Boilers Upset Buckeyes 26-23 in Overtime

Written November 12th, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeyes visited West Lafayette today to do battle with the Purdue Boilermakers with the Big Ten Championship game still on the line.  The Boilers, however, had something to say about OSU’s championship aspirations as they took the Buckeyes to overtime to secure the 26-23 victory.  Braxton Miller threw 8-18 for 132 yards and two touchdowns on a day when the OSU running game simply struggled to get going.  Boom Herron accounted for 62 yards on the ground compared to Ralph Bolden’s 80 yards and a touchdown.

Ohio State started the game with the football but struggled a bit.  After whiffing on the kick catch in the endzone, the Bucks went to Dan Herron twice for a modest gain.  On third down, Braxton Miller tried to hit an open receiver over the middle.  The ball was tipped down field into the arms of Jake Stoneburner who wasn’t able to haul it in despite several chances due to some great defensive work by the Purdue coverage.

The Boilermakers were quite the opposite of the Buckeyes.  Using a series of screens and runs, Purdue smartly moved the ball down the field.  They managed to get the ball inside the five with a first down, but were unable to punch the ball into the endzone.  The Buckeye defense had managed to stiffen, and a nice play from Bradley Roby at the goal line to bat a pass away forced Purdue to take three on the short field goal. Read More

Buckeye LiveBlog: Purdue

Written November 12th, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeyes take on the Purdue Boilermakers today in West Lafayette, and we’ll be here to talk about it all day long!

Joining us as usual are blog friends Our Honor Defend, OSU Silver Bullet, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, The Buckeye Blog, Buckeye House Call, and Fox Sports Ohio.

Keys to the Game
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What do you Want to see on Saturday?

Go Bucks!

What do you Want to see on Saturday? Purdue Edition

Written November 11th, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeyes are traveling to West Lafayette this weekend, and you can bet that all of us here are fervently wishing to not see a repeat of two years ago.  What other things are we looking for?

Joe L.

Boom Herron's quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Improvements in the passing game. I have been asking for 20 completions in the past couple weeks, but we still don’t have that many in 3 straight games.  We finally ran a bubble screen but with poor execution.  You can’t tell me that IU has better receivers and QB that we have here, but they were able to throw the ball against us.  To me it is scheme, I mean we ran a bootleg this past saturday and no receiver was even on the side of the field we bootlegged to.

Continue to pound the ball.  We have been very successful in the run game especially with Boom Herron and Braxton Miller.  Like to see us continue that.  I continue to worry what would happen if a team were able to stop the run and we had to pass to win.

Three and outs.  The defense couldn’t get off the field against Indiana.  They did a great job, taking the 4 or 5 yds that our defense was giving them each time and moving the ball slowly down the field.  I want to see the defense get off the field this weekend and get the ball back to our offense in positive field position.

A win. They haven’t been pretty but it is much better after a win to discuss the team than after a loss.

A Penn State loss to Nebraska.  Ed. – Because we need one anyway.

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Across The Web: Purdue Boilermakers

Written November 11th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Our weekly visit with “enemy” bloggers comes to a screeching halt in front of the palatial mansion that houses the Boiled Sports braintrust- greatest building in the city limits, since they tore the West Lafayette Women’s Clinic down. The fellers were good enough to not kick us off of their porch, and instead gave us time for a little Q&A. Be sure to check out our side of the story over at their one stop spot for all things Boilertastic.

After Boiling the Zooks for Homecoming, Purdue has dropped two straight. What do you sense is the attitude of the team as the season enters it’s last month?

Hey. Let's do... stuff.

We think the team — the players, especially — has shown remarkable resiliency. We’ve seen teams nearly quit in the past or roll over or look scared and that’s one thing Danny Hope has going for him — these guys don’t seem to fear anyone. Which, frankly, is more than we can say for the coaching staff, who seem to get conservative at weird times and play not to lose, etc. The Illinois game is a good example — Purdue looks quick, dominant, fresh, prepared, etc., and races out to a 21-0 lead, doing many things right, few things wrong and seemingly turning a corner. Then in the second half they managed only three first downs, two of which came on the same drive. And why? It wasn’t the players decided the game was over — it was ludicrously scared play-calling.

The team doesn’t back down, though, as I said and despite being slapped around in Ann Arbor and Madison, we still saw our corners locking up with WRs and jawing after the play, for example. They may not be winning, but they’re not scared, and we sort of like that. Hey, you have to like something these days.

Two years ago, the Boilermakers defeated Ohio State in a game that has since been known as “Purdue Harbor” (when it is known at all).  What does Purdue have to do to make this Saturday “Purdue Harbor 2″? Read More

Know your enemy: Purdue edition

Written October 22nd, 2010 by Jay

Coach Love. Err...Joy. Err....Hope! Yes, Hope.

Purdue head football coach Danny Hope had a pretty exciting year in his first season at the helm in 2009.  Sure, the team only finished 5-7, with a 4-4 record in Big Ten play, but the team concluded the season by winning four of its last six, with two of those wins coming against Michigan and, sadly, Ohio State.  The victory over the Buckeyes was clearly the highlight of the season, and brought with it expectations for good things to come as Hope continues leading the Boilermakers forward.

In most of the cases we hear about, a head coach is selected for their position after the preceeding coach has concluded his tenure, even if there is a fairly obvious choice for the next in line.  In contrast, Purdue chose to go with a clear succession plan approach, naming Hope to replace long-time Boilermaker coach Joe Tiller prior to Tiller’s last year.  This was purposefully done to achieve the smoothest transition possible from one coach to the next.  In fact, at various points throughout the 2008 season Hope would “play Tiller,” pretending to be the true head coach to see if anybody would notice the difference.  Nobody did.

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Silver Bullet Points Does Triage

Written October 19th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Could also read "Emergency Room"

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Report- Ross Homan’s injury will mean that he’s out for a couple of weeks, Dorian Bell is recovering from a concussion that he got against Indiana. Storm Klein was not 100% last week, but is expected to be ready for Purdue. Orhian Johnson should also be ready to go. Shugarts’ foot still hurts and will probably do so for the remainder of the season.
  • Tress Talk- Buckeyes, it seems, are like Goonies:

I think the other reality is that the Buckeyes never quit. The Buckeyes played and played. I thought we did a good job of putting ourselves in position to have a chance to get back in the game and perhaps take over the game and, again, to their credit, they put together a nice drive which was keyed by a couple key third-down conversions that they did a nice job with and those really are the realities in the football game.

  • Gee, You Think So, Doctor?- Coach Tressel on special teams issues:

Well, there aren’t any other issues, other than being in your lane and taking on blockers and everyone being where they’re supposed to be. So, yeah, they’re the exact same

  • What You Can Get For A Nickle: a) Hines at Star and Grant at Safety, b) Oliver at Star if healthy, c) Base defense, lots of prayer. Remember, option C is better than anything Mich1gAAn will be able to put on the field for the next year or so.
  • Tress Talk, The Sequel- I know this is “Senator speak”, but you’ve got to think that there’s a full awareness of the teachable moment that’s here-

To me the key will be, what kind of students are we, because if you’re being taught through adversity, how well are we learning from it, and that will be the fun of attacking the practice field. Because what’s interesting is Purdue really doesn’t care about the difficulty of the challenge or the adversity or the disappointment of maybe letting someone down. Purdue has had their own adversity. They lost their quarterback early. They lost a running back in preseason. They lost a great receiver. And to their credit, they just rolled up their sleeves and have gotten better and better and better and find themselves by doing so, sitting at the top of the Big Ten, 2-0, playing well, young quarterback coming in and the staff, I think, is doing a great job with that young quarterback. He’s a very, very good runner and a very good passer. I think they’re doing the things that conceptually he understands and keep adding a little bit as he goes and in terms of our situation, Purdue doesn’t really care about our adversities, they’ve dealt with their own, they just care about getting better. And what we have to make sure when we take the field this afternoon is that we’re most concerned with getting better at what we need to do. Our players and coaches spent just as long on Sunday watching the film together as they normally do, and someone asked me on the Big Ten call, well, how were our guys this week. Well, Sunday they were tired. They were sore. They were disappointed, but they went to work and went to do what they had to do. Yesterday was their day off and there were lots of them roaming around the building, watching more film, lifting weights and doing all the things they do on an off day, but in my mind, the measure of how we confront that adversity and what kind of students we are of adversity will be determined by how we hit the practice field and how we take the field on Saturday and, you know, life is tough.

  • Award Winners- Boom was the offensive player of the week, Mike Adams was awarded the Offensive Lineman award. No shock: no defensive, special teams, or attack force POTW.
  • Tressel’s Komedy Klassic- As always, presented without commentary or context.

REPORTER: Both Illinois and Wisconsin came out hard charging out of the gate and I’m wondering if there was a common denominator in those games, are those experiences something you could learn from that would help you be more productive earlier in games?

COACH TRESSEL: You mean not get behind?

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