One Fan’s Opinion: Benedict Arnold, Ohio, and TTUN

Written September 4th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Here’s a perspective from an NFL blogger, Clayton- be sure to check out his work as the pro season kicks off and give him a follow on Twitter.

Over 200 years ago in our Country’s history there was a man poised to be a possible hero. Instead, General Benedict Arnold has become the household name for traitor. I am not going to turn this article into an American History lesson, but as we get closer to the kickoff of the season, and as the recruiting news keeps coming in almost daily, I take a look at three of Ohio’s all time Benedict Arnolds.

It’s no secret that Ohio State and that state north of Toledo have forged wars over the same territories. Most of the big time recruits in the Midwest are chased after by both schools. Not only does the recruiting get tough but also the recruits get tough. Recently Logan Tuley-Tillman infamously took to twitter and tweeted a picture burning his Ohio State offer letter. You don’t have to be a MENSA member to take a guess at what the fallout of that action was- Let’s just say that he will not be dotting the ‘I” ever. The worst part is that he is not even an Ohio native, he’s from Illinois!

Desmond Howard was born and raised in Cleveland, Oh and played his high school ball at St. Joseph High. A very accomplished athlete, Howard earned 3 varsity letters in track and football. There is no doubt about his athleticism but only doubt in his loyalty to his born state. Howard is famous for striking the Heisman pose against the Buckeyes in ’91. If you look real close at the photos you can almost see the red laser dots of thousands of wolverine hunters taking aim their prey. Read More

From Boston to Hartline, there’s 9 days left!

Written August 27th, 2009 by Jeff
These were the days when taunting a Michigan player meant they might beat you the following year.  Not so much the case in the 21st century....

These were the days when taunting a Michigan player meant they might beat you the following year. Not so much the case in the 21st century....

We’re down to single digits!  9 days left before kickoff….and in case you’re wondering, no we will not be counting the hours (but it is 218 hours as of this moment).

Today we highlight two famous Buckeyes who wore #9, and we have a couple of amazing YouTube plays from them as well.

We begin with David Boston, who was our top wide receiver on what was believed to be one of the best Ohio State teams in history (1998).

Boston’s YouTubery comes from the shadows of a vicious war he had with Michigan’s Charles Woodson.  The pair had wars of words in the paper every year, and they often had skirmishes on the field to back up the comments, and usually Boston ended up doing battle with every other member of the Wolverines.

During the OSU-UM game of 1998, Boston decided to take a final shot at Marcus Ray.  See for yourself….and it’s totally worth the flag Boston gets for taunting.

9 - Hartline

Next up is our most recent #9, Brian Hartline.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect Hartline to have much of a career at Ohio State, but he proved me wrong.  He ended up being the sure-handed WR for the bulk of his career, and his speed was often deceiving when he wanted to take a deep route beyond the safeties (just ask Michigan).

Hartline is now a member of the Miami Dolphins, joining his former teammate Ted Ginn Jr.

And as for his YouTube moment?  Well, let’s just say that Indiana didn’t expect this out of him either….

9 days left! I’m ready!!!!

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