The BBC continues its look at bowl season, this time with some appropriate theme music. I feel fine – don’t you?

UCF (9-4, 7-1 CUSA) vs Ball State (9-3, 6-2 MAC)
December 21st, 2012 7:30 PM ET ESPN


The History: Well, this may be the last football game ever played, so you’d better enjoy it while it lasts. This is one of those crazy, new, young-whipper-snapper bowl games that formed in 2008, originally as the magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl. Beef O’Brady’s took over sponsorship the very next season, bringing us to the bowl game we know today. It’s traditionally played between the Big East and Conference USA, but this year the MAC got the nod over the Big East. This is Central Florida’s second visit to St. Petersburg, having lost to Rutgers in 2009 (45-24), giving them the most Beef O’Brady Bowl appearances in history.

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Ohio State 31, UCF 16: Urban Meyer Remarks

Written September 9th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Coach Meyer’s comments following the win over the Central Florida Knights, courtesy of Fox Sports Ohio: (transcription provided by the Ohio State Athletic Department)

As always, I like to give credit to a very good team we faced in Central Florida.  We knew going in they would try to run downhill on us.

I think this is the second week in a row we held a team under 100 yards rushing.  However, pass defense, we have a long way to go.  Getting pressure on the quarterback.

Offensively, we’re down to our third tailback, and it looked like it.  We have to get better.  The guys carrying the ball are talented, just terrible mistakes.  Penalties and turnovers are not ‑‑ in the first game, very minimal penalties and zero turnovers.

And then this week was not good.  So just gotta fix it.  We’re going to have to really ID who is going to touch the ball.  We have to go back to the drawing board and make some decisions on who is going to physically touch that ball and they have to take care of it, obviously.

So I would also like to thank our fans and our student body.  Tremendous.  And also the weatherman did a nice job for us.  So appreciate his effort.  And got a big one next week, but we’re going to enjoy the win.  Winning major college football games is a tough duty, especially when you face a quality opponent.  Read More

Across the Web: UCF Knights

Written September 7th, 2012 by Gary Russell II

For this week’s views from enemy lines we travel down south to Florida…  No we didn’t ask Mike Bianchi any questions.  We did stay with the Orlando Sentinel though, and their UCF writer Iliana Limon.  Check out Iliana’s answers as she gives us some insight on UCF’s program, and take a listen to her visit with our BBN bros at The Empire.

Huh. A bit loud in here...

1. How does George O’Leary like to attack his opponents offensively? Is he primarily a ground guy, air guy, or is he more flexible depending on the defense?

UCF coach George O’Leary definitely prefers to use a tough rushing attack to establish pass plays. He believes in ball-control offense, which tends to set up his defense for success when his offense performs well.

2. We’ve seen UCF oscillate between good seasons and mediocre/bad ones on about a three year cycle since O’Leary arrived. Do you see that continuing into the future? How do you envision the future of the program under O’Leary?

Like all coaches, O’Leary aspires to win on a consistent basis. The key to his success is sustaining depth. He has struggled to string together back-to-back strong senior classes, who are expected to be the leaders of his program. When reserves don’t see early playing time and have other options, they tend to leave UCF and erase key components of what will one day be a senior class. It appears the program is finally starting to turn a corner with some well spaced out classes that could provide consistent leadership year after year.

3. What type of defense does UCF employ? Do you think it will be up to the task of facing Urban Meyer’s offense, albeit imperfectly run?

UCF runs a multiple or 4-3 defense. The Knights prefer to get pressure on the quarterback without blitzing. The emphasis is on playing assignment-sound football and being as disruptive as possible. It’s hard to say how successful UCF’s defense will be against Ohio State. The Knights have great depth and talent, but some fundamental mistakes — including poor tackling form — popped up last week against Akron and could be a much bigger headache for the Knights at Ohio State.

4. With Latavius Murray possibly out for the game, do you think the Knights change their offensive philosophy at all? Read More

What do you Want to see on Saturday? UCF Edition

Written September 7th, 2012 by Eric


As hard to see as a laser pulse, and not much easier to catch.

Passing, passing, more passing. I asked for 350 yards, and came up 106 yards short. I’ll ask for 300 this time and hope that’s easier for the Buckeyes to match. If Braxton gets his footwork under control, it might be possible.

A sack fest. We’ve been told that OSU might have the best defensive line in the country. I’d like to see some backfield punishment of the UCF quarterback to prove it. Remember, Urban Meyer believes that a quarterback should pay for trying to pass. I want to see that philosophy in action.

A 100 Yard Game from Carlos Hyde. I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Lets get him his first century of the season.

Ultra-short laser pulses. Wait, what? That’s right, a physicist at UCF just set the world record for the shortest laser pulse at 67 attoseconds. For the uninitiated, an attosecond is merely a millionth of a billionth of a second (or 1/1,000,000,000,000,000). A thousand of these are also known to their friends as the amount of time it takes a photon to travel the average width of a human hair (about 100 micrometers). Let’s just say that’s really, really short. Now back to your regularly scheduled football coverage.


Plug the gaps. We’ve heard how UCF brings a straight forward running game, I want to see the defensive line plug the gaps and force the back to make other arrangements for finding positive yardage. So along with that…

Seek and Destroy. When the defensive line plugs the gaps, I want to see the linebackers fill and crush the back. We know Shazier is a sure tackler, despite being a true sophomore. How about Sabino and especially Curtis Grant? Be physical!

Should they sneak through. Attention CJ Barnett and Christian Bryant: let’s light some people up!

Lock down. If the run is being punished, the corners are often alone. Lock’em up!

Brax-tacular and Mr. Hyde. I’m excited to see week 2 of Braxton Miller in Urban Meyer’s offense. He had a breakout game of sorts against Miami, how will he follow it up and keep the train rolling? Carlos Hyde ran hard last week. Meyer all but called him the workhorse. I started the hash tag #FeedCarlos during last weeks second half, will they oblige again this week?

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Silver Bullet Points Loses Its Helmet

Written September 5th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Lurking, Waiting to be stepped on

Midweek review of all things Buckeye and from across college sports, including thoughts on the newest in controversial rule changes.

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Update- According to coach Meyer, Jordan Hall is still not expected to be ready to participate this weekend, but was up and running on the treadmill earlier.  Also a probably scratch- Sophomore Michael Bennett, who re-injured his groin in pregame of Saturday’s contest: the depth chart lists he and Nathan Williams behind J.T. Moore at end, although the depth that OSU has in the defensive front makes this less than troubling.
  • Dark Knights? In his comments thus far, Coach Meyer was candid about his respect for Central Florida, calling them a team with a B1G type defense. He commented that they’ll be looking to establish the run significantly more than Miami did (Duh), particularly with a mobile quarterback. Central Florida announced today that their starting running back would miss the game in Columbus, but will most likely be replaced by a stellar transfer from ‘Da U and former Georgia prep star.
  • Bitter much? Interesting moment from today’s B1G media conference was a phone call from the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi, who called in to ask if Meyer thought that Gator fans would be pulling for the Knights out of anger that Meyer left the University of Florida.  Meyer’s response, which you can listen to here, was essentially that Bianchi’s “facts are, not surprisingly, incorrect.”.  Given that Bianchi has been playing the part of scorned lover for the past six months, his actions are not really all that surprising.  Oh, how times have changed.
  • Coach ‘em up-  Ohio State “added” a new member of the coaching staff this past week, as Kenny Guiton has been given the nickname “coach” by Ohio State’s head man.  You’ve got to wonder what he could do with a whistle around his neck, given the circumstances.
  • Luddites beware- We’ve talked before about the new Ohio State iPad program for all of its athletes: Yahoo! has a great article regarding the impact this is having for student athletes.  Nice to have a Yahoo! story that doesn’t involve Charles Robinson for a change, amIrite? Oh, and John Simon is still breaking down film the way he always has- he stares at the footage until it relinquishes the information he requires. Read More

Previewing the Ohio State Football Schedule—Part I

Written August 2nd, 2012 by Tim Shoemaker

Fast approaching.

Yesterday was the official one month mark until the start of college football.

Ohio State may not be eligible for postseason play in 2012, but that has no impact on the anticipation for Buckeye fans.

Urban Meyer is one month away from his debut as Ohio State’s head coach, and that is the main reason OSU fans are excited.

The Buckeyes begin the 2012 season with four non-conference home games—only one of which is against a team from a BCS conference.

While OSU may not have a big-name program on its non-conference schedule like years past, playing four games under coach Meyer before the Big Ten schedule will be extremely important for the team to get comfortable in a new system under a new coaching staff.

Here at The Buckeye Battlecry, we will have in-depth previews of each OSU opponent during the week of the game. This, however, is the first in a three-part series briefly looking at the 2012 season a month out. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Has Been To The Mountaintop

Written August 1st, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Yosemite = Buckeye Nation

On Tuesday, I was impressed by Danny from 11W posting his “OHIO” photo from the top of Mt. Baker, for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve lived in WA and skied at Baker all the time. Second, I was hoping to have a similar photo from the top of Mt. Whitney under my belt by the end of this summer, but a couple of family issues prevented me from enhancing the highest peak in the continental US in such a glorious way. Finally, I love shots of the outdoors, and just got back from a week long trek as well- the photo on the right is much lower than Danny’s, but includes at least one Michigan fan. Always good to spread the gospel, right?

It’s good to be back… right before the team goes camping as well.  And here… we… go…

Buckeye 411

  • Somebody’s watching- The pre-season lists keep being kind to Buckeyes, with John Simon being named to the Hendricks List (since there’s not a Chuck Norris list) and Big Hank being tabbed as a CBS All American.
  • One Bad Motha’-  So, the Tuesday Newsday saw reports that Brionte Dunn would not be facing drug charges, as the officer in charge did not believe that the substance and paraphernalia in question belonged to the freshman running back. According to the rumor mills of several Ohio State message boards, this was due in part to Brionte’s mom reporting to the scene to take responsibility and ownership of the “goods”, which means that someone is getting a really awesome gift this May.  We’ll find out Friday what consequences will result from this situation, as that’s when the Buckeyes report for the beginning of fall training.
  • Productivity? Yeah right-  Particularly as we grow closer to fall practice it gets harder for those of us who have real jobs to focus on our “responsibilities”. I’m just attributing it to OHIOADHD and leaving it at that. It also doesn’t help that the Sports Information Department is enabling my problems by releasing the media guide during a work week.  Here’s the link- the effing TPS reports can wait, right?
  • Feeling Inspired? As if the media guide weren’t distracting enough, here’s a clip of the video that Friday Night Lights participants got to experience. Of course, you’ll have to imagine the huge scoreboard screen and thundering sound… unless, that is, your office is a whole lot cooler than mine. Read More
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