Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 9.3.13

Written September 3rd, 2013 by Clair

Thoughts wrapping up Game One and looking toward the Aztecs-

  • Buffalo Big Mack: Khalil Mack destroyed any doubt that he would be an NFL first rounder last Saturday after a stunning performance against Ohio State. Mack managed to make some very solid offensive tackles look silly and dominated Braxton Miller in a foot race to the end zone after picking off one of Miller’s passes. For his efforts, he was named the Mid-American Conference’s Defensive Player of the Week.

The One That Got Away

  • Johnny Hancock: Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel overshadowed his above average and much improved play with utter nonsense and a lack of class by flashing dollar signs and making an autograph pantomime to Rice’s defense Saturday. Urban Meyer was asked his thoughts on Johnny Football’s transgressions during Monday’s press conference. Surprisingly Meyer claimed that things get over blown these days and that he wished they (the media) would leave the kid alone. If I were a betting gal, I’d bet that if Braxton tried to pull something like that Meyer would have a different opinion. I’m sure a scathing review of Johnny Manziel by Urban Meyer would have fed the media machine for a week or two though. Read More

Shots From The ‘Shoe: Buffalo

Written September 1st, 2013 by Patrick
And So It Begins

And So It Begins

We’re lucky to have several staffers who have either gameday assignments at Ohio Stadium or season tickets. After each home game, we’ll get you some quick thoughts “from the cheap seats”.

As I awoke around 3:30am Saturday morning, my excitement for what the day held overtook my desire and need to go back to sleep.  It would be three short hours until I’d begin my two hour journey south to Columbus.  As I arrived in Columbus with my family and friends and plotted our route from the Ackerman lots to our traditional stop at Conrads for our game day “beat Buffalo” buttons and then on to the Skull Session, I found myself with a sense of joy and giddiness knowing the 2013 Buckeye season was less than three hours away.

We took our seats at St John’s Arena and begin our annual bet of who’s going to speak before Urban at the Skull Session.  The guesses ranged from Jordan Hall to Corey Linsley to Christian Bryant.  We were all wrong as Garret Goebel grabbed the mike and began to get the crowd ready.   As he handed the mike to Urban after speaking, I thought to myself, will he tie in something regarding “the journey” of which he spoke of many times last year.  He didn’t disappoint ending by talking about “a new journey begins today”!

We made our way over to The Shoe, on to Buckeye Grove and back around to enter in the rotunda.  The crowd seemed excited and the music was booming from the loud speakers.  We made the long winding climb up to C-deck level and then what seemed to be the even longer climb to our row 36 seats in 10C.  We were shortly joined by many Buckeye fans and much to our joy, a row of Buffalo fans topped off by a gentleman who claimed to have played for Buffalo donning a Michigan hat.  As kickoff grew closer, fans chatted about great expectations and the excitement of seeing players like Dontre Wilson, Ezekiel Elliot, and Joey Bosa as well as the improved passing of Braxton Miller.  The Bulls fans joked of cheering for settle things such as getting the play off on time, completed passes, and holding Buckeye plays to under 7 yards an attempt.  Little did we know what was about to ensue.  As pregame festivities began, we were treated to a double script Ohio by The Best Damn Band In The Land. Read More

Jordan Hall had an excellent day on the ground.

Jordan Hall had an excellent day on the ground.

The Buffalo Bulls of the MAC stormed Ohio Stadium this afternoon to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes for the first game of the season. The amazingly game Bulls weathered a few early shots, going down 23-0 through OSU’s first three possessions, before fighting back and making a contest of it. Braxton Miller ended the game 15/22 for 178 yards with 2 touchdowns and a pick, while Joe Licata matched him with 19/32 for 187 yards 2 touchdowns and an interception. OSU’s leading Running back was Jordan Hall with a very impressive 19 carries for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. Miller added another 16 carries for 71 yards.

Buffalo started the game with the ball and began dinking and dunking their way to a handful of first downs. The short passes, designed to build confidence in the quarterback found success early against the soft coverage OSU was playing on the edge. Surprisingly, the drive ended on a 4th down attempt that suffered a delay of game penalty, forcing the Bulls to punt.

After an incredible shank, the Buckeyes began work with good field position. Jordan Hall got to see the field first at RB, carrying the ball on a few QB zone reads. In what seemed as if the offense said, “Aw, to hell with this”, Braxton took a shot down field on a play-action pass. Devin Smith hauled in the well placed 47 yard toss for a touchdown over a lost and confused defender. Shockingly, the Bucks chose to go for two and Kenny Guiton successfully ran it in.

While the Buffalo Bulls found success against the young defense, it wasn’t enough for much more than a few first downs before they were shut down and forced to punt. Shazier in particular, the only veteren starter in the middle, made a few critical plays to help make up for the youth to either side of him. Ohio State’s young defense continued to slowly grow into their roles as the game progressed. Pressure on the quarterback improved, and the run defense began to bog the RBs down in the backfield. They also tended to stiffen on third down, allowing Buffalo only a single first down in six attempts.
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BBN Football LiveBlog: Buffalo

Written August 31st, 2013 by Eric

Welcome to another season of Buckeye Football!

We’re looking forward to sharing each game with you this year in our livechats. We’ve ditched Cover it Live this season in favor of another flavor. Hopefully it leads to a better overall experience!

As usual, we’ll start the liveblog 30 minutes before gametime, which kicks at Noon on ESPN2. We look forward to seeing you here at 11:30 Eastern Time.


(The chat is still live and running through Saturday. You’ll find it below the page-break.)

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What Do You Want to See on Saturday? Buffalo

Written August 30th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

And here we go… the first edition of our weekly staff wishlist!


  1. Juice - Game starts at noon, and the students will probably be hung over/asleep… but this needs to be a high octane start to an amazing year. Ohio State excelled in the second and third quarters last year… it would be great to get a fast start to the season.
  2. Front Seven - We’ve got the secondary on lockdown (we hope), but the pre-season talk has been about the linebackers and the young front. Start of the season with the kind of play that will make B1G offensive coordinators stay awake at night.
  3. Special Teams - While I’d be OK if Bryce and Cameron never get out on the field, I’m looking forward to a unit completely under the guidance of Kerry Coombs.
  4. That One Thing - Won’t say it, won’t jinx it. And if the OL is successful, I won’t mention it next week.


  1. No injuries
  2. Offensively, crisp execution with running and passing games
  3. Defensively, fundamentally sound tackling
  4. A win

Unleash The Cannon


  1. The New Braxton Miller Show - It would be nice to see if his passing game has improved as much as has been reported. Lets hope for about 200 yards passing from him for the game.
  2. Ryan Shazier Murderin’ QBs - This better be something that occurs all season long
  3. OSU with at least double Buffalo’s Yardage - This could mean many things, but should ultimately mean good things from both offense and defense.
  4. Young guy playing time - Let’s have the starters on the bench in the second half. Read More

Across the Web: Buffalo

Written August 29th, 2013 by Eric

With the new Football Season just days away, it’s time to renew our ol’ traditions.  Our new buddy Tim Riordan over at the Bull Run Blog was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about the game this Saturday.  Make sure to pay them a visit!

Khalil Mack (#46) has bad intentions.

Khalil Mack (#46) has bad intentions.

tBBC: Can the Bulls replace Defensive End Steven Means (5th round draft pick by Tampa Bay)? Who on the Bull’s defense is capable of taking offensive attention off Linebacker Khalil Mack?

UBBR: I’m not going to lie and say that Beau Bachtelle is the equal of Steven Means, but a lot of people overlook Colby Way on the other side of the defensive line. He is big, has a great reach, and good instincts. He is a great pass rusher who really knows when and how to get his hands up. Bachtelle does not need to be Means for Khalil Mack to prosper.

More telling on Mack’s success may be how well Adam Redden adjusts from the defensive backfield to the Linebacking Corps. Buffalo needs to know that if they pin Mack’s ears back and set him loose there is someone in the shallow defensive secondary capable of cleaning up.

tBBC: What are your thoughts on the re-branding of the team as a “New York” institution?
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Eight Is Enough For Silver Bullet Points

Written August 29th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Well, it’s certainly been an… interesting… day as far as news goes. But before we dive into the dregs of college sports (and those who “oversee” it), let’s enjoy the fact that it’s finally FOOTBAW! season.  Here’s your “pump up”/palate cleanser before the season kicks off.

Buckeye 411

  • Captains, My Captains- Well, the news yesterday that Ohio State had named eight captains to start the season surely made Tom Bradford happy, although it did make the position seem a bit like the “everyone gets a trophy” phenomenon we see in youth soccer. My guess? Urban is looking to “spread the wealth” among several people since there’s no small group of standouts this season.  At any rate, I’m ecstatic that Kenny Guiton will be getting the opportunity to lead, even as a “backup”.  Smooth Jazz for everyone.
  • Wash It Down With Juice- Today, many lucky souls in the media got to experience the new food that will be enjoyed at the ‘Shoe this season. As you remember, the University ended their contract with Sodexho and is going a bit more local with Levy Restaurants for their fan- fare.  Marcus Hartman has great coverage of the reason that I hated him all day on Tuesday… wonder what this will mean for the fitness of the two ushers on our staff? Luckily we have a fitness guru to keep them in shape.
  • Injury Report- Coach Meyer said on Wednesday that Defensive Lineman Tommy Schutt will miss 6-8 weeks with a broken foot; “Mr. Adaptability” Chase Farris will return to the Defensive Front from his tenure with Coach Warriner. Schutt had been working in with the first team as practice progressed this fall- here’s wishing him a quick recovery.
  • Sure, Why Not? Ohio State has 8 captains, why not 10 “Assistant Head Coaches”?  Stan Drayton was elevated to that role over the past month due to his investment in the program… and he certainly deserves it.
  • BULLetin Board Material- Sure, it’s just a fansite (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but here’s a “hate piece” from The State College Of New York At Buffalo fans.
  • Thinking Healthy- A couple of other wellness stories this week: The Dispatch had a great discussion about the concussion debate, and talked at length with Andrew Sweat about his decision to walk away from football due to the issue. Also, Maurice Clarett was in Columbus again to advocate for expanded health care and mental health support. Nice work, folks.
  • Welcome To The Interwebs- Coach Meyer must have heard that Ken was finally on twitter, since he decided to join him this week. Also online? Ohio State announced their official YouTube Channel, which brings us awesomeness of this nature: Read More

tBBC Radio Hour: Buffalo Preview

Written August 28th, 2013 by Joe Dexter

The Season is here and The Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour is back to working full-time!tbbc Radio Hour itunes

This week, Clair and I talk 2013 expectations, what we are hoping to see on Saturday. You can tell, there is a bit of giddiness in the air, as we break down position by position what we should see on the field in week 1.

We then break down Buffalo with The Buffalo News’ Bob DiCesare, who touches on one of the favorites to win the Mid-American Conference this year. Bob shares his experience from Fall camp this August,  the experience returning for the Bulls, and the spots still up for competition.

The college football season is here!

Don’t forget, you can take us wherever you go through your Ipod, Ipad, Podcast Playing Thingie Mah Jiggie, Walkman or on your computer by subscribing to the Radio Hour on Itunes!

Thanks for listening and GO BUCKS!




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