Change Comes To Happy Valley

Written February 19th, 2014 by Patrick

When Penn State was rocked by arguably the biggest scandal in college sports in 2011, they one thing on most B1G football fans minds was, who will be the guy to lead PSU through this dark time. Many names were tossed about and when the dust settled, they landed on a little know NFL assistant named Bill O’Brien.

O’Brien had no ties to Penn State and had no head coaching experience at the top level of college football. He had a knack for developing quarterbacks and designing great offensive game plans. His passion and desire for football quickly won over most of the PSU faithful, although many in the college football world wondered aloud how long O’Brien would stay at PSU.

Some felt he would bolt for the NFL once a good opportunity arose and others felt he would use PSU as a stepping stone to a bigger named school. Over the course of his two year tenure, his name would come up when any top job became available. Texas, USC, Auburn, the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs were just a few over the past two years that O’Brien was linked too.

O’Brien received a raise and contract extension after his first season in Happy Valley and went as far as telling an Orlando Sentinel reporter after the 2012 season,

“The players who are here now and the guys who were here last year could’ve gone anywhere…They didn’t have to stay at Penn State, but they committed to each other, they committed to Penn State, and they committed to our coaching staff. I felt it was important that they understood that I was committed to them. What are you if you’re not a man of your word?”

Many of the PSU faithful took solace in that quote that O’Brien would be the guy to guide them through the last two years of their probation and return them to top of the college football mountain.

THEN…… happened. Read More

Are You Not Entertained? Penn State

Written October 28th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

After totally wiping the field with Penn State on Saturday, let’s take a look at our expert’s wishes.


  1. Cover tight ends -  James and Carter are averaging 4 receptions per game, 12 YPC Zero and zero….we’re off to a good start.
  2. Same goes for WR Robinson -  He’s a playmaker, we need to make sure he doesn’t A 65 yard TD reception helped his stats but it came late so I don’t count that as a big play.
  3. Uptempo Offense -  Run their defense ragged for 4 quarters The tempo was in your face all night. 
  4. No injuries Several injuries this week…here’s hoping none are serious.
  5. A Win Check!
WVa Buckeye
  1. Push the defense to man up and play shutdown - Take chances with the TEs and leave the three LBs in there for coverage instead of the “penny” hurting wo Bryant Best defensive game all year.
  2. Continue to grow offensively - Keep the pace of riding who is getting us there with Carlos and Braxton but keep mixing the playmakers in. Dr. Miller and Mr. Hyde continue to steamroll.
  3. Destroy Hackenberg – Make him wish he hadn’t come to PSU. Turn the front 7 loose and go give him a reason to get rid of the ball quicker. Our Dline has looked block able of late  Hackenburg was definitely uncomfortable after 4 sacks and 2 interceptions. Read More

Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 10.22.13

Written October 22nd, 2013 by Clair

That Kind Of Day

On Monday, Coach Meyer discussed Iowa and talked NCAA guidelines.

  • Eject Button-Bradley Roby was disqualified from the game vs. Iowa last Saturday for what was deemed targeting. Urban Meyer chimed in at his own press conference Monday about the targeting rule and his opinion of the disqualification. ” I think that the NCAA and everybody is going to want to relook at that rule. We are Ohio State is very concerned about player safety. We have gone to the Nth degree with adjusting practice. Any rule for the safety of players, no question we support it. However, that was a game changer. To take one of your better players out of the game, that impacted that game. “
  • Running Out Of Time- Roby had a very high bar to reach for this season and at times he’s played 10 ft above the bar and other times I worry if he can even see that bar. Coach Meyer commented to Roby’s commitment to the team and dedication at practice. I unfortunately see Roby running out of time to make a big impression on the NFL gods as the watch him flounder week after week from Mount Goodell. Meyer addressed this as well, saying that he believes Roby is close to a “breakout game”… couldn’t come at a better time. Read More
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