University of Maryland Joins the Big Ten

Written November 19th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

Two things are now certain after rumors became fact today with regards to the University of Maryland. First and foremost, they’ll have to throw away those gawd awful Under Armor uniforms. Second, they just got an immediate infusion of cash that will surely help save a declining athletic department.

I am sure Under Armour will stay seeing how their president is a graduate of Maryland, but they’ll now have more money to spice things up even more. The Terps athletic department has been struggling of late and will benefit greatly from the more than $24 million a year they will get from the BTN contract with all schools. The Board of Governers met earlier today and University of Maryland President Wallace Loh had this to say:

“I did it to guarantee the long-term future of Maryland athletics,” university President Wallace Loh told Maryland’s student newspaper, The Diamondback. “No future president will have to worry about cutting teams or that Maryland athletics will be at risk.”

Patricia Florestano, the Maryland Secretary of Higher Education, shared her thoughts as well:

“There was certainly discussion about the tradition of the ACC. And the question is what’s the future. And we’ve got to look to the future,” Florestano said in Baltimore before a previously scheduled public meeting on education policy.

Florestano said the vote earlier Monday was not unanimous but that she voted for the move to the Big Ten. “There was a long discussion,” she said. Is Maryland’s future brighter in the Big Ten?  “‘We perceive it that way,” said Florestano. We had a majority in the room,” she said. She went on to explain the status of the meeting  “It was certainly an executive meeting without the public,” she said.

The speculation is running rampant as to whether this will be a premptive move for the B1G to realign their football divisions after only two seasons with the Leaders and Legends. They have already had to remove a name from the B1G Championship trophy for very unfortunate reasons, but have had to deal with backlash of the original alignment to start with. The possibility of Rutgers joining very soon (as early as tomorrow) could allow the conference to realign in a east/west format and put TTUN and the Buckeyes back together.

The B1G has scheduled a press conference for this afternoon to discuss the current events. Stay tuned to the BBC for more realignment coverage.

tBBC Rewind- Playoff Proposal

Written September 19th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

On Friday, tBBC turns 5.  Or, as Jeff says “we’re old enough to be in kindergarten!” which will come as no surprise to all eight of our regular readers. You’ll also be happy to know that we’ve officially stopped eating paste.

You guys lasted five years?

So, to celebrate we “veterans” are taking a look back and re-posting our favorite articles from our time on the intertrons. Since I’m going first, I’m going to reach deep into the archives to pull up something from our time at SBN- my suggestions for “fixing” the BCS via conference realignment/expansion.  Building on some of the “Bowl Crap” series that I did, I was working with Rob Harley’s ideas and those of a faithful reader, but it’s interesting how close to this is to what might be happening over the next week or so.

Granted, my idea included 6 conferences and not 4; but it did forsee a situation where the conference championship games were the first round of the tournament.  Looking back… I think I like where we’re headed better.

Oh, and this was originally a two part post, so if you print it for “reading” at “work”, be warned that it may be a longer trip to the lounge than usual.  Enjoy!


For The Sake Of Argument: Playoffs

For the record, I’m not a proponent of playoffs. I actually liked the way things used to be with conference bowl tie-ins and such; arguing about who was #1 back in the day was a part of the enjoyment of the game, in my opinion.

But, since you asked me, if we were going to have a playoff this is what it should look like. Unlike some people, I’m not going to tell you what won’t work- I’m taking a flier on what would ooze awesomeness. Caution is advised; some items may shift during the duration of this posting. Read More

Football Primer: Big Ten Non-Conference Schedule

Written May 25th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Despite the fact that news could be on the way that throws more fuel on the fire that is Tressel Gate 2011, there is no doubt that the staff here at The Buckeye Battle Cry is excited about the upcoming football season.

When it comes to football conferences, there has never been a question that the Big Ten is one of the top leagues. With the restructuring of the conference,  the addition of Nebrasksa, and a handful of resurgent teams, this season should be no different.

But one media outlet believes the Big Ten is becoming soft; especially with it’s non-conference scheduling.

Read More

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