Two wrecked vehicles... or programs?

Can you imagine being in the stands of Candlestick Park on that fateful day in October, 1989?  I remember watching the World Series and seeing the picture go out.  I remember the change in the quality of the audio as Al Michaels remained calm and tried to explain what was happening to the rest of the world.  The World Series was delayed due to a term we call force majeure.

One thing I know was that the reading on the Richter Scale was less than 10.1.  Any college football fan is scratching his head while just reading that number.  Does it sound familiar?  Well it should.  Two of the top programs face the NCAA Committee on Infractions because of violations of NCAA’s “10.1 Violation”.  Loosely translated, this is when a college program fails to notify its compliance office when the coach of the program suspects a violation of NCAA laws.

Call this College Football’s “earthquake”.  The head coaches of The Ohio State University and University of Oregon are on the way to see the “dean” so to speak because they either committed a violation that needed to be reported or failed to report a violation, which itself is a violation.  Now let’s take a peek at the cast of “Liar Liar 2″.

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Oregon, Chip Kelly, and Will Lyles: Duck and Cover-up?

Written July 2nd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

I told you I'd write...

So I’m “on assignment” here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, trying to get away from all the scandal and stuff that we’ve been covering so far this off-season.  Little did I know that I was walking into Mordor… Sorry ’bout that, Duck fans.

Following their story that Ohio State was working with the NCAA regarding Jim Tressel’s need for a Gmail account, the guys at Yahoo said that they were working on two other stories this summer… one a “7″ and one a “10″ (with OSU being an 8). So, we knew the “summer of love” would continue… and wow, has it delivered.

Yahoo today released the results of their “wide-ranging, multi-day interview” with the man at the center of the storm, “Scouting Guru” Will Lyles. Their documentation is pretty concerning if you love your ducks, and it’s joined by several other media outlets.

(Although, it should be noted that ESPN was late to cover this story- Please try to harness your surprise.)

The article starts with a pretty damning charge, and holds that Oregon coach Chip Kelly’s relationship with Lyles was more than just someone who provided scouting services. Rather, Kelly seemed to be paying Lyles to broker relationships and conversations with student athletes, particularly those in Texas-

Embattled scouting service owner Will Lyles told Yahoo! Sports that University of Oregon coach Chip Kelly personally approved a controversial $25,000 fee that sparked an ongoing NCAA investigation and was in constant contact as Lyles provided the Ducks with recruiting assistance that may have violated NCAA rules.

In a wide-ranging, multi-day interview, Lyles said Kelly “scrambled” in late February and asked Lyles to submit retroactive player profiles to justify the $25,000 payment to his company, just days before the transaction was revealed in a March 3 Yahoo! Sports report.

(Lyles) now says Oregon did not pay him for his work as a traditional scout, but for his influence with top recruits and their families and his ability to usher prospects through the signing and eligibility process. That dual role as mentor to prospects and paid contractor to Oregon is believed to be a focus of the NCAA probe.

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