Rumblin’, Stumblin’, No Bumblin’

Written May 1st, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

I am really enjoying where this article takes me from week to week because I have the ability to pretty much say whatever I think about certain topics. At times I have obviously been agitated while writing it and have chosen to leave out Bumblin’ this week. Staying as positive as I can about our Buckeye topics, or Ohio as the case may be. Let’s get rolling with the good!


Best Damn Hockey Fans In The Land

Best Damn Hockey Fans In The Land

You have to be happy, as fans with the current state of affairs for all professional sports in Ohio. Yes, the Cavaliers season didn’t end well and left a lot of people wondering if Irving was still gonna be around next season. There are some issues there that some fans feel that only Lebron James can fix. My position with this is he isn’t coming back and if he did, what makes fans think he can do it by himself when he couldn’t do it before. Like I said, more issues than just one player. Thats about as negative as I will be today because there is soooo much good.

We have fans in the great state of Ohio who will support just about any of the teams. The Columbus Blue Jackets single handedly converted thousands of fans to hockey and they appear to be here to stay, finally for those who have been fans from the get go! Those who support the two NFL teams have an opportunity to be excited for whats on the horizon, and the upcoming draft is no different. Both teams have an opportunity to supplement two already pretty decent rosters and the Browns in particular will make a giant leap. The battle for the North may actually take place two times in Ohio this season and only time will tell.

Baseball is in full swing and although neither is leading their division, both teams have fan bases that are more passionate than any other in MLB and would love nothing more than seeing each other in a World Series some day. That won’t happen this year, but it could some day. The fans in Cleveland love the players and really love Terry Francona and what he brings. The Redlegs are in a transition of styles in coaching. Bryan Price hasn’t won over the fans just yet, but it’s pretty clear he has faith in the pitchers he’s helped develop by leaving the ball in their hands, and his aggressive style should take hold as the season moves along.

I will never understand the color choice by those who selected them for the Columbus Crew, but the black and yellow seems to work pretty good for them. The Crew are the leaders of the Eastern Division in MLS and have a good team approaching great. Good coaching and leadership that’s developing young stars will give Columbus more to cheer about later in the season. Soccer has been growing rapidly over the years and they have a very strong fan base- One of the best in all of soccer! Look forward to continued success and a reminder that our friends at 95.5 The Game is the home for Crew broadcasts on radio which was a big get for the young station making noise! Read More

Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin

Written July 24th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

As I was pondering how I could fill in for Jason as he took a week off from Wednesday Night Rumble, I realized there is no unique way to fill in for his fantastic presentation of opinion. So, I decided to do something different for me but really close to my old commentary. In this new series, we bring you the positive rumblings across Buckeye Nation, those making a good recovery despite the naysayers, and those who have bumbled into trouble one way or another.



I am proud to present the positive portion of today’s RSB. Representing the Rumblin is new Bengal and former #NastyBoy Buckeye, Reid Fragel. His stock has been on the rise as of late because of his versatility. Fragel is smack dab in the middle of a fight for playing time, as a rookie who just switched to tackle a little more than a year ago. Reid took some time to answer some questions the day before he reports to camp.

My AVI on Sundays this fall

My AVI on Sundays this fall

How has the transition from college to the Pro’s been for you? Your high and low points after the draft?
The transition has been good so far, the true test will be when the pads come on this first week of camp.  As far as the difference in the game, it is a much faster and physical game.  My highs after the draft was obviously first of all knowing I had a shot to play in the NFL for a team close to Columbus.  Draft day itself had some lows up to that point though, going much later in the draft than anticipated was a bit tough, but in the end I am happy where I am at and the opportunity that lies ahead of me in Cincinnati.
With the excitement that has been coming out of camp so far about your versatility, how are you handling it?
I have always seen myself as a player who can bring versatility to whatever team I landed with, and think it might be something I can use to separate myself from others.
The fact that they believe they have what they need to shore up their blocking woes at TE and you competing for a tackle spot there’s lots more for you to learn obviously. How is that going?
Learning the tackle position while competing for a spot is a great challenge, but personally I have responded best when under pressure in the past so it is an opportunity I am very excited about.
Last but not least. What are you predicting for your former Buckeyes? 
I am very excited about this upcoming season for Ohio State.  It will be weird watching them on TV at first I’m sure, but I predict another solid season.  Another undefeated season sounds tough, but I honestly can’t pick this team to lose a game this year.
Icing on the cake?
A silent crowd of about 100,000 in Ann Arbor on November 30th.  Jeff Heuerman, Mackey award winner.  Capping it off with the best offensive line in the Big Ten.
Thank you to Reid for hanging out with us! We’ll check back in frequently to see how his first season as a Bengal is going! Give him a follow on twitter @Fragel79.


Trying to find a good Buckeye story this week that could be considered a good recovery was quite the task. With everything that has happened in just the past few days it was down right impossible. There is one Buckeye that recovered nicely this week and did it in a way as to tell his nay sayers, “It ain’t happening here”.

Coach Meyer has been under a lot of stress and strain of late with all of the Aaron Hernandez talks and current players issues. He has taken a beating in the national media without reason and has stood tall.

You! Will be held accountable for your actions

You! Will be held accountable for your actions

He then reminded all of us why he is considered one of the best coaches in America. I personally think he will eventually go down as one of the greatest of all-time in college football. Everything he touches he turns to gold and the past couple of days he has sent the message that he will not let anyone jeopardize the Empire he is building in Columbus. Not wasting any time in issuing the punishments for things that happened last weekend with two important cogs in the wheel, as well as two others.

Coach Meyer recovered from the onslaught nicely by suspending Hyde and Roby until things are settled, as well as taking care of two other problems in Baugh and Gardner. He is making sure his players and the nation knows he isn’t playing favorites. Great recovery by Coach Meyer this week in righting the ship.


This past weekend made writing the Bumblin’ portion of this article pretty dang easy. Suffice it to say everyone has heard their fair share of the bad info, and there could be good info on the horizon — but not just yet.

I want to take a different approach to the issues at hand with each of these four players that were punished, and what they have in common.

Could a Hyde/Roby - less Buckeye team still compete for the National Title?

Could a Hyde/Roby – less Buckeye team still compete for the National Title?

Each of them were found to be in a bar when their incidents happened and not there to just socialize. Apparently three of the four were involved in altercations, and even though there are various reports hinting that Hyde’s is a mistake, you still have to wonder why was he in the bar.

I know that had to be the first question that Coach Meyer asked of them, especially with what’s approaching in just a couple weeks. That being said, I am sure the coaches want these player to enjoy their down time and “cut loose.”

But not at the expense of the upcoming season.

Especially with the reputation Ohio State has built the past few years. Urban Meyer and company have been trying to get the Buckeyes back on top by “cleaning up the program.”

That process can literally be derailed by just a few people making dumb mistakes.

That being said, I don’t  think the Buckeyes will be ruined after the past weekend. Like others have said, the next man steps up! That too is in my point. It’s important to remember though that these aren’t just men. They are college students from 17-23, trying to enjoy the life they have.

These kids also need to keep in mind, which I am sure they are reminded daily, that they are also responsible for their teammates. I think the latest issue will get better, and I also think that the team will be better for it.

Hyde, Roby, Baugh, and Gardner are stark reminders that things can and will happen in Columbus. How they recover and learn from their mistakes will be on display this fall.

Stay tuned.


I am picking a video just like everybody else! Ken and Jason!!!From my favorite band GnR and a simple message about pain in November that TTUN will experience. Righteous tune Dude!

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