What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Penn State

Written October 26th, 2012 by Eric

Smooth Jazz Kenny G continues to get some love.


Kenny G. We talk about this a lot; implying that Ohio State should be ahead enough to get the backup some time. However, after Saturday’s performance, the “old right-hander” has deserved a series or two… mmmm, smooth jazz.

Pick Six U. It’s a legacy for the Lions, and even something McGloin has been a part of. PSU loves to work the short passing game, it would be amazing to continue this part of the “curse” that we have on their season.

Silence. OK, you can’t really “see” silence, but taking the crowd out of this game will be important.

Poise. Maybe if I write it this way, the offense will focus enough to not have any you know whats.

Linebacker? You. On the first play Saturday, Ohio State’s LB corps put them in a difficult hole with poor play. The Lions run a no-huddle offense that looks to get a lot of plays on the board- over ninety for the past two weeks. Having the players at this position step up and own it will go a long way to slowing down PSU’s short passing game.


Fast Start. Hit the ground running and do not look back. This team has started slow in virtually every game this year. Let’s put it all together from the beginning.

Silence the Crowd. Nothing more obnoxious than 106,000 PSU fans all dressed in white…and I’ll be right there in Beaver Stadium among them proudly wearing scarlet and gray. Take them out of the game early, please.

Pick Six University. I’d hate to see such a wonderful tradition come to an end, so let’s not let it. Looking at you, secondary. Don’t let me down.

Just win, baby! Most of you know that I have a personal aversion to Penn State, and I’m going to be in Happy Valley for the game this weekend as I said. I don’t care if it’s by one point, by ten, or if it’s a blowout (although I’d really enjoy seeing a blowout), just WIN.

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Wednesday Night Rumble: Under Pressure

Written October 24th, 2012 by Jason

I Got This

Teams that give up a 100+ yard kickoff return for a touchdown, a safety, give up a huge momentum shifting opening play of the game touchdown and commit four turnovers don’t often win said game. Along with a much better defensive showing, Kenny Guiton’s faith under fire lead what for almost fifty eight minutes was an abysmal performance to a miraculous overtime win in Ohio Stadium to keep the Buckeyes perfect at 8-0. No matter what happens in the remainder of his time at The Ohio State University, Kenny Guiton will always be remembered as the hero of the 29-22 thriller over Purdue in 2012. And it’s well deserved!

The “Smooth Jazz” of Kenny G.                             

I think it goes without saying that everyone’s heart skipped a beat or two when Braxton Miller went down in the third quarter Saturday just when it seemed the Buckeyes were poised to break out of the offensive funk that had been holding them back all afternoon. Fortunately “coach” (as Urban Meyer’s staff often refers to him) Kenny Guiton was prepared to step up to the plate and shine in his opportunity. He didn’t exactly look pretty, especially the ground shot that Chris Fields had to dig off the turf or the lazy blooper for the two-point conversion to Jeff Heuerman to tie it in the waning seconds of regulation, but after ten years of Tressel-ball we should be pretty accustomed to ugly wins. Guiton’s steady appearance, knowledge of the offense and the faith the staff and his teammates have in him were the steady hand needed to wage an epic comeback and get a win over Purdue, who may have been playing their best defensive game of the season.

The famous question: What happens when preparation meets opportunity? Kenny Guiton showed you on Saturday.

How bad was it?

One of the questions I kept asking myself after the game was just how bad were things this past weekend against what seemed to be a lowly Purdue team on the back end of its season having reached its proverbial peek? Some aspects of it were down right disgusting. Other parts of it left me feeling pretty good about where they’re headed. Read More

Silver Bullet Points To The Future

Written October 24th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye


Time for Wednesday’s wander through the wonderment of college sports, brought to you by music appropriate for this week

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Updates- According to sources, Braxton practiced Tuesday with no major issues other than being sore. We haven’t heard word about Philly Brown or Hankins, other than that they’re fine and will play on Saturday. Monday, though, Coach Meyer confirmed that yet another member of the piranhas has been lost for the season; Devan Bogard will miss time due to a knee injury suffered against Purdue.
  • Rivals? In case you forgot, this weekend is Penn State’s Super Bowl; they have invited 100 recruits for the game against Ohio State, and are planning yet another one of their wonderful “white outs”. The seniors, who have come together under significantly challenging circumstances this season, identify this game as the biggest of their careers, and point to the Buckeyes as their number one rival. As if Happy Valley wasn’t difficult enough at night, this will be the first time all season that the Lions have a capacity crowd.
  • Clap On… Clap Off- In addition, the well lubricated fans in Beaver Stadium will have the opportunity to practice their rhythm, as rumors abound that they’re planning something to throw off the Ohio State offensive snap count and so forth.
  • @SammySilv, Excellent As Always

    O’Brien The Lion- In today’s B1G conference call, coach O’Brien commented that they are preparing for Braxton to be healthy and leading the Ohio State offense.  He spoke highly of his senior quarterback, Matt McGloin, calling him smart and tough and the reason that they’ve been so successful this season. Penn State’s “NASCAR” offense, which has been averaging 90 plays a game in conference play, is reliant on execution and communication, and O’Brien believes that his senior leadership has bought in totally- no “doom and gloom” in what could be a very dour locker-room, considering the off season events and team transfers.

  • Meyer’s Musings- One comment from the B1G presser that should be both refreshing and obvious to Ohio State fans is that the Buckeyes will not have a problem with overconfidence this weekend against Penn State. Coach Meyer talked about both the circumstances of the win against Purdue and the fact that Beaver Stadium is one of the loudest in the conference as factors that the team will have to take into consideration. Ohio State, he also said, is not creating any matchup problems for other teams due to the inconsistency that they’ve shown this season on offense and on defense. Saturday is sure to be a struggle.
  • Fuel To The Fire- If that wasn’t enough, PSU’s Michael Mauti may have inadvertently given some “bulletin board” material to the Buckeyes, commenting that the sanctions facing Penn State had nothing to do with players’ actions. While true that current Ohio State athletes Jordan Hall, Corey Brown, and Travis Howard were all involved in the circumstances which led to a bowl-less post season in Columbus this year, it may not be a great idea to go throwing stones for either team or fanbase this game.  As I commented on twitter earlier- it will be nice to have a game that focuses on football and not on stupid comments from the other side about off field events.  Nope, we’ll have to trust in the four letter network for that brilliance.

Scheduling News

  • Scheduling, Part One- Well, the Rose Bowl was so much fun back in 2010, Ohio State has decided to go Duck hunting once again. It was announced on Tuesday that the Buckeyes have added a trip to Eugene to their 2020 schedule, with Oregon returning to Columbus the following year. As you know, Ohio State holds an 8-0 all time record against the Ducks, although it’s only 1-0 since they had a fanbase that actually noticed their team. In the announcement, Gene Smith commented

“Oregon has developed into one of the premier football programs in the FBS.We are excited to add them to our future slate of games.”

Unspoken, but inferred- “Plus, we’ve sold our soul to Nike anyway with our ‘one time tribute’ jerseys and such that this move only makes sense.” Read More