Ohio State Outlasts Wyoming 65-50

Written November 25th, 2013 by Eric

The last time the Bucks played the Cowboys was in 1995, which resulted in a 72-65 loss on a “neutral” court in Wyoming. This time around, things turned out a little differently as the Buckeyes found their game in the last ten minutes to secure the 65-50 victory. Lenzelle Smith Jr. led all scorers with 20 points, including 5-8 shooting the three, and 8 rebounds. Amir Williams joined him in double digits with 12 points, and earned his second double double with 16 rebounds, while Aaron Craft scored 10. Larry Nance Jr. scored 17 to lead his team, and was the only Cowboy to score double digits.

The game started with high energy play from both teams. Wyoming demonstrated good patience in attacking the Buckeye defense. Repeatedly they found gaping holes in the defense, giving them uncontested paths to an easy layup. They also had no trouble finding open looks at the basket. Considering OSU was still playing a high energy defense, it was an impressive start.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they walked straight into a hot shooting OSU team. Shannon Scott and Lenzelle Smith both launched buckets from beyond the arc and hit their first three straight. Amir Williams also started particularly well down low. Williams scooped up two offensive rebounds and managed to put them both back for points.

After the first four minutes, the teams settled into play a little and began to methodically probe each other’s defenses. Wyoming’s guards turned out to be the winners here, effectively drawing the defense and taking advantage of the pass to find easy looks. The Buckeyes began to struggle to find good looks at the basket at the same time, giving Wyoming the perfect opportunity to close the gap on the scoreboard.

Thad Matta wasn’t going to simply let Wyoming have their way with his defense. A quick adjustment was all that was necessary to head the Cowboys off at the pass. The next time Wyoming ran their play to open up the OSU defense for the dribble drive, Aaron Craft rotated under the basket to be in position to defend it. Other adjustments helped to shut down the Wyoming offense while the Buckeyes went on a 8-2 run, opening up a double digit lead.
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BBN Basketball Liveblog: Wyoming

Written November 25th, 2013 by Eric

The Buckeyes have team two of their eight game home stretch tonight. The 4-1 Wyoming Cowboys are in town to help celebrate Beat M*ch*g*n week.

The game is set to tip at 7:00 PM Eastern. Be sure to stop by around 6:30 to chat with your favorite Buckeye Bloggers and Friends!

Go Bucks!

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Justice, Alabama, and the BCS: Part 2

Written December 6th, 2011 by Eric

This is the continuation of the article posted this morning looking at a solution to the current problems.

To the victors, the spoils.

Many people have spilled an incredible amount of ink over the years trying to determine a just system for selecting a national champion.  Our own Malibuckeye came up with his own system a while back and expounded upon it in length.  I honestly believe there is only one possible method of satisfactorily deciding a champion with all of the proper criteria. That answer is to allow the teams to decide it on the field in a playoff format. But, unlike with many other views, the playoff isn’t the critical factor. The biggest issue is to start to make the regular season important again.

The best way to determine who gets to play in the Division 1A Playoff, while simultaneously allowing fair access to all of the conferences, is to restrict access only to conference champions. Yes, you heard that right – conference champions only.

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Justice, Alabama, and the BCS: Part 1

Written December 6th, 2011 by Eric

Objectivity, Balance, and Power. Two of these are not possessed by the BCS.

This is the first of a two part article on this year’s BCS problems.

When you think of justice it obviously brings to mind the concepts of the court of law, lady justice, and a jury of your peers. Rarely do people consider justice in college football. They may use words like “fair” and “just” or their antonyms freely, but never in any rigorous context.

What the last 48 hours should have demonstrated to college football fans is that the current bowl system is inherently unjust – meant in the strictest philosophical sense.

What is the definition of justice? Dictionary.com suggests (irritatingly as the fifth definition) “the administering of deserved punishment and reward”. This gets at the very heart of the matter.

The BCS as a system was designed to solve the age old problem of determining who is the college football national champion in any given year. Where in previous years the AP and Coaches polls – and a laundry list of other polls before that – occasionally chose different teams, the BCS was supposed to be the unifying consensus. That, of course, went out the window in early 2004 when the AP poll decided to vote USC #1 over LSU, the team that won the national championship game that year.

But the ludicrousness of the BCS doesn’t even begin there. It begins with the very concept of using a poll to determine anything of importance at all.

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