tBBC Legends: The Best Buckeye

Written June 14th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

Some articles are no-brainers and most of the time they definitely write themselves. What more can be said about The Buckeye Bullet that hasn’t already been written? For sure my opinion, but everything else has been covered here JesseOwens.com. This is the first in a two part series (or maybe more because of cohorts responses?) that we will discuss the Best Buckeyes and Worst Buckeyes ever

Records in two enemy territories, In Ann Arbor and later in Berlin.

Records in two enemy territories, In Ann Arbor and later in Berlin.

Originally I was just going to say my piece about Jesse and let the article stand for itself. However, many other blogs and writers have covered his story and told their stance of the man that stood tall against Adolf Hitler. This article is also about what my comrades think when it comes to who pops into their minds of who the best buckeye ever was and their thoughts put the cherry on top at the end, stay tuned.

Jesse was born James Cleveland Owens in Oakville, Alabama in 1913 and I am positive that Henry and Emma Owens had no idea at the time what their special new baby was going to do with his life. Let’s revisit the times for just a brief moment and remember that African-Americans had no rights at the time and the world we live in was treating them terribly. Just a mere 24 years later, Jesse would change the face of the world with his feats at the Olympics.

The family moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1922 and one of Jesse’s school teachers was actually responsible for his name. His older brother’s and sisters had always called him JC, and one of his teachers wrote Jesse down in a roll call and it became his name. Over the next several years, Jesse would set new records everywhere he went and that would culminate with the 1936 Olympics in front of one of the most evil people to ever live.

What Jesse did while at Ohio State and in the Olympics can be appreciated today for sure. When he passed away in 1980, President Jimmy Carter had this to say, Read More

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 26

Written August 5th, 2013 by Joe Dexter


The date was November 25 1916. The game was an undefeated match-up for the Great Western Championship between Ohio State and Northwestern.

Both teams were surprisingly undefeated heading into the championship The Website Tip Top 25 broke down the game in better words than I ever could.OSU_Football_Program_1916_11_25_front_cover

Ohio State routed a couple of lightweights, Indiana and Case, bringing them to their finale with Northwestern. Both teams were 6-0, so this game was for the conference championship, something no one could have expected before the season. Northwestern had not had a winning season in 11 years, and had gone 2-5 in 1915 and 1-6 in each of the 2 seasons prior to that. However, their 6-0 record this season had been built on a very weak schedule, as they did not play Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Illinois. The only winning opponent they had played was 4-3 Iowa, whom they only beat by 7, and they also struggled to beat 2-4-1 Indiana by 7, so Ohio State was a big favorite to win. Still, Northwestern put up quite the fight before the flood gates opened on them in the 4th quarter.

Ohio State led 3-0 at half on a 34 yard Harley field goal, but Northwestern tied the game up 3-3 early in the 4th quarter, and that’s when Chic Harley opened up a Costco-sized can of maximum strength whoop-ass (that’s him with the ball and a can opener in the picture above). He ran for 63 and 15 yard touchdowns, then threw a 28 yard pass to set up another touchdown, and Ohio State won the game and conference championship 23-3.

1916′s squad was the first undefeated team in school history, led by the great Chic Harley, who was the first Ohio State player inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Ken profiled one of the greatest players of all-time in our summer Hall of Fame Series.

Upon research of this game I found some real cool things, including a pre-game program from the game in Ohio State’s archives.




tBBC OSU Football HOF: Gaylord Stinchcomb

Written June 13th, 2013 by Ken

Gaylord ‘Pete’ Stinchcomb

Today, in the Ohio State College Football Hall of Famers, we’ll take a look at Gaylord Roscoe “Pete” Stinchcomb, inducted into the HOF in 1973.  Stinchcomb, born in 1895,  was a native of Sycamore, OH. He and was honored as an all state halfback while playing for  Fostoria High School. I’m not sure how the names ‘Gaylord’, ‘Roscoe’ nor ‘Stinchcomb’ could lead to nickname of ‘Pete’, but Pete it is.

Pre-Ohio State

Stinchcomb enrolled at Ohio State in 1916, which would have made him a playing contemporary of Chic Harley (HOF’er) and a player under John Wilce (HOF’er).  Wow. He played quarterback and halfback in 1917, 1919 and 1920. Like his teammate, Chic Harley, Stinchcomb left OSU to volunteer (US Navy) for  war service. Stinchcomb’s bio at the  College Football HOF describes him:

“Although a lightweight at 165 pounds, Stinchcomb was a halfback blitz, quick and shifty as he made his way through enemy defenses.”

Read More


Chic Harley doing it as only he could

Today we begin a summer series chronicling Ohio State players honored in the College Football Hall of Fame.  We start with a great legend.

In today’s edition of Ohio State College Football Hall of Famers, we’ll take a look at the exploits of one Charles William Harley, better known as ‘Chic’. Harley’s accomplishments ranged from Ohio State’s first consensus All-American (and a 3-time pick, at that), to raising the profile of the Ohio State football program to national prominence, and to being the great-great uncle of tBBC’s alum, Rob Harley. He even managed to squeeze in fighting in a world war. When it comes to Ohio State football, it all begins with Chic Harley.

Pre-Ohio State

Charles Harley was born in 1894 in Chicago, IL, thus the nickname Chic. His family moved to Columbus when Charles was 12 years old, where he attended East High School. Eventually, the family returned to Chicago before Harley’s senior year, but the Columbus East principal convinced the family to let Harley stay for his final year. While in high school, so many people wanted to see Harley play that several football games that East High outdrew Ohio State football games. (Thus starts a trend).

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Jesse Owens: BTN Icon #3

Written February 15th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Like the rest of the Buckeye Intertrons, our flabber is significantly ghasted with the news that the Big Ten Network’s top four conference “Icons” rank out as follows:

  1. Red Grange (Illinois)
  2. Magic Johnson (Michigan State)
  3. Jesse Owens (Ohio State)
  4. Archie Griffin (Ohio State)

Yup, seems as if someone spilled a little Rotel into their ranking machine.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with these being the top four- Grange made a name for himself and college football, and went on to save the NFL in the eyes of many; Johnson’s matchup against Larry Bird was the moment that “March Madness” became the iconic event that it is today (in addition to helping drag the NBA out of the mire of the drug filled 70′s… but you can read Simmons’ 8 million words on that). Read More

Horvath excelled, even though Ohio Stadium's field was built on a 45-degree angle

Horvath excelled, even though Ohio Stadium's field was built on a 45-degree angle

The early days of Ohio State football are littered with names that will always be legendary around Columbus, Ohio.

Chic Harley.
Francis Schmidt.
Paul Brown.
Bill Willis.

Les Horvath.

Horvath won the Heisman Trophy for Ohio State in 1944, the first one ever won by a Buckeye. Two years earlier, OSU won a National Championship with a team filled with sophomores (WWII took a ton of players away from us in the draft. No, not that draft, a military draft), but Horvath was clearly the leader of that team.

Horvath is no longer with us, having passed away in 1995 at the ripe old age of 74. But for a guy who defeated both the United States Army (on the field) and the Nazi army (on the battlefield), I’d say he’s earned his place in history.

Here’s to you, Les Horvath!

22 days until kickoff!

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