Picks of the Weak: 2011 Week One

Written September 2nd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

The turning of the leaves, the smell of fresh grilled dogs, the crack of a cold beer, and the blinding of the college football fans’ eyes by the uniforms so beloved by the players of one of the best sports in the world. Florescent shoes, designs within designs, and 4 different helmets per team. College Football is here! Week one is now officially on the books, and we are here to help you out by determining the picks for the weak (Friday – Monday) to start the season. This year, we’re doing things with a twist, as every week a national writer will join me in an audio sucker punch of information to help garner stronger picks out of you every week! Our guest will analyze the top five games and make his or her picks in our top ten games every week. In week one, we will just break down nine, in memory of when week 1 had some meaning.

Not to be forgotten, the good ole boys here at tBBC will add our picks, and the daunting and daring What If Sports computer will be along for the ride. You know, the game predictin’ machine that makes the BCS system look like a prehistoric  3.5″ floppy. Screw a New Year’s Resolution. My goal this season is to beat the machine. Can I do it?  Hell no. But you have a chance to brag all freakin’ fall and winter. Join us for all the fun by joining our Yahoo! Sports Pick’em pool. All you got to do is click join group, and type in these as your Group ID and Password:

Group ID#: 8801
Password: Moeller

The Expert Analysis:

Picks of the Weak: 2011 Week One With David Fox by The Buckeye Battle Cry

David Fox of Yahoo! Sports and Rivals.com joins us this week to break down Boise/Georgia, LSU/Oregon and Notre Dame/USF. We break down the chances of the favorites, the evolution of the Notre Dame and USF programs as they both head into year two of their respected coach’s regime. We also breakdown the quarterback battle in Atlanta on Saturday night, as Sophomore Aaron Murphy is pitted up against touted senior Kellen Moore. And the battle of NCAA Violations gets underway on Saturday as well at Jerry Jones’ Place. David and I break down that game in regards to suspension and allegations as well.
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Impressions: Boston College and North Carolina

Written February 22nd, 2011 by Jay

Amidst the numerous match-ups over the past weekend that saw the more highly ranked team getting toppled as the 2010-11 regular season draws closer to its conclusion, North Carolina was one team that prevented the upset and picked up another conference win as it seeks to gain momentum going into tournament time.  The Tarheels won in rather unimpressive fashion, squeaking by the Eagles of Boston College by a score of 48-46 in the traditionally high-scoring ACC, but a win is a win, and for the young Tarheels team it likely served as one more confidence booster that will help the team in its ongoing development.

The comments about Boston College for this column will be fairly limited for two reasons: 1) The purpose of these articles is to provide impressions about teams that could potentially challenge Ohio State if the stars align in the NCAA Tournament, and at this point it seems fairly clear that BC is not a tournament team, unless they go on a magical run through the ACC Tournament.  Therefore, there is essentially no chance that the Buckeyes will be meeting the Eagles in 2011. 2) The impressions from the game were taken between glasses of beer at the pub, and BC isn’t the kind of team that really draws your attention away from contemplation of an excellent Belhaven Scottish Stout.

The Eagles are a decent club, currently carrying a 16-10 record after Saturday’s loss to UNC.  They’re a mid-packer in the ACC, and are considered by some to still be on the bubble for a tournament berth.  After transitioning from long-time coach Al Skinner to Cornell transfer Steve Donahue, BC is back into building mode, and all things considered the winning record represents a good season for the team.  Boston College is a team that is respectable in a lot of ways, but they don’t have any signature characteristic.  Their defense is rather porous, and despite playing hard the team doesn’t have the personnel currently to overcome more talented squads, even when the opponent is having an off-night, as seen against UNC.  The Eagles didn’t overcome North Carolina, and it was the lowest point total the Tarheels have ever recorded under Roy Williams. Read More