tBBC All-Time Tourney #2 2007 vs. #7 2010

Written February 6th, 2012 by Joe Dexter

Joe D and WVaBuckeye bring you another round of the tBBC All-Time Tourney! Today pits Evan Turner and the 2010 Buckeyes versus the Diaper Dandy 2007 squad featuring Greg Oden and Mike Conley. Enjoy! 

As the seeding’s were finished and Joe and I prepared to do our match up research, this game became the most intriguing. Both teams feature National POY candidates in Greg Oden and Evan Turner and of course Evan walked away with every major award during his junior season in Columbus. Both teams feature a star from our previous match up in David Lighty who has the distinction of being on three of the nine teams we are featuring. The 2007 team came close to being only the second Buckeye team to bring home the big dance hardware since 1960. They had attempted to go through a Florida team that had their number during the regular season 86-60. The 2007 squad never lost at home going 27-0 and lost just three on the road to UNC, the Gators and Wisconsin. They finished the season ranked #1 in the AP poll and in the RPI. The 2010 team was led by quite possibly the best all around player to ever don the Scarlet and Gray. Evan Turner led this team to a second place Big Ten finish behind great single season stats that made the rest of the starting line up better. Almost averaging a double/double at 20.4 PPG and 9.2 RPG as well as 6 assists a game the rest of the starters averaged in double digits.

What are to follow will be several comparisons of each team’s makeup. We will be including our opinions of each comparison with who has the advantage and at the end will be guest appearances. We hope you enjoy our tournament as we look forward to the outcome!

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Buckeye Basketball Breakdown: Leadership

Written January 20th, 2012 by Eric

Embodying leadership, one ivory-handled pistol at a time.

Much has been written in the past few months about what makes this year’s Ohio State Men’s Basketball team so different from last season’s. Obviously the loss of David Lighty, Jon Diebler, and Dallas Lauderdale had a profound impact on the way this team plays basketball. But, it leaves one to wonder why it had such an effect.

Many have said that the team is missing the extra facet of Diebler’s shooting, and that this team simply doesn’t shoot as well. Others have said that we’re missing Lighty’s leadership on the floor, and that last year’s team benefitted greatly from his experience and calm. And who knows what kind of impact Dallas Lauderdale really had on the team. He could have been an incredibly charismatic guy behind the scenes and in practice – helping the team keep focus for the long-haul.

Leadership on the basketball court is a hard quality to define and pinpoint. It’s the trait of an individual for which others look up to them and follow their example. But it doesn’t easily appear in the stat-sheet. If only there was a column for “leadership points”! That would make analyzing a leader’s effects nice and easy!

C’est la vie.

There are other ways we can analyze the effect leaders have on their team. We should first ask ourselves though, how exactly leaders effect their teams in the first place.
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tBBC All-Time Tourney: # 4 1968 vs. #5 2011

Written January 19th, 2012 by Joe Dexter

The tBBC All-Time Tourney is back with another barn-burner as the number 4 seeded improbable 1968 Buckeyes take on the unforgettable 2011 squad.  JoeD and WVaBuckeye break down today’s match-up.

Ohio State’s true Cinderella — the 1967-68 Buckeyes got second life at the very end of the season thanks to some help from our friends up north. In early March, players had turned their uniforms in. They thought they had played their last game against Illinois. They still practiced, but without any expectations of playing again.

All Iowa needed to do in securing the only spot for the Big Ten in the 23 team post-season tournament was beat a Michigan team that was 5-8 in the conference.  After jumping out to a 22-8 lead, Michigan was able to hold on by one to force a one game playoff between the Hawkeyes and Buckeyes at the brand new Mackey Arena in boilermaker country.

Fred Taylor was so thankful  for the Wolverines’ effort, that he sent  soon to be fired Michigan coach Dave Strack a varsity O blanket to keep warm over the spring.

The Buckeyes would go on to beat the Hawkeyes and entered the tournament as a member of the Mideast regional in Lexington Kentucky. After a win over East Tennessee State, the Buckeyes would meet the heavily favored home Kentucky Wildcats and survive by one point. Wildcat Head Coach Adolph Rupp was so upset after the game, he refused to make an appearance at the post-game press conference. That’s when Guard Bruce Schnabel came up with a poem that rings wonderment in Ohio State fan’s ears.

“Some say we were good, some say we were lucky, all I know is we’re in L.A. and Rupp is still in Kentucky.”

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tBBC Radio Hour: 2011 Basketball Season Preview Part 1

Written October 20th, 2011 by Eric

It’s nearly time for the Basketball Bucks to take the hardwood again, and Eric and Joe Dexter are here to talk all things hardwood! The pair reminisces about last years great squad, and looks forward to the things to come – particularly newcomers Amir Williams and Shannon Scott. They also talk about the gains made by Sullinger, Craft, Buford, Deshaun Thomas, and Jordan Sibert, and what that will ultimately mean for this team. Lastly, they spend some time talking about the talent around the Big Ten, and what kind of a challenge the Buckeyes might have in repeating as Big Ten Champs.

Eric and Joe are very excited to chat with Bob Baptist of the Columbus Dispatch during this week’s interview. They discuss all things Buckeye Basketball, and is certainly a conversation you don’t want to miss!

PS – Joe made a little gaffe on this week’s podcast, botching the name of a former Buckeye. The first person to post in the comments with correct answers to all three of the following:

  • The name Joe was trying to say,
  • The name Joe actually said,
  • And, who exactly that person in the second bullet point is,

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The David Lighty Waiting Game

Written June 28th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

U will see me in the NBA I promise u that…..less than a minute ago via TweetCaster for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

When David Lighty fell off the NBA draft board late last week, it was more than just a surprise to Buckeye fans. For four years, we watched this gritty defender frustrate offensive talent completely out of their games.

For the past two seasons, we’ve seen him step up and be the leader of some of the best young talent in the nation. In a down year for draft talent, it seemed inevitable that the Cleveland native would be selected for his intangibles that you can’t really teach.

But when the hometown Cavs passed over him with the 24th pick in the second round, the realization that the NBA covets promise over character and accomplishment sunk in.
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With the NBA Draft set to take place Thursday night, new Ohio State basketball alums David Lighty and Jon Diebler will be waiting attentively in hopes of hearing their names called for one of the 60 picks in the two rounds of the Draft.  Neither Lighty nor Diebler is an appealing enough prospect for an NBA team to warrant a coveted place in the Green Room, where the players nearly guaranteed to go in the top 20 picks are invited, but both former Buckeyes had solid senior campaigns that will at least get them some consideration for picks later in the Draft.

Ohio’s own Cleveland Cavaliers hold both the first and fourth overall picks, although the final slots could easily change before or during the Draft in a typical flurry of trade activity.  Minnesota, Utah, and Toronto hold the second, third, and fifth picks, respectively, and will seek to add some much-needed talent to their rosters.  Top candidates for a lottery pick include Kyrie Irving of Duke, Derrick Williams of Arizona, Enes Kanter of Turkey (that’s the country, not a university from the MEAC), and Brandon Knight of Kentucky, who we will refrain from wishing ill will upon.  You will note that Jimmer Fredette, although having a good shot at a lottery pick, is not among the elite prospects for this year’s draft.  Jazz trading down, anyone? Read More

Now, the Good News

Written March 26th, 2011 by Eric

We'll miss you Gentlemen. Good Luck

Last night had to be one of the single worst displays of college basketball I have seen by an Ohio State team in years.  That is, of course, an exaggeration, but I’m sure many of you would agree with me on that point.

What is probably not well agreed with is that there are a large number of things the Buckeyes did right in that game.  It’s extraordinarally difficult to keep up with a talented team like Kentucky while shooting an atrocious 32.8%.  That drops to just under 31% if you don’t count three pointers, emphasizing the difficulty OSU had shooting the ball.  It’s pretty rare that excluding your three point shooting drops your shooting percentage.

Let me stress a point.  While Kentucky’s defense was very good (11 blocks is ridiculously good) it was not Kentucky’s defense that beat us.  If you take William Buford’s 2-16 shooting away, OSU shot 40.5% overall and 41.3% inside the three point arc.  As much as I hate to seem like I’m laying blame (I’m not, there’s no blame to lay), it could not be any more obvious why the Bucks struggled in this game.

Wildcat fans, of course, will argue that William Buford’s shooting was so low because of their spectacular defense.  In this case, that is not true.  The vast majority of Buford’s misses were fairly open looks, with only a few coming with a hand in his face – including that last second desperation shot that just missed.  I’m sure that shot is tearing Buford up inside.  It shouldn’t be.  Tough shots like that sometimes fall and sometimes don’t.  It may not be the outcome we wanted, but it doesn’t change the fact that we played tough to end the season.

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Aaron Craft was one of the few bright spots for the Scarlet and Gray.

A classic matchup awaited the Buckeyes in the Sweet 16.  The Kentucky Wildcats, who to date were a stunning 0-5 against the Bucks in the NCAA tournament, arrived as the 4 seed to challenge top-seeded Ohio State.  Kentucky got everything a team has needed this season to beat this Buckeye team, securing the tough fought win by a score of 62-60.  The player of the game for the Buckeyes has to be Aaron Craft, who’s hustle and drive was enough to keep the Buckeyes in it most of the way, despite not putting up particularly impressive stats.

Both teams started out with a tough defensive mindset.  It was apparent from the early shooting that the looks simply weren’t there for either team.  It’s quite a credit to both teams’ man-to-man defense that they were able to force shots late in the shot clock, and make certain they were not the best looks possible.

Sullinger’s tough play early on was quickly rewarded.  Terrence Jones, one of Kentucky’s phenomenal freshman, collected a charge, followed closely by hacking Sullinger on a shot.  He was forced to sit with more than 16 minutes still on the clock in the first half.  His loss was not fatal to the Wildcats, however, who were demonstrating a fantastic talent at blocking shots in the paint.

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