Shots from the ‘Shoe: UCF

Written September 11th, 2012 by Gary Russell II

Growing up a Buckeye fan was one of the few things my dad and I had in common. We watched every game on TV or listen to it on the radio. Whether it was on TV or radio, we did whatever it took to make sure we caught the game. Unfortunately, I never got to experience and game at THE Shoe with my dad before he passed away. After all those years of watching and listening to the games and dreaming of how great THE Shoe must be, I never thought I would be able to get to see it in person.

My first game at THE Shoe was versus Penn State in the infamous game where the Buckeyes won and the only touchdown was Ted Ginn’s punt return. Then five years ago, after being on a waiting list for 6 years, I was chosen to be an usher. I went from not knowing if I would ever see a game live to being able to see EVERY game and I still don’t think it has sunk in yet. Today I would like to step in for WVaBuckeye and give you my view from section 15 on the D Deck.


Being the band geek that I am, of course I have to start with The Best Damn Band in the Land. The Ohio State Marching Band is almost as famous as the football team itself, and every week they come down that ramp in the North stands to a standing ovation to 105,000 of its dearest fans. And every week the Silver Bullets charge on the field through the band’s tunnel, but this year is a little different as they spell out “OHIO” in a very classy diamond formation and then the team charges through that. Read More

Ohio State 56, Miami 10: Urban Meyer Remarks

Written September 1st, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Coach Meyer’s comments following his first game as head coach of Ohio State, courtesy of Fox Sports Ohio: (transcription provided by the Ohio State Athletic Department)

COACH MEYER:  Obviously pleased with the win, very pleased with the win.  Obviously the first quarter was very poor football on our end.  But you also want to give credit where credit’s due, and that’s Miami Ohio did a really good job defending a certain formation that we ran out, which is a base formation.  Concerning down the road we need to make sure we make quicker adjustments, which we made some halftime adjustments.

But they have some good players.  At quarterback, we were concerned going into the game that a future NFL football player will be hard to contain because he’s going to throw the ball.  Gets it out real fast.  Can’t really get it to him.  That’s exactly what happened.

But I think one of the things about Braxton Miller that I really had to see, and I did see today, is that the objective with Braxton is to make him from an athlete playing quarterback to a quarterback that manages.

And a quarterback position is a unique position in all sports, where he’s got to manage so much.  He’s got to manage basically the entire offense.  He’s got to stay positive, his leadership.  He has to be a leader.

And he showed that today.  I told him in the middle of the second quarter, because he started ‑‑ he kept positive even when it was ‑‑ we all saw what it was. Read More

Time And Chance

Written September 19th, 2011 by JWinrow

The Head Coach

“Time and change” are two key words in the alma mater of The Ohio State University, Carmen Ohio. Unfortunately, too many alumni, fans, and critics skip right past these words to belt out the last few syllables, O-HI-O. Also unfortunately, many alumni, fans, and critics forget about “time” and only want “change” whenever the football team experiences setbacks.

Ten years ago, the Buckeyes made a change and took a chance on a coach from Division 1AA Youngstown State in Jim Tressel.  I clearly recall many fans and critics calling for the hiring of Glenn Mason, former OSU assistant. .”What does this Coach Tressel know about coaching in the Big Ten?  He’s never been the head coach at a huge program.  What does he know about being a Buckeye?

Almost two years to the day Tressel was named head coach of The Ohio State University Football Team, he was laying lips on the Sears Trophy, awarded to the National Champion.  Not too much noise was heard from the critics and doubters because their mouths were full of crow sandwiches.  These same critics were later seen dressed in their fines sweater vests and gray rimmed glasses.  In their eyes, Jim Tressel could do no wrong.

Prior to the start of training camp for this year’s Buckeyes, they faced down several encumbrances that no team expects heading into the preseason.  This team lost their head coach, seven starters on defense, and their starting quarterback, who by the way accounted for 70 percent of their offense.  Ask yourself this question.  What would have happened to that 2001 Buckeyes team had Jim Tressel been faced with those circumstances?

Read More

We are unveiling a new feature at the BBC today.

In order to help us get through the long summer months, we will be starting a countdown of the top 25 Buckeyes of the decade (2000-2009).

The staff submitted their ballots and the votes have been tallied. We will unveil a new Buckeye in the countdown once a week and as the season approaches the frequency may increase (I haven’t done the exact math to figure out how this is going to work out).

We will only be covering football players for this countdown, even though Ohio State has had some fine basketball players over the last decade as well, sorry Evan Turner.

One thing to note is that we didn’t really define what it means to be in the “Top 25 Buckeyes of the Decade.”

Do you measure on the field accomplishments? wins and losses? statistics? post season accolades? who you’d want most on this year’s team?

In the end, it is a mix of all of the above and then some, which means that different people will have different opinions about this list. We tried to eliminate some of the individual biases by polling all five writers here at the BBC, and I have to say I am happy with the results. However, by no means is this list definitive, so feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

And with that, here are the guys that didn’t quite make the cut for the top 25, but did receive votes, making them worthy of an honorable mention. Read More

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