Silver Bullet Points Works For The Weekend

Written August 17th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Quick notes from week two of Ohio State’s pre-season practices. Obvious soundtrack is obvious


Buckeye 411

  • Thank You- Sad news out of Columbus the past few days; Adam Griffin and Jamie Wood have both undergone surgeries that will effectively end their careers with the Buckeyes, it was announced on Thursday. Saturday, Tight End Blake Thomas from Cleveland St. Ignatius also decided to hang up the cleats, after medical examination of a persistent “stinger” injury revealed the possibility of greater neurological damage from future injuries. All three have been valuable parts of the team throughout their tenure, on special teams, on the practice fields, and in the community. We wish Adam, Blake, and Jamie nothing  but the best, and pray for both their recovery and for them to find a way to continue to be involved with the scarlet and gray.
  • Video Evidence- Friday also saw the charges against Bradley Roby reduced to a class B misdemeanor, after security footage from the bar in Bloomington clarified the events in question. According to the initial story, Roby pushed/punched a bouncer after leaving the venue and trying to return; video showed that he was actually roughly escorted from the premises and then shoved several times by the security staff before “lunging” at one of them. It was at this time that he was accosted and handcuffed.  Interestingly enough, the initial police reports indicated that there was no footage available… Hoosiers, man. At any rate, it looks as if this will be deferred to a Diversion program.
  • But… On Saturday, Coach Meyer announced that Roby was suspended for the Buffalo game and perhaps further, dependent upon his meeting certain expectations.
  • In Rod We… Whoops- As we alluded to in Wednesday’s SBP, Rod Smith will also miss the Buffalo game, one that he was slated to start following Carlos Hyde’s suspension. Smith, we’re told, is being punished for a violation of team rules that occurred in January or February.
  • By Committee- Which means that, by default, the Running Back depth chart for Buffalo will be- Jordan Hall, Brionte Dunn, Warren Ball, and Ezekiel Elliott. Given that Dontre Wilson also plays a part in the teams running game, Marcus Hartman sums up the state of affairs nicely:

Hartman RBs

  • For Those Of You Keeping Score At Home- The “suspension count” is as follows: Carlos Hyde (3 games min), Bradley Roby (1 game min), Rod Smith (1 game), Najee Murray (unknown), Marcus Baugh (unknown). Two starting running backs and an All-American corner. Yup, Urban is sure lax on discipline… wonder if he’ll let the team vote on anyone’s punishment?
  • Movin’ Day- A couple of  positional notes, as JT Moore (TE) and Billy Price (C/OG) move from the warm embrace of Coach Vrable’s defensive line to Coach Warriner’s Legion of Doom. The LoD will be anchored on the right side by Taylor Decker, who’s wowed during spring camp.
  • Getting Defensive- Ryan Shazier ran a 4.35; 5 B1G Quarterbacks have filed for restraining orders. Joe Burger was running with the first team defense on Saturday, and not Josh Perry, which was a bit of a surprise. Noah Spence is up from 227 to 255, and is a bad man.
  • Offensive Notes- Braxton’s leadership continues to draw praise from players and coaches alike. Devin Smith has really stepped up, and was MVP of today’s scrimmage.
  • “Newest” Buckeyes- Here’s who’s lost their black stripes as of today: Joe Ramstetter, Dontre Wilson, Mike Mitchell, Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, Cam Burrows, Aaron Mawhirter, Billy Price, and Michael Hill. The rookies have started a cool new tradition- they’re taking the stripes (once removed), and linking them into a chain to indicate their connection to each other.
  • Who Does Number Two Work For? Well, if you believe Patrick, it works for Ohio State, who find themselves in that slot in the first AP poll of the season.

Wrapping up the 2012 Recruiting Class

Written October 25th, 2011 by Jim

After a long hiatus, it’s time to jump back in with some recruiting talk.

Adverse circumstances surrounding the program have obviously impacted recruiting for months, but the 2012 class still has an opportunity to be pretty darn good.

The key will be finishing strong, and the Buckeyes look to be in a great position to do just that.

The biggest concern, as it has been for months, continues to be along the offensive line. Regardless of how the ’12 class finishes, the depth issues there may not be resolved until the ink is dry on the ’13 class.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, here is a look at how the 2012 class will wind down. Read More

Blake Thomas is a Buckeye!!

Written May 17th, 2011 by Jim

Say hello to your newest Buckeye, St. Ignatius TE Blake Thomas.

Say hello to your newest Buckeye, tight end Blake Thomas, the 7th commitment for the Buckeyes in the 2012 class.

Thomas didn’t receive an offer from Ohio State until last week, but it was clearly the one he was waiting for and it didn’t take him long to decide that Columbus was the place for him.

Blake has good size (6’4″ 240 lbs) to go along with the speed and quickness to get separation from defenders in the secondary.  He is great at creating match up problems for linebackers in the open field like any good tight end should.

He also does not shy away from contact while carrying the ball and at the line of scrimmage. He isn’t the greatest blocker at the moment, but he has the mentality necessary to turn into a good one with the right coaching and strength program (Ohio State has those more than covered).

While not as highly regarded as some of the other tight end prospects that the Buckeyes have offered in the class, Thomas provides a lot of versatility in how he can be utilized on offense. He reminds me of former Buckeye TE/FB Stan White Jr. (who was a highly rated LB in HS) and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the coaching staff utilize Thomas in a similar fashion.

Finally, as I mentioned in our most recent recruiting update (that we rushed out yesterday morning because it was pretty clear that this commitment was going to happen sooner rather than later), Thomas is from St. Ignatius, a traditional Ohio football power and a program worth keeping a pipeline open to.

Following Blake’s commitment, it will be interesting to see what Ohio State does concerning the other three TE prospects they have targeted in the 2012 class. Regardless, Ohio State has brought another in-state player into the fold and for that we can be thankful.

Highlights can be found here.

Welcome to Buckeye Nation Blake!

Recruiting Update: 5/16/11

Written May 16th, 2011 by Jim

Kent Taylor is one of two new offers to tight ends in 2012.

Who would have guessed that the most recent action in the 2012 class would come at tight end.

After signing two TE prospects in the 2011 class and with limited space in 2012, it would have been a surprise to see one tight end taken in 2012.

After several recent offers, however, there are now four tight ends with verbal offers (check the big board), with one being very likely to become a Buckeye within the next week or two (more on that later).

The Buckeyes also offered another DB from the south (although the chances of signing him, like always, are slim), which seems to further emphasize that the Buckeyes are looking primarily out-of-state despite having several prospects in state (I have a post in the hopper on that, so look for it in the near future).

Finally, there were several surprising commits to other schools from players on Ohio State’s radar.

First, CA QB Shane Dillon committed to Colorado, which significantly reduces the probability of Ohio State signing a QB in 2012.

Secondly, FL LB Noor Davis committed to Stanford without evening making it to their campus ahead of time. This recruiting game is a funny thing sometimes.

Read on for a more detailed look at Ohio State’s newest offers and the complete list of players dropped from the big board.

Oh, one additional note, the very first verbal offers from the 2013 class have been handed out, and our 2013 big board has been launched accordingly. It is still much too early to have much of an idea what the class will look like, but it doesn’t hurt to get an early start. Read More

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