole, as well as talking about this year’s basketball team.

All this and more on this week’s Radio Hour!

Basketball LiveBlog: Purdue

Written January 25th, 2011 by Eric

Welcome to your Purdue LiveBlog!  The Boiler’s arrive in Columbus tonight to try to even up each team’s respective Big Ten record.  A win here would put OSU two games ahead in the regular season race about half way through – a good position to be in.  Unfortunately, with this being the second game of a murderer’s row slate, it’s tough to imagine the Bucks pulling away from the pack.

The game starts at 9pm Eastern Time, LiveBlog at 8:30 as usual.

Hope to see you here!  Go Bucks!

Lighty scores 30 as Buckeyes down Vikings 72-59

Written December 22nd, 2009 by Eric
Lighty may have scored 30, but Dallas earns the top spot today for his excellent play.

Lighty may have scored 30, but Dallas earns the top spot today for his excellent play.

David Lighty was on fire and could not be stopped as the Buckeyes put down the feisty Cleveland State Vikings 72-59 tonight in Value City Arena.  Lighty scored a career high 30 points in a game that really looked like the Bucks were just playing complacent basketball all night long.

Ohio State spent the entire game in the lead, but could not open a big spread against the Vikings.  Every time the Bucks got hot and opened up some space, Cleveland State seemed to be right there to make it close again.  Eventually, during the 2nd half, Cleveland State closed the margin to 4 at 40-36 and the Buckeyes decided that enough was enough.  They widened the gap to as many as 15, but allowed it to get no closer than 9 the rest of the way out.

The first of two big stories for Cleveland State was the play of Norris Cole.  Cole, the leading scorer for the Vikings and the man who hung 29 points on #6 West Virginia, scored precisely 0 points against the Buckeyes on 0-10 shooting, including 0-4 from beyond the arc.  He did not get to the free-throw line, and added 6 turnovers to his stats to severely hamper his team’s effort in trying to upset the Buckeyes.  Give big kudos to the defensive effort of the Buckeyes and big props for the scouting effort by the coaches on that one.  A lot of his troubles stemmed from there.

The other big story for CSU was Jeremy Montgomery.  Montgomery came off the bench for the Vikings and was only outshined in this game by David Lighty as Jeremy went for 25 points on 8-13 shooting (5-8 from three).  It seems like every single team that plays the Buckeyes has one player who shoots well from three in most games but shows up against the Bucks and drains near everything from long range.  Montgomery was that man this time around.  That was a great job by him to get hot and try to make things happen for his team.

Also worthy of mention in this game was the play of Dallas Lauderdale, which I believed worthy of my “player of the game” picture at the top of the post.  Even though Lighty had a career day scoring which was more than enough to win it, Lauderdale’s fantastic effort in all facets of the game impressed me at least as much.  His stat-line in 29 minutes of play: 3-6 from the field, 8 rebounds, 2 steals, 5 blocks and 12 points.  The most important one that deserves extra recognition: 6-7 from the free-throw line.  Give him the photo ‘cause that’s just damn impressive.

Doesn't mean Lighty didn't earn himself some face time, though!

Doesn't mean Lighty didn't earn himself some face time, though!

In fact, the free-throw shooting effort by the Buckeyes today as a whole was much, much better as we averaged 74% today compared to the 65% we usually average.  Lauderdale himself improved his average from 39.4% on the season to 47.5% with his shooting today.  This is still way too low, but certainly a marked improvement.

The Buckeyes continue to play the starters for very long times.  Lighty, Diebler and Buford all played 40 minutes today, along with PJ Hill earning 35 for himself.  Lauderdale got 29, but only Madsen and Simmons came off the bench with 11 and 5 respectively.  In fact, Simmons recorded a trillion and Madsen only put down a free-throw and grabbed a couple rebounds.  I’m still surprised that Sarikopoulis and Kecman and several others aren’t earning more time on the floor, but I’m not seeing what Matta gets to see in practice (obviously) so perhaps he has a reason for playing only 7 (8 with Turner) deep.

Ohio State gets a restful 9 day stretch before facing off against Wisconsin in Madison on December 31st.  That game will be seen on ESPN2 at 2 pm.

Pregame Glance: Cleveland State

Written December 21st, 2009 by Eric

The Cleveland State Vikings come to Columbus in the middle of a rough stretch of games.  The Buckeyes are really going to have to watch out for this one.  Let’s get to the facts.

Well, he looks pleasant, doesn't he?  We should invite him for tea and cookies!

Well, he looks pleasant, doesn't he? We should invite him for tea and cookies!

School: Cleveland State
Location: Cleveland, Ohio (surprised?)
Founded: 1964
Student Population: 15706
School Type: Public
Division: Division 1
Conference: Horizon League
Stadium: Wolstein Center
Seating: 13610
Built: 1991
Head Coach: Gary Waters
Year: 3rd

Cleveland State has a rich tradition in the NCAA tournament.  In 1986 the 14th seeded Vikings upset 3-seed Indiana and then followed that up with an upset of 6th seed St. Joseph’s.  They lost by 1 to Navy in the sweet 16 that year, but did an impressive amount of damage as a 14th seed.  More recently, in 2009, the Vikings upset 4th seed Wake Forest before losing to the Arizona Wildcats.  They are a team that is not afraid of going toe-to-toe against the best in big environments and will not back down from the Buckeyes tomorrow.

Cleveland State has not fared so well thus far this season.  They currently stand at 4 wins and 8 losses, complete with a 5 game losing streak to Kentucky, Virginia, Wichita State, Wright State and Detroit.  After a single win, they then proceeded to lose two more; one to Robert Morris and the other to West Virginia.  Do not, however, think that this makes Cleveland State a patsy.  They gave West Virginia all they could handle and fell by a mere 2 points – 80-78.  I would not be surprised for them to come into Columbus and give the Bucks a fight.

In the good news department, Evan Turner’s injury may not last quite as long as originally stated.  It has been revealed that the injury he has to come back from was not so much the broken vertebra, but the muscle damage that resulted from the break.  He has already started working the muscles with light walking and work in the pool, and he’s done stationary dribbling.  He, of course, gave the Media a guffaw moment by saying that if his team needs him he’ll simply slap some Ben Gay on the leg and get going.  I highly doubt that, but I find his other statement more believable.  He wants to play against Purdue on January 12th.   I currently see that date happening, given the sounds coming out of the program right now.

Jon Diebler













David Lighty













William Buford













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D’Aundray Brown













Leading the Vikings in play is Junior Guard Norris Cole (6-2, 175).  This kid is the type of backcourt guard that coaches rave about in post-season play.  He can absolutely explode when he’s needed most and has done that in the last few games, scoring 22 points against Robert Morris and 29 (!!!) against #6 West Virginia.  He can hit the long ball, but he prefers to shoot closer to the basket, averaging about 48% from the field.  He also distributes the ball very well with nearly 4 assists per game.  Cole makes this Vikings team better simply by being on the floor.  It will be up to PJ Hill and David Lighty to keep him under control.

The other top scoring threat for this team is Sophomore Guard Trevon Harmon (6-1, 170).  He averages almost 6 points fewer than Cole, but still more than 10 per game.  He’s not as accurate of a shooter, but is a better rebounder and a solid defender which compliments Cole very well.  The last starting guard is Junior D’Aundray Brown (6-4, 185) who is CSU’s version of David Lighty.  He doesn’t score as much, but he plays fantastic defense and rebounds extremely well.

The two front court players (when CSU chooses to go big) are Junior Forward Jared Cunningham (6-9, 235) and Sophomore Forward Aaron Pogue (6-9, 275).  Both are decent scorers down low, averaging only about 8 points per game, but they’re not going to kill you on the offensive end.  Both are extremely good rebounders – especially Pogue who grabs near 7 per game.  He does, however, foul frequently and is likely a fantastic target for driving at and attempting to get to the free-throw line (hint hint,Jon Diebler).

The last player that needs mention is Sophomore Guard Jeremy Montgomery (6-2, 190).  I point him out not because he is the third best scorer on the team (averaging 9 points per game) and is a great three point shooter (40%), but because of his free-throw shooting.  The Buckeyes need to avoid fouling him at all costs because he shoots a disgusting 91.3% from the line.  He doesn’t get to the line often (only 23 times) but he’s hit 21 of them.  Cole is also quite dangerous, but is more likely to miss one now and then (53 made on 65 attempts).

The Buckeyes need to be focused on this game and not looking ahead to the next opponent (Wisconsin).  Cleveland State is more than capable of beating the Buckeyes, especially if the Vikings catch the Bucks napping.  OSU needs to execute its gameplan and not lose track of what they’re doing like they did against Presbyterian.  If CSU gets hot, watch out because it could get ugly in a hurry.

The game will be played in Value City Arena tomorrow night (Tuesday, December 22nd) at 8:30 pm.  You can see the game on the Big Ten Network.

Ohio State downs Delaware State 60-44

Written December 19th, 2009 by Eric
Buford had an excellent game with 18 points on 6-10 shooting.

Buford had an excellent game with 18 points on 6-10 shooting.

Delaware State fought hard through the game and attempted to keep the tempo as slow as possible but was unable to completely take the Buckeyes out of their game plan. Ohio State took advantage of their superior athletes to win the game 60-44.

The first 5 minutes of the game seemed to go Delaware State’s way. This wasn’t surprising, considering how their game with Arizona State had gone but it was still distressing to see. DSU played a very slow style of offense not unlike Wisconsin’s. This type of offense is designed to take as much time off the shot clock as possible before taking a shot. It’s extremely slow and deliberate and attempts to wear out the defense hoping for a mistake. Ohio State obliged a few times, and it allowed the Hornets to control the game tempo early.

Delaware State committed early to double-teaming Lauderdale to negate his height. It worked early as Lauderdale committed the mortal sin of dribbling the ball down low. That’s especially bad when the other players give up several inches on you. Lauderdale needs to realize that if he’s not close enough for the shot, he should dish it back outside to the shooters. We’re not dependent upon his scoring right now so he needs to not try to force it further down low. Back it out and post up again.

Early on, Ohio State couldn’t seem to figure out how to run their offense and it killed them. Hitting a wide open three does *not* count unless you get the shooter open through an offensive play. A great example of this was the two threes hit by Jeremie Simmons in the middle of the first half. On the first play, he just happened to be wide open and jacked up the three. He hit it, but it’s simple luck that he was open. The second three, the Buckeyes passed the ball around while Simmons moved around to lose his defender. When he received the pass in precisely the same place on the floor as the previous three, he was wide open again. This is the key difference between luck points and good offense.

The Buckeyes need to figure out their free throw shooting. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but it’s driving me up a wall. When you get a free opportunity for points you’ve got to capitalize every single time. I understand Lauderdale’s struggles, considering it’s in the great tradition of center’s to struggle from the line, but the deep shooters should hit these just about every single time. Kudos to PJ Hill for being able to hit his free-throws, incidentally.

There is one thing this team does extremely well is communicate both verbally and not. After a great steal by Jeremie Simmons, he floated it up near the rim for William Buford to drain the ally-oop. During the play, it looked like Buford had no chance to get there for the ball nor really realized that he needed to be there, and then suddenly he was slamming the ball home. It seems like communication problems with this team is very rare, and it’s a nice trait to have going into the Big Ten season.

Towards the end of the half, the Bucks started to find some success down low. Lighty drove the lane on one play where it seemed like he beat all 17 DSU players at once. There were also several sweet dump passes down low to Lauderdale for dunks that caught the Hornets completely off guard. The first was from a sweet no-look pass by Buford through the hands of 2 opposing players, and the last occured with just seconds left on the clock as Jeremie Simmons set up an ally-oop for Dallas and gave DSU no time to do anything with the ball before the half ended.

The second half began with a rough stretch early but the Buckeyes fought through it and began to stretch the lead a little. DSU’s defense seemed to give the Buckeyes a rough time of it as they played a tight man defense and prevented the shooter’s from getting any open looks. The Buckeyes didn’t help themselves much by continuing to struggle with their motion offense, but it seems like this team is not designed to play a slow offense and work towards an open shot. This team performs so much better on the fast break and on the quick dribble drive looking for quick passes to open shooters. This dependence on high tempo offense will kill us against Wisconsin as they will slow us down and completely take us out of our element.

This game is good experience for us to have, though, leading into that Wisconsin game. At least we’ll understand a little better how to improve before playing the Badgers. I would prefer to not play in Madison for the first Big Ten game, but at least everyone on the team has experience Big Ten play before, so it won’t be as big of an issue.

Delaware State continued to impose their tempo on the game right to the bitter end, making the second half feel like it was dragging on forever. It allowed them to stay in the game as long as possible, but given that Ohio State continued to trade baskets with them the entire half, it kept DSU from managing to make it any closer than double digits. Towards the last 3 minutes, the Buckeyes secured a 15 point lead and walked it into the finish line with a 16 point final.

William Buford led all scorers with 18 points on 6-10 shooting. He seems to have finally emerged from his slump (knock on wood) and is finally putting up the type of numbers he needs to for this Buckeye team to be successful. David Lighty (12) and Dallas Lauderdale (11) also broke double figures. Jon Diebler had one of the slower games of the season with only 3-5 shooting (2-4 from three) for 8 total points. He did, however, secure 7 rebounds to make up for the lack of scoring production. Buford, Diebler and Lighty all played the full 40 minutes of the game, and only Madsen and Simmons saw time off the bench.

The Buckeyes shot 59.5% from the floor and 35.3% from three compared to 47.4% and 33.3% for Delaware State. The 35.3% (6-17) three-point shooting percentage is just about the lowest for the Buckeyes all season with the exception of the Butler game where they shot 29.4%.

Ohio State next faces Cleveland State in Value City Arena on Tuesday (December 22nd) at 8:30pm. You will be able to see that game on the Big Ten Network.

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