Silver Bullet Points Prepares For Harvest

Written October 5th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Quick look at Tuesday’s press conference, Nebraska prep, and other news from the world of college sports:

Grey and headed your way

Buckeye 411

  • Injury update- Nathan Williams still out, Verlon Reed has torn his ACL and will be out for the season.  Yesterday, we were also informed that Melvin Fellows had been classified as a medical hardship, but there’s still no further information at this time. Philly Brown is day to day, and may see action against the Cornhuskers. Solomon Thomas will see some action- he’s returning from suspension and from surgery for the broken leg he suffered in the spring. Brewster said after practice that Philly and Michael Bennett both were active this afternoon.
  • Fickell Speaks- On dealing with adversity and suspended players:

Probably we went ahead and went with our three points of wisdom from John Wooden that said: Don’t whine, don’t complain and don’t make excuses. And I think that’s what we have got to be able to do, and it starts from the top down with all of us as coaches.

How many times have we said, we are going to focus on what we have, not what we don’t have and focus on moving forward. So that’s what we have to do. We are not going to make excuses for guys. We are not going to allow them to be down and we are not going to allow them to do that; as coaches we are not going to do that as a team, and we believe everybody will follow suit.

  • Captain, My Captain- Brewster, Sweat, Moeller. Attorneys at Law.
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Silver Bullet Points Breaks Wind

Written September 14th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Your weekly update from the Ohio State press conference as well as notes from around the world of college sports- this week, we take a pointed look at the NCAA after the jump.

Usually we reserve soundtracks for TWTW, but someone emailed me a song today that I thought I’d share. They described it as “a warning to South Beach re: Mr. John Simon“… enjoy.

Creating its own hurricane…

Buckeye News

  • Injury Updates- At the presser today, Coach Fickell mentioned that one of the reasons Braxton didn’t play on Saturday was that his prep was impacted somewhat by being dinged up last week. Today, though, several Buckeyes reported that Brax seemed healthy and ready to go.  They also reported that Nathan Williams practiced healthy, so it would be difficult to imagine him missing out on Saturday.  Jamaal Berry is back on the kick off return team, which must mean that his hammy is better.  At this point, though, there’s no word on how “Philly” is after leaving the game with a leg injury- although Coach Fickell said that he “didn’t look good”.
  • Captain, My Captain- Only two captains this week; Florida native Mike Brewster and sixth hear senior Tyler Moeller will serve as game day leaders.
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tBBC Radio Hour: 2011 Football Season Preview Part 3

Written August 18th, 2011 by Eric

Third String Left Tackle Erik Kramer

Eric, Jim and Joe are back with another preseason look at the 2011 Ohio State Buckeyes!  Jim has attended all of the open practices so far this year and has a lot to say about the make-up of the depth chart to date.  In particular we discuss the offensive line – primarily it’s youth and in experience behind the starters – along with the shrinking of the QB competition.  Current injuries are also touched on briefly, along with the names who we will likely be seeing out wide to start the season.

The three of us also spend some time discussing recent College Football news, including the recent Yahoo! Sports revelation of the Miami University (FL) scandal, and the recent spat of conference expansion news.

All this and more on this week’s BBC Radio Hour!

The Radio Hour is also available via iTunes subscription! Go to iTunes and search for “The Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour” at the iTunes store! Subscription is free, and you can take us with you wherever you go on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or iWhatever!

Rumors: Conference Divisions

Written September 1st, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Lots of rumors swirling today, including those about conference divisions for 2011.

What we’re hearing is as follows (from 97.1 FM in Columbus, FWIW):

  • MSU, TTUN, Neb, NU, Iowa, Min
  • OSU, Wis, IL, IU, PSU, PU

Reports are also that The Game will remain a protected rivalry, and will be played on the last weekend of the season.

Again, nothing definitive as of yet… The official announcement will be this evening at 7 PM on the Big Ten Network.

UPDATE: ESPN is reporting the same.

Final Thoughts on Expansion… For Now

Written June 15th, 2010 by Jim

Winner of the conference expansion sweepstakes.

It appears that the dust has settled (for the time being) on the crazy expansion frenzy that has gripped the college football world over the past two weeks.

In the end, what actually happened seems a bit mild when compared with the expectations just a few short days ago.

The Pac-10 added Colorado to bump its membership up to 11. They will almost certainly be looking to add a 12th, possibly in the next few days, with Utah being the most likely candidate.

The Big-12 lost two members and ended up with a conference that is so totally dominated by Texas that its future is cloudy already. The problems that tore apart the Big-12 in the first place (primarily revenue sharing and television rights) will most likely be magnified ten fold in the new incarnation and will almost certainly rip apart the new conference sooner or later.

Additionally, without 12 teams, will the new Big-12 even be able to have a championship game?

Without a conference title game and outside of Oklahoma-Texas, what games are people even going to watch? Good luck making money in that set-up.

The Big-12 could add two teams to make up for the losses and get a conference title game back, but who would they go to? I don’t think TCU or anyone else is going to be a national draw. On top of national exposure considerations (or a lack thereof), no matter who they add, it does nothing to improve their problems, so it will be a mess regardless. Read More

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