William Buford banks a layup in over the outstretched hand of Ryan Evans.

The Badgers welcomed the Buckeyes into the Kohl Center in their usually gracious fashion and gave the Buckeyes everything they could handle en route to a 58-52 OSU win. Jared Sulliger was unquestionably the leader for the game, scoring 24 points and picking up 10 rebounds on his way to breaking 1,000 points for his career. Deshaun Thomas and William Buford were also impressive with 16 and 11 points respectively. Both players managed to scoop in 6 rebounds.

The Buckeyes started out the game in their usual away game slump. The only exception was Jared Sullinger who single-handedly dragged the Bucks through the early stages of the game. Part of the struggles were due to the usually tough Wisconsin defense, that was causing the OSU offense to stagnate. Wisconsin also took advantage of OSU’s early struggles by finding defensive gaps and sank a couple open three-pointers to keep the game close.

Matta made a surprising adjustment early in the game replacing Aaron Craft with Shannon Scott after Craft took a horribly ill-advised 3. Scott performed admirably as a replacement for the sophomore point guard, picking up a steal and generally making Jordan Taylor’s life difficult on the defensive end. The switch did not last much longer than a few minutes – probably just long enough for Craft to get a talking-to – before Craft was back in the game leading the Bucks.

The Badgers grabbed the lead back with an 8-0 run off a couple ill-advised Buckeye turnovers and some poor Ohio State defensive rebounding. For one stretch Wisconsin forced the Bucks into 90 seconds of defense as they collected several rebounds on the offensive end. The Bucks also found themselves struggling to find their offense against the stout Badger defense, and particularly found it hard to get the ball to Sullinger under the basket. Considering Sullinger was the most consistent scorer, and the most fucused Buckeye, that was an unsurprising defensive strategy for Bo Ryan.
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Buckeye LiveBlog: Wisconsin

Written February 4th, 2012 by Eric

The Bucks have traveled up north to Madison to play shooty hoops with the Badgers of Wisconsin! ESPN is airing the game today, which is set to tip at 2:00 PM in the Kohl Center.

While you wait, go checkout our Buckeye Blogger Network friends! the Buckeye Blog, OSU Silver Bullet, Buckeye House Call, Our Honor Defend, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, and Fox Sports Ohio. They will all be joining us at 1:30 PM for the start of our liveblog.

If you’re looking for web-video for the game, try First Row Sports (warning: pop-up ads). Click the basketball tab, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right game.

Go Bucks!

Pregame Glance: Wisconsin

Written February 3rd, 2012 by Eric

The Buckeyes are looking for their 20th win of the season in a game that Jared Sullinger has very likely been eagerly anticipating for an entire calendar year. Let us deal with the Wisconsin Badgers.

Deal with it Bucky. Just deal with it.

School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Founded: 1848
Student Population: 42,099
School Type: Public
Division: NCAA
Conference: Big Ten Conference
Stadium: Kohl Center
Seating: 17,230
Built: 1998
Head Coach: Bo Ryan
Year: 11th

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tBBC Postgame Show: Wisconsin

Written October 30th, 2011 by Eric

Eric, Joe, and Michael from Our Honor Defend join up to discuss the excellent Ohio State win over the Wisconsin Badgers. In particular they discuss the game planning and overall play of the team, especially in the waning seconds of the game. They contemplate if this win was enough of a signature victory for Luke Fickell to keep his job, and ponder what should happen with Jim Bollman. They also talk about the future of the conference race and try to divine which teams are most likely to make the first ever B1G Championship Game.

All this and more on this week’s Postgame Show!

Are you not Entertained? Wisconsin

Written October 30th, 2011 by Eric

There’s only one correct answer to this question after last night’s performance – totally entertained. This team stepped up and got a huge win over a good team exactly when they needed it the most.

Plus, who doesn’t get entertained watching Wisconsin lose? That holds double for when they lose to the Buckeyes.


Boom Herron had a spectacular day on the ground.

Controlling the line of scrimmage. We certainly didn’t get any turnovers in the game – Ohio State committed the only turnover when Jordan Hall muffed a punt return. That said, with Wisconsin gaining only 89 yards on the ground, and Ohio State breaking 260, there is absolutely no question who won the battle in the trenches.

Ability to hold coverage. Wisconsin managed to pick up some huge plays by taking advantage of the exact same coverage issues that Michigan State had. That said, OSU’s last touchdown came in a similar situation, so it’s not like we were the only one’s having coverage problems.

Control the tempo. 268 yards on the ground plus a nearly 36 minute time of possession means that the Buckeyes dictated play the whole game.

Raucous crowd. The fans could not have been any better last night. The stadium was rocking most of the evening. We even got to see the crowd rush the field – as much as it appears that there is open debate whether that was a “good” thing or not.

Coaching. The game plan was there on both sides of the ball. The offensive playcalling was a tad frustrating a times, but they did a good job of sticking to what they do well and setting up counter plays to be successful.

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Buckeye Liveblog: Steenking Badgers

Written October 29th, 2011 by Eric

It’s time for another great Buckeye LiveBlog, after we spent a week scouting our next opponent – the Wisconsin Badgers.

As usual, we’re joined by Our Honor Defend, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, Silver Bullets blog, and Fox Sports Ohio.

The game starts at 8 pm Eastern, the liveblog is scheduled to get going at 7:30 pm.  It should be a party, and we’re looking forward to chatting with you.

Go Bucks!

Across The Web: Wisconsin

Written October 28th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

This week, we’ve got our friend and the guy in charge of Bucky’s Fifth Quarter, Adam Hoge, joining us for a little give and take. This is his third visit to tBBC , and it worked well for Buckeye hoops, but not so much for pigskin… Be sure to check out our side of the conversation at B5Q!

1. Russell Wilson has had an obvious impact on the field for the Badgers this season.  Has he also had a significant impact to this team off the field?  What was the fan reaction to his arrival on the team?

Welcomed Addition

It’s truly remarkable how seamless the transition was for Russell Wilson. He had been in Madison for less than two months when he took the field in the opener against UNLV and he had the entire offense mastered. But what’s even more impressive is that his teammates voted him a captain in such a short time. Wilson is a great football player and is very smart, but his leadership skills are off the charts. You saw that come to life last weekend when he led the Badgers back in the fourth quarter at Michigan State.

As for the fan reaction, it was nuts, has been nuts and will continue to be nuts. The term floating around Madison is “Russell Mania” and that sums it all up. The recruitment of Wilson was the story of the summer in Wisconsin and it was probably the second-biggest college football story of the offseason behind the Ohio State drama.

2. Has the addition of Wilson substantially changed the “Power Run” offensive style Wisconsin has preferred since….well, the beginning of time?  How would you describe the offensive attack now? Read More

What do you Want to see on Saturday? Wisconsin Edition

Written October 28th, 2011 by Eric

It’s time. The one Buckeye fans have had circled for the last 12 months is finally here. The team can claim all it wants that it isn’t thinking about revenge, but you just know they want to pop the Badgers one tomorrow.

Let’s see what the guys asked for, shall we?


A win over Wisconsin could be big for Fickell

Controlling the line of scrimmage. If the Silver Bullets can out pressure on Russel Wilson, we saw that he can turn the football over. The Buckeyes need a lot of pressure up front to disrupt the running game as well.

Ability to hold coverage. Many of Wisconsin’s big plays to come back late hinged on Sparty’s inability to lock down receivers. Wilson can and will buy some extra time to throw with his feet, but it is up to the secondary to keep the receivers in check.

Control the tempo. The longer Ohio State has the ball in their hands it means the Badgers can’t score. The Buckeyes need a strong running game again and control the clock while on offense. A repeat performance of what happened in Champaign two weeks ago will do just fine.

Raucous crowd. In the constant battle for home field supremacy in the B1G, the fans need to be as loud as ever. The Wisconsin fans were hopped up on beer and cheese and really shook the Buckeyes last year. We need the fans to return the favor this year.

Coaching. Pulling off an upset of this magnitude will require a great game plan. This will test whether or not Fickell and company are able to pull off this kind of feat.

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