Champions Deserve Silver Bullet Points

Written June 4th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

With our lead story today being what it is, of course there’ll be the obvious tie-ins for the soundtrack of today’s SBP.  If 70′s rock ain’t your thing… here’s some 80′s pop and some country instead.

Buckeye 411

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Silver Bullet Points Brushes Up

Written May 14th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

We’re in post-draft funk here at SBP… also brought on by recent trips to the orthodontist. Wheee.  That also explains why our soundtrack is one of Steve Martin’s lesser known works… his new stuff is much different.

Invented In Kentucky

Buckeye 411

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Silver Bullet Points Can Feel It

Written June 12th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Well, there won’t be a Rumble later today; Jason’s recovering from the Orion festival (he snuck across the boarder to TSUN, and hopes to come back with his IQ intact and his hearing decimated). As such, your soundtrack for today is my favorite Metallica song from back in the day. Also, we’re launching a new feature later this afternoon to get you ready for kickoff… enjoy!

Yeah, That’s Pretty Cool

Buckeye 411

  • Aloha Means “Hello”- So… you want to play the Rainbow Warriors? I’m totally OK with that, as long as it’s a “home and away” proposition… I’ve got my lei all warmed up and everything.
  • This Week In “The Staff Is Awesome”, Part One- CBS Sports had a twofer on Tuesday about Ohio State assistant coaches, starting with strength and football performance coach Mickey Marotti. Interesting tidbits from that article: Coach wanted to “fight” Christian Bryant to get him to buy in, but now counts him as one of his leaders; Braxton has made great strides, but has a more “laid back” personality than previous people that Mariotti has worked with, and Noah Spence was at the top of the recruiting charts at Florida as well as being a high priority for Ohio State- and he’s gained 15 pounds of muscle since coming to Columbus
  • And Aloha Means “Goodbye”- The staff at LGHL have discovered that former Buckeye linebacker David Perkins will most likely transfer to Illinois State following both his departure from the program and some issues at Bowling Green.
  • This Week In “The Staff Is Awesome”, Part Two- Believe it or not Dennis Dodds wrote a very complementary article on Offensive Coordinator Tom Herman, particularly highlighting both his offensive savvy and his ability to get the Buckeyes to buy in… even when it cost them their dinners:

In the best times, Herman’s offense had lineman Andrew Norwell vomiting. The super-fast version of Ohio State’s no-huddle is labeled “Jet.” Jet took off at a key moment in the third quarter of last year’s game at Penn State.

At that point, the decision had been made to run Penn State’s defensive line out of the building the same way Herman had done it at Rice. Go fast, make defenders run sideline-to-sideline. History shows an eight-play, 85-yard touchdown drive that lasted 2 minutes, 15 seconds.

And then, regurgitation.

“Norwell came to the sideline, sat on the bench and vomited at the feet of our offensive line coach [Ed Warriner],” Herman said. “He looked him right in the eye and said, ‘Keep jettin’ ‘em.’ That’s when I knew we had them.”

  • If You’re Into That Kind Of Thing- EA Sports seems to be fond of Ohio State’s offense, while Phil Steele has Ohio State at #2 this pre-season; we’ll be talking with him later this summer on tBBC Radio Hour.

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tBBC All-Time Tourney – CONGRATULATIONS 1960

Written May 1st, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

The early favorite and the only National Champion in the history of the program is headed to the Final of tBBC All-Time Tourney.

The 1960 Buckeyes left little doubt in taking down the All-Ohio Five Led by David Lighty. There was some thinking by us at tBBC that the most recent success of the program would give some momentum to the young buckeyes but to no avail. The Jerry Lucas led squad is widely considered to be one of the best teams ever in the NCAA and will tough to beat in any mythical tournament.

They will face the winner of  semi final number two between the Jim Jackson led 1992 Buckeyes as they take on Mike Conley and Greg Oden of 2007. Stay tuned and thank you for your votes!!!

tBBC All-Time Tourney Semi #1 1960 Versus #5 2011

Written April 25th, 2012 by Joe Dexter

Gone is the month of March and all the greatness on the hardwood we look forward to all year long. As basketball fans, we strive for one more shining moment. We wait anxiously as football takes center stage until old man winter strikes again. Here at tBBC, we are reliving March Madness this morning as we bring you the semi finals of the All-Time Tourney. Pitted against each other today are two of the best overall teams in Ohio State history. Today, we feature the only Ohio State championship squad against a 2011 squad that many believe had all the tools to win a second championship in school history.

When members of this 2011 squad met the 1960 team during their 50th Anniversary reunion in 2010, they took something from it. But what if they could learn first hand from one of the most impressive teams in college basketball history? How would the likes of Jared Sullinger, Jon Diebler and David Lighty stack up with Jerry Lucas, John Havlicek, and Mel Nowell? Today, we breakdown a dream match-up of two very good teams. With only one moving on to the Finals to take on the winner of the 1992/2007 semi-final winner. Here’s WVaBuckeye and my breakdown of tBBC Semi-final #1.

Make sure you vote for who you believe would win this match-up on the top left hand corner of the web page.

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tBBC All-Time Tourney #2 2007 vs. #7 2010

Written February 6th, 2012 by Joe Dexter

Joe D and WVaBuckeye bring you another round of the tBBC All-Time Tourney! Today pits Evan Turner and the 2010 Buckeyes versus the Diaper Dandy 2007 squad featuring Greg Oden and Mike Conley. Enjoy! 

As the seeding’s were finished and Joe and I prepared to do our match up research, this game became the most intriguing. Both teams feature National POY candidates in Greg Oden and Evan Turner and of course Evan walked away with every major award during his junior season in Columbus. Both teams feature a star from our previous match up in David Lighty who has the distinction of being on three of the nine teams we are featuring. The 2007 team came close to being only the second Buckeye team to bring home the big dance hardware since 1960. They had attempted to go through a Florida team that had their number during the regular season 86-60. The 2007 squad never lost at home going 27-0 and lost just three on the road to UNC, the Gators and Wisconsin. They finished the season ranked #1 in the AP poll and in the RPI. The 2010 team was led by quite possibly the best all around player to ever don the Scarlet and Gray. Evan Turner led this team to a second place Big Ten finish behind great single season stats that made the rest of the starting line up better. Almost averaging a double/double at 20.4 PPG and 9.2 RPG as well as 6 assists a game the rest of the starters averaged in double digits.

What are to follow will be several comparisons of each team’s makeup. We will be including our opinions of each comparison with who has the advantage and at the end will be guest appearances. We hope you enjoy our tournament as we look forward to the outcome!

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Buckeye Basketball Breakdown: Leadership

Written January 20th, 2012 by Eric

Embodying leadership, one ivory-handled pistol at a time.

Much has been written in the past few months about what makes this year’s Ohio State Men’s Basketball team so different from last season’s. Obviously the loss of David Lighty, Jon Diebler, and Dallas Lauderdale had a profound impact on the way this team plays basketball. But, it leaves one to wonder why it had such an effect.

Many have said that the team is missing the extra facet of Diebler’s shooting, and that this team simply doesn’t shoot as well. Others have said that we’re missing Lighty’s leadership on the floor, and that last year’s team benefitted greatly from his experience and calm. And who knows what kind of impact Dallas Lauderdale really had on the team. He could have been an incredibly charismatic guy behind the scenes and in practice – helping the team keep focus for the long-haul.

Leadership on the basketball court is a hard quality to define and pinpoint. It’s the trait of an individual for which others look up to them and follow their example. But it doesn’t easily appear in the stat-sheet. If only there was a column for “leadership points”! That would make analyzing a leader’s effects nice and easy!

C’est la vie.

There are other ways we can analyze the effect leaders have on their team. We should first ask ourselves though, how exactly leaders effect their teams in the first place.
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tBBC All-Time Tourney: # 4 1968 vs. #5 2011

Written January 19th, 2012 by Joe Dexter

The tBBC All-Time Tourney is back with another barn-burner as the number 4 seeded improbable 1968 Buckeyes take on the unforgettable 2011 squad.  JoeD and WVaBuckeye break down today’s match-up.

Ohio State’s true Cinderella — the 1967-68 Buckeyes got second life at the very end of the season thanks to some help from our friends up north. In early March, players had turned their uniforms in. They thought they had played their last game against Illinois. They still practiced, but without any expectations of playing again.

All Iowa needed to do in securing the only spot for the Big Ten in the 23 team post-season tournament was beat a Michigan team that was 5-8 in the conference.  After jumping out to a 22-8 lead, Michigan was able to hold on by one to force a one game playoff between the Hawkeyes and Buckeyes at the brand new Mackey Arena in boilermaker country.

Fred Taylor was so thankful  for the Wolverines’ effort, that he sent  soon to be fired Michigan coach Dave Strack a varsity O blanket to keep warm over the spring.

The Buckeyes would go on to beat the Hawkeyes and entered the tournament as a member of the Mideast regional in Lexington Kentucky. After a win over East Tennessee State, the Buckeyes would meet the heavily favored home Kentucky Wildcats and survive by one point. Wildcat Head Coach Adolph Rupp was so upset after the game, he refused to make an appearance at the post-game press conference. That’s when Guard Bruce Schnabel came up with a poem that rings wonderment in Ohio State fan’s ears.

“Some say we were good, some say we were lucky, all I know is we’re in L.A. and Rupp is still in Kentucky.”

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