tBBC/BBN Roundtable: Signing Day Thoughts

Written February 7th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

The Buckeyes had a pretty big day this past Wednesday on National Signing Day and we wanted to get everyone’s thoughts about the class. Jeremiah joins us from MOTSAG this week with his two-cents, as well as the gang from 95.5 The GAME, Matt Finkes, Arch Madness, and Adam Sabie.

Which recruit the Buckeyes got signed was the biggest surprise to you and why? 

Concensus great get on NSD

Concensus great get on NSD

  • Jeremiah MOTSAG – For me it is Malik Hooker- no one knew who he was or had even predicted him to OSU when he committed. He was an under the radar player that Coach Meyer swooped in and stole.
  • Archie - Slade because it’s so crazy the fact that he never had an official visit. That’s unheard of.
  • Matt Finkes - Slade because he signed at last minute
  • Adam Sabie - I would have to say that Slade is the biggest surprise.  I mean, the guy didn’t even visit Columbus and spurned MSU! Love that!
  • Ken – Probably Darius Slade. He’d seemed to have had trouble figuring where he wanted to land, but I think that McDowell’s signing(?) with MSU channeled him to OSU. It was a mild surprise to me, but once McDowell went North, it all made sense.
  • Patrick – Darius Slade. Much like last year, and Vonn Bell, there wasn’t much talk of Slade coming here. Good get.  
  • Scott – Darius Slade. Seemed to waffle quite a bit.  
  • Mali- Slade is the obvious choice here (and I’m certain to call him “Jim” at some point), but I’ll go with Jamarco Jones. Sure he was committed to the Buckeyes for a long while, but historically we don’t have good things happen when recruits take last minute visits to other schools.
  • WVaBuckeye -  This should be a tie between Slade/Jones but for me its an easy choice to go with Jamarco Jones. A solid commit for a good while I really am not sure what kept him in Columbus. All real talk had him going to East Lansing, and as you heard what Coach Meyer said, JJ was a must have for this class.

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Damon Webb Is A Buckeye!!!

Written January 13th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Webb Is In

Let’s talk a little bit about pipelines.  No, not those kind- “pipelines” as in high school programs that have a long history of sending kids to a specific University due to good connections between their coaching staffs and administration.

While there are a lot of these for Ohio State, the most easily identifiable is Cleveland Glenville- since early in the 2000s, Coach Ginn has only seen two players from his school who held Ohio State offers choose to go elsewhere. It’s why Friday’s news regarding Chris Worley was awesome, but not surprising.

The understanding of a “pipeline” is what makes today’s announcement regarding the second member of Ohio State’s 2014 class so spectacular. As if it weren’t incredible enough to beat TTUN, knock them out of the ranks of the undefeated, and cost them a possible slot as the #1 team in the nation in basketball, Urban Meyer’s staff has now breached the “pipeline” that Detroit Cass Tech has historically had between that school and Ann Arbor. He joins Glenville’s Marcelys Jones in the 2014 class.

Webb was a participant in this year’s “Friday Night Lights” in Columbus, and was “dominant” in the 1 v 1 drills there. He was offered by both Ohio State and Michigan on the same day.

And they did so in the person of defensive back Damon Webb, a 4 star corner back who has been described as “lock down” in ability. At 6′ and 175 pounds, Webb’s recruitment came to an end at the game today, and he attributes his fit with the OSU Sports Industry degree program, his family’s comfort level with the University and coaching staff, and the persistence of Coach Kerry Coombs as being reasons for the decision.

Coach Coombs, who is notoriously passionate about life in general and Ohio State in particular, visited Cass every month and made an impression on Webb; particularly insightful, given that Coombs will be his position coach in two years.

Damon held offers from just about every school in the B1G as well as Mississippi State, West Virginia, and LSU- he’s expected to be one of the top players in that state up north for the coming season. After the break, check out his junior year highlights- please ignore the logo in the lower right corner: Read More

Huge Recruiting Weekend Preview

Written November 20th, 2012 by Joe Laing

As if The Game weren’t already primed to be an incredible event, it will be the highlight of Ohio State recruiting for the fall as well.

The names and stars speak for themselves and not to mention the sheer number of high level recruits planning to be in town is unlike any recruiting weekend we have seen in the past.  Keep in mind it is only Tuesday so plan for some minor changes throughout the week.  Also this is the first step in what will be like a NASCAR speed couple of months following recruiting as things will change and we will get in on some of the top kids in the country.

Trey Johnson

The “official visits” scheduled at this point are:

  • WR Marquez North (Charlotte, NC)
  • WR Tony Stevens (Orlando, FL)
  • LB Auston Johnson (Torrance, CA)
  • LB Daniel McMillan (Jacksonville, FL)
  • LB Trey Johnson (Lawrenceville, GA)
Trey Johnson may be our best shot with the above 5.  He is currently verbally committed to Auburn but that program isn’t trending up right now.  We will know more after the weekend, but at this point I am not predicting any of the above 5 in the final class.
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