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Written November 11th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Our weekly visit with “enemy” bloggers comes to a screeching halt in front of the palatial mansion that houses the Boiled Sports braintrust- greatest building in the city limits, since they tore the West Lafayette Women’s Clinic down. The fellers were good enough to not kick us off of their porch, and instead gave us time for a little Q&A. Be sure to check out our side of the story over at their one stop spot for all things Boilertastic.

After Boiling the Zooks for Homecoming, Purdue has dropped two straight. What do you sense is the attitude of the team as the season enters it’s last month?

Hey. Let's do... stuff.

We think the team — the players, especially — has shown remarkable resiliency. We’ve seen teams nearly quit in the past or roll over or look scared and that’s one thing Danny Hope has going for him — these guys don’t seem to fear anyone. Which, frankly, is more than we can say for the coaching staff, who seem to get conservative at weird times and play not to lose, etc. The Illinois game is a good example — Purdue looks quick, dominant, fresh, prepared, etc., and races out to a 21-0 lead, doing many things right, few things wrong and seemingly turning a corner. Then in the second half they managed only three first downs, two of which came on the same drive. And why? It wasn’t the players decided the game was over — it was ludicrously scared play-calling.

The team doesn’t back down, though, as I said and despite being slapped around in Ann Arbor and Madison, we still saw our corners locking up with WRs and jawing after the play, for example. They may not be winning, but they’re not scared, and we sort of like that. Hey, you have to like something these days.

Two years ago, the Boilermakers defeated Ohio State in a game that has since been known as “Purdue Harbor” (when it is known at all).  What does Purdue have to do to make this Saturday “Purdue Harbor 2″? Read More

Don’t wear scarlet at the game Saturday!!!!

Written September 29th, 2009 by Jeff

Our friends at Boiled Sports, a Purdue blog, have brought something to our attention and we want to spread the word.

If you’re going to Bloomington for the Ohio State game this weekend, I have a warning for you – Indiana is going to use you.

Indiana University Memorial Stadium has made a few renovations and now has a brand spankin’ new addition to it.  But they haven’t taken any aerial photos of it yet that they can use for the media guide and other various promotional articles.  Their plan is to take these photos on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s the kicker – the reason they’re taking these photos this weekend is because they know the stadium will be filled to the brim….with Buckeye fans.  Buckeye fans wear scarlet/red to their games.  So do Indiana fans.  That large crowd of  fans will all be wearing the same color, and will therefore make it look like the entire stadium is filled with Indiana fans….see the point?

As a result, Boiled Sports has a great idea and The BBC fully supports this movement…..

Wear gray.

If you’re going to Bloomington as a Buckeye fan, wear gray.  Don’t let Indiana use your attendance to promote THEIR stadium.

Wear gray.

Odds are good that Memorial Stadium will be half-filled with Ohio State fans.  We’ve dominated their stadium before, and they’re actually COUNTING on that in 2009.  We’ve shown Indiana that we’ll be there and we will take over.  Here’s some awesome proof of that;

We will once again take over their stadium, but don’t let them promote their own new renovations by publishing pictures of Buckeye fans.

Wear gray. Please.

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