Written January 22nd, 2013 by Ken

This is why we are fans,,,

Every once in a while, I’ll be chided by an acquaintance about still being a Cleveland Browns fan after all these years of living in Buffalo. Really, no other reason than, ‘rooting for the Browns’ was part of my childhood and will always be a part of me. But, to my friends, they are flabbergasted that nearly four decades on, I am still not a fervent Bills fan.

I think people are fans for various reasons and at different levels of ‘intensity’.  For example, when Ohio sports teams play, specifically in my case the Buckeyes and the Browns,  it is a visceral experience for me. I’m up, down, pacing, muttering, agonizing,  etc. In short, displaying most of the symptoms of a fully vested-my-life-depends-upon-it fan. When my adopted team (Buffalo Bills) play, I’m more detached  in my viewing. If the Bills win, great; if they lose, no big deal, we go on to the next game.

In this example, it’s not a case of  bandwagon effect since both teams have been disappointing in terms of success over the past several years.
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