Silver Bullet Points Just Chills

Written January 8th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Well howdy do, Buckaroos! Long time no SBP!  Look, to make up for it I’ll give you two soundtracks for this week- one to celebrate 2014 and one that should make perfect sense.


Buckeye 411

  • Farewell Shazier- Like I said, it’s been a while since I’ve shared your Wednesday with you; in that time Junior Linebacker Ryan Shazier announced that he was taking his talents to… You know what? Shazier’s to classy for that tripe. Ryan is foregoing his senior season and heading to the NFL.  While he’ll be missed on the field, his character and presence as a representative of the University may be his strongest lasting legacy.  Godspeed, Ryan.
  • Wither Braxton? Reports from this weekend announced that Miller had decided to stay for his senior season following the loss in the Orange Bowl. These were unofficial, however- the Miller family hasn’t said one way or another if XBrax360 was returning to Columbus. I can see it both ways- he has much development to do before he’d be successful in The League, but if you’re going to get pounded (with a new offensive line and missing Guapo), you might as well get paid for it.
  • This Is The Part where I mention casually that I played college football with Braxton’s dad.  Not that it means anything; we haven’t spoken since he graduated, but if Braxton goes pro my Buckeye name-dropping game loses some swag.
  • Spence For High-er? Sorry for the 80′s driven pun, but with Noah Spence’s suspension for the Orange Bowl a mystery at gametime, Tuesday’s news that he had actually tested positive for Ecstasy seemed very unusual. As you may know, it was initially reported as a performance enhancing substance, which is somewhat factual- the B1G characterizes MDMA as such, and initially suspended Spence for a year. The appeal to the NCAA, though, ended up with a ruling that it was in fact a “street drug”, and came with a three game suspension (Orange plus two in fall 2014). Spence’s family asserts that their son had been given the drug unknowingly, and is planning a possible lawsuit against the B1G. Read More

The Week That Were: 9.7.13

Written September 9th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Given the rain delay in the BYU /UT game this week and the deluge of rushing that befell the Longhorns after kickoff, there’s only one option for this week’s soundtrack.

See, this is why there should be no polls before the first weekend in October.


Once again, we see a number of teams that got votes due to their “name recognition” shown up early in the season, and others who are rising to the occasion still find themselves with a long way to go until November.

Cases in point: Texas, Notre Dame, Florida, and Southern Cal; all of whom lost on the same Saturday for the first time since September 11, 1976.

For the Longhorns, it’s been a slide into mediocrity for a while now. I’m not sure that people really understand the significance of the Mack Brown era… As the flagship school in of the top three recruiting hotbeds in the country, Brown’s teams have historically underwhelmed with the exception of two “lightening in a bottle” moments- Vince Young and Colt McCoy. Outside of their leadership behind center, the program has struggled; and it can be argued that some of this is due to poor coaching (see the Major Applewhite -vs- Chris Sims debacle) or poor recruiting (Texas recruited the last two Heisman winners as defensive backs, and didn’t reach out to Jamies Winston- this year’s new hotness).

While those things may be true, Mack seems to think that the issue is defense; as evidenced by the 550 yards rushing that they gave up to BYU on Saturday, the majority of which happened in the first three quarters. In response, Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz was fired on Sunday. Before you get excited, Austinites- his replacement is none other than Greg “GERG” Robinson, who’s amazing Michigan defenses gave up over 100 points in two games against Illinois.  I’m sure he’ll get the team motivated to return to the lofty status that UT should assume.

But you’ve also got to think that this is merely shuffling chairs on the Titanic- when your team plays so poorly that Shaggy Bevo’s servers go down as they did on Sunday, then you’ve got yourself a problem. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Goes High Def

Written April 12th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Bumped back a day to cover today’s press access- one more day means even more news, notes, and inanity.

Would look great in the man cave- and Father's Day is coming up...

Buckeye 411

  • You (will be) looking live… at a brand new, super hugemongous, HD capable scoreboard in Ohio Stadium in the fall of 2012. In addition to this addition, the ‘Shoe is getting HDTVs throughout the concourses and a brand new sound system. Pluses: great view of hard hits and controversial plays, as well as being able to enjoy the schadenfreude on the other sideline with more definition. Minuses: they still won’t show the plays you want to see, they’ll probably use most of that space for advertising, and the sound system will encourage them to play stuff rather than letting TBDBITL bring the heat.
  • Meyer’s Musings- Coach Meyer was in front of the media twice today; once with the B1G conference call and then again after practice. And, as surprising as this might be for folks who are used to Ohio State press interviews… he actually answered questions and gave his honest opinion.  Whew, lawdy… almost got a case of the vapors.
  • Topic du jour- Coach was asked about a Sporting News piece regarding his time at Florida (more after the break), and was adamant that any alleged NCAA issues were blatantly not true. His exact quote-

There was no NCAA violation. If you could bold and underline that for me, please.

Done and done, coach.

  • Also, on the phone- Coach Meyer talked a bit about the process that the team was going through in learning the offense, and said that Braxton has been having success with the perimeter running game. While the passing game still behind, he’s seen that Stoneburner and Hall are playmakers and that John Simon is a  “Warhorse”. Hopefully this won’t mean he’ll be snubbed during Oscar season.
  • This Week In Injuries- In the teleconference, Coach Meyer revealed that Jacoby Boren had surgery for a torn labrum suffered during his senior season, and that the surgery was done now to ensure that he would be ready for the fall. He will remain the #2 center, in spite of missed time.  Later, we heard that Se’Von Pittman will also miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. Today in practice, CJ Barnett and Rod Smith were dinged up a bit, and several folks were still recovering from earlier issues and were in limited action. Read More

Silver Bullet Points For My Peeps

Written April 4th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Wouldn't You Rather Have A Rifle?

An Easter basket full of Ohio State and college sports news and notes, as we await one of the sacred holidays of the year. That’s right- “Easter Chocolate On Clearance Monday”.

Buckeye 411

  • And now… what? With all the speculation about Sully and Tank’s departure, you might have missed that the Buckeyes may also have several hoopsters who are looking to transfer. Jeff Rapp looks at the possibilities surrounding Jordan Sibert and J.D. Weatherspoon.
  • Spring Has Sprung- Tuesday marked the Buckeye Spring Kickoff (video here), an auction and information session from Coach Meyer and the football staff. Several interesting tidbits today, including-
  • Captain, My Captain- Following the “Captain of the week” experiment, Coach Meyer said today that the voting would happen in the fall with him having veto power over the final decisions. This was followed by his remarking to John Simon “You’ll be a captain”.  Let the man-crush continue.
  • First Among Equals- According to Coach Meyer, after Coach Marrioti the most important hire of the off season has been Coach Warinner, since the O Line is the lynch pin of everything that Ohio State hopes to do on offense. And, on Tuesday night we heard whispers that Coach Warinner might just have a new member of the 2013 to prepare for.
  • The Guy Behind The Guy Behind The Guy-  Tim Hinton was introduced today as the staff’s recruiting coordinator. No pressure, I’m sure.  Speaking of recruiting Coach Meyer called Coach Vrable one of the best in the country as a part of the event.
  • Nothing Easy Is Worth A Damn- Meyer commented today that the staff’s goal is to run the most difficult program in America to ensure that the Buckeyes are the toughest team in the country. Read More

Urban Meyer, the SEC, and Oversigning

Written December 22nd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

‘Tis the season for bowls and so forth- our friend Dave has another look at the some of the inconsistencies between conferences. Be sure to tweet your thoughts to him @DaveRini

That’s supposed to read like Clint Eastwood’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Hopefully you like bad jokes because I’ve got plenty more and I harbor no shame.

Who'll Think Of The Young People?

At this point, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “oversigning” along with its technical definition, and more importantly what it means to your team/conference. If you haven’t, I highly recommend reading this outstanding article written right here at tBBC about 6 weeks ago. It covers the rising issue very well and the team at has also done a fantastic job of not only putting all of this in context, but being extremely vocal of just how detrimental this has become to not only a team and its conference, but the kids involved. Now, I’m not going to get on my soapbox to claim that this is all about the kids and how unfair it is to them because we all know that ultimately this is still a business with an educational false-front. But for some schools, this has been taken too far, for too long.

On the flip side, the other hot topic this fall/winter is unquestionably the hiring of Urban Meyer. All of the cynics have definitely come out in full force since Urban accepted tOSU head coaching job and are doing everything in the their power to paint an evil picture of him. I think it’s safe to say that all of us had some sort of reservation be it big or small, given how things ended at Florida.

Well, they can question his motives for his oddly timed departure and return. They can question the number of players that were in some sort of trouble under his watch, and they can even question the fact that the talent he won with may not have been all of his own recruits. That’s fine; there are arguments on all sides of each of these points, but there are no questions swirling around his oversigning habits…because there are none. You see, even though the SEC created their very own rules on this oversigning debacle, Urban was still not a major offender, so he’ll have no problem adhering to the rules set in place by the B1G in 1956 which ban oversigning in the entire conference. Read More

What Do You Want To See? Sugar Bowl

Written January 3rd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye



  • A repeat of last year’s Rose Bowl – Shake things up with the playbook, catch them off guard, but above all, be in attack mode from start to finish.
  • Foot on the gas pedal - After Saturday’s embarrassment for the Big Ten, we need to remind the nation that we are not the lousy conference that they think we are.  Also, at the same time, we’ll be reminding everybody why we are the 6-time champions.
  • The Buckeye Five to shine – Haters gonna hate no matter what we do, but the fans will rally behind Tressel’s decision if the five suspended players outshine everybody on the field.
  • No false starts – Because if two of us ask for it, maybe it’ll happen.

Read More

Know your enemy: Arkansas edition

Written January 3rd, 2011 by Jay

I'm thinking of a song by the Clash...

If you’re not familiar with Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino, then don’t feel bad, because you’re not alone.  While there are many casual college football fans who won’t be knowledgeable about Petrino’s history, the truth is that the basics of that history make it unlikely that even those around him get to know him that well.  You see, Petrino has this affinity for leaving a place shortly after arriving.  He seems to be a now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t, should-I-stay-or-should-I-go kind of guy, and usually the answer comes back as “I should go.”

While short stints at Louisville and in the professional ranks with Atlanta are the most well-known stops on the Petrino Express (coming soon to a city near you – one year only!), a look at his overall coaching career reveals that Bobby’s years at Louisville were like a lifetime for him, relatively speaking:

1983 – Carroll
1984 – Weber State
1985-86 – Carroll
1987-88 – Weber State
1989-91 – Idaho
1992-93 – Arizona State
1994 – Nevada
1995-97 – Utah State
1998 – Louisville
1999-01 – Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)
2002 – Auburn
2003-06 – Louisville
2007 – Atlanta Falcons (NFL)
2008-? – Arkansas

Go ahead and take a minute to catch your breath…

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Across the Web: Arkansas

Written January 2nd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

We are indeed blessed  to be joined by the guys from SBN’s Arkansas Expats for the last edition of this year’s blogger exchange.  Check out our thoughts on their meticulous interrogation over here:

Courtesy of Kevin Dearth!

1) With all the suspension news in Columbus, what’s your take on the NCAA’s decision to let these guys play?

Well, objectively speaking, it’s hard for us to really justify why, if an offense is worth suspending players for, the suspension can be postponed until *after* the upcoming big game. We suspect there are a lot of players and fans at other schools (the A.J. Green situation at Georgia comes to mind) who find that more than a little curious. More than anything, the whole debacle just illustrates the ridiculousness of the NCAA and it’s enforcement policies.

But, speaking as Razorback fans, we’re very, very glad the Tat 5 are going to be playing. We’d rather have our best go up against your best, without any excuses either way regarding the outcome. It’s more appropriate competitively, and it’s a lot more fun to watch as fans. So yeah, in this case we’re happy that it all turned out the way it did.

Read More

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