Ohio State escapes furious Michigan Rally, wins 68-61

Written March 12th, 2011 by Eric

A great sign of the future. Sibert was forced to play quality minutes and did quite well.

The Buckeyes and Wolverines butted heads exactly one year to the day after the Evan Turner dagger in last year’s Big Ten Tournament.  Michigan did a great job making a comeback from down 18, falling 68-61 to the #1 seeded Buckeyes.  Sullinger recorded another double double with 14 points and 13 rebounds, while Buford led the Buckeyes with 16 points.  With the win, the Buckeyes improved to 7-0 in the Big Ten Semifinals all time, and 31-2 for the season.

Diebler started hot for the Buckeyes, but not in his usual way.  Diebler made his mark scoring the first two baskets for the Buckeyes inside the three point arc, including a nice driving layup.  Not surprisingly, a lot of that was caused by Michigan playing tight, aggressive defense on Sullinger in the paint.

Early on, Sullinger seemed to rush his shots and not play with his usual calm and collected demeanor.  It was clear that Michigan’s defensive concept was to use Morgan to force Sullinger out of his comfort zone.  If that didn’t work, they switched to a quick double team when Sullinger got the ball in the low paint.  The strategy seemed to frustrate Sullinger early.
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Day 2 of the Big Ten Tournament brought a close call for the Bucks, but after pulling out the win over Northwestern, Ohio State now turns its attention to the Wolverines of Michigan. Going into Day 3 of the tournament, Ohio State should be back in rhythm and ready to go.  It will be important to get going early against Michigan, who likely solidified their entrance into the NCAA Tournament with their win today over Illinois (while in all probability also ending the Illini’s chances of making the NCAA’s).  Good job Michigan!  Oh, by the way…


Michigan won’t be as forgiving as Northwestern if Ohio State comes out of the gate with abysmal shooting once again.  The truly good news for the Buckeyes from today’s game was that despite their poor shooting from the floor, they were knocking down the free throw’s with consistency.  A really good formula for improving their field goal percentage for their game against Michigan would be to get back to the free throw line.  By picking up fouls early (particularly by pounding it inside to Sullinger), Ohio State should be in good shape to both get the Wolverine big men in foul trouble and find their shooting touch in the first half.   Read More

Buckeyes squeek by Wildcats 67-61 in OT

Written March 11th, 2011 by Eric

Sullinger's tough rebounding was one of the few things that saved the Buckeyes in this one.

The Buckeyes entered the second day of the B1G Tournament coming off the bye.  Their opponent for the day, Northwestern, had just come off a difficult win over the Golden Gophers the day before.  Some thought the game would be a cake walk over a conference bottom-feeder.  Other’s believed that the earlier one point win was a further sign of things to come.  The latter group couldn’t have been more right.  Jared Sullinger’s 20 points and 18 rebounds, including 16-18 from the charity stripe, were the saving grace for the Bucks in the overtime battle.

The Buckeyes struggled to shoot the ball the whole game long.  Despite having shot near 68% for the game against Wisconsin, it seems like they saved nothing for Northwestern, hitting a season low 32.2%, including 20% (3-15) from beyond the arc.  There are many reasons why the Bucks could have shot that poorly, including a lack of drive and desire coming into the game.  More than likely, however, the primary reason was the defensive effort of Northwestern, which again made life difficult for OSU’s offense.

Playing Northwestern seems to be the basketball equivalent of slogging through molasses.  The Wildcat offense loves to sap time off the clock with their Princeton Offense.  They happily pass the ball lazily around the arc looking for a weakness in the opponents defense.  Then, they turn around and play aggressive man defense on the other end just to drive the offense crazy.

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Shots from the Schott- Badger Hunting

Written March 7th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Joe is back with his last installment of Shots from Schott for the season as the Buckeyes capped off a 29-2 regular season with a 93-65 win over the Wisconsin Buzzcuts. In case you missed it, here’s video that kicked it off

  • 28 pt win, scoring over 90+ points and 14-15, 3 point range,   That is dealing with it!!!!
  • Finished the season 20-0 at home, which puts us at 37-1 over the last two seasons.  Ohio State has strung together 22 consecutive home wins.
  • Really starting to get a big time atmosphere at the Schott.  Putting the students on the sidelines was still the best decision we have made in the history of the building.
  • The game marked the 5th sell out of the season and easily the most intense crowd of the season.  The crowd was up all game long, with lots to cheer about- Matta described it as “40 minutes of third down intensity”
  • Not only were there real fireworks at the Schott today, but there were plenty of fireworks in the game as well.  Streamers at the end, as well as a nice presentation of the Big Ten trophy.

Adam Jardy FTW!

  • What a senior day for 3 seniors that will be missed!
  • Lighty, what a great player, and will go down as a Buckeye great for everything he has done for Ohio State basketball.  Glad to see him have a big game today.
  • Thriebler! “He’s On Fire!!!!”  He is 17 for his last 20, and was 7-8 for the game, but he was the only one to miss one today which he received a little bit of flak from Lighty in post game.
  • Overheard in postgame notes. Dallas commenting on Diebler and how he was about cry, but he made a joke to keep him from crying.

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Buckeyes Deal With It, Bludgeon Badgers 93-65

Written March 6th, 2011 by Eric

Jon Diebler's shooting today, much like against Penn State, was lights out.

Wisconsin arrived in Columbus to face off with the Buckeyes of Ohio State for Senior Day at Value City Arena.  Surprisingly, the Badgers gave up the most points they have all season long, losing 93-65 to the hot shooting Buckeyes.  Jon Diebler continued his shooting streak from the Penn State game by hitting 7-8 from three and scoring 27 points.  Surprisingly, he was the only Buckeye to miss a three pointer, as 5 others added long shots of their own to shoot 14-15 from beyond the arc for 93.3% overall.

Both teams came out ready to play.  Neither side was able to open up a big lead early, fighting tooth and nail through the first few minutes.  Not surprisingly, the Badger’s early scoring came from beyond the arc.  The Bucks, on the other hand, spent most of their time going low and scoring in the paint, particularly with Sullinger who scored 4-5 in the early going.

Once the CBS feed switched over from the irritating, and never-ending, MVC championship game, this game suddenly slowed down.  For several minutes neither team was able to score a basket.  That streak was finally broken when Jon Diebler sank a huge three pointer from well outside the three point arc, and drew the foul on the shot.  He followed that up on the next possession with another huge three pointer, which finally seemed to unplug the basket for the Buckeyes.
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Record-holder. Congrats Jon.

The trip to Happy Valley on Tuesday night turned into a showcase for the Ohio State men’s basketball team, as the Buckeyes blew out the Nittany Lions 82-61 on their way to win number 27 on the season.  Jon Diebler highlighted the night with an OSU-record 10 three-pointers, surpassing the mark of nine he tied earlier in the year.

The game got off to a bit of a slow start before the Nittany Lions drew first blood on two free throw’s by Andrew Jones following a foul on Dallas Lauderdale.  Ohio State quickly answered with a banker from William Buford.  Jon Diebler then hit his first three-pointer of the game, which was followed by another Buford bank shot, and suddenly the Bucks were off and running.  Buford continued to impress early, posting up on numerous occasions to take advantage of the smaller Penn State guards attempting to keep him in check.   Read More

Ohio State dispatches Indiana 82-61

Written February 27th, 2011 by Eric

Deshaun Thomas got it done today. Great work young man!

Ohio State and Indiana locked horns today in Columbus, Ohio for the first time since December.  The Buckeyes quickly dispatched them 82-61 in a game that was only close for the first 10 minutes.  The man who made the difference for the Buckeyes was the suddenly hot Deshaun Thomas, who scored 22 points and collected 4 rebounds in coming off the bench.  While Sullinger only scored 5, his 2 points of the first half were enough to become the 29th OSU player to score 500 points in a season.

Indiana gave the Buckeyes a fight through the first few minutes of the game.  The Hoosiers found several easy baskets in the paint to jump out to a quick lead.  It didn’t last, however, as the Buckeyes quickly closed the gap to tie it up before the first timeout.  Interestingly, both Pritchard of Indiana and Sullinger went out before the first TV timeout, both with two quick fouls.

Those losses completely changed the game dynamic.  Over the next four minutes, the teams combined to score two points.  Neither team had any success working their offenses with their big men on the bench.  Indiana, in particular, struggled shooting the ball shooting 0-7 for six minutes following Pritchard leaving the game.
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Shots from the Schott

Written February 23rd, 2011 by Joe Laing

Once again, Joe brings the 411 on the doings at last night’s game.

  • More stars in the house.  Scoonie Penn, Jamar Butler, Matt Sylvester, and Brian Hartline- Buckeye Nation!
  • Craft finished the game with no turnovers.  Quite the turnaround as he has been struggling some the last couple weeks, pressing a little too much.
  • Too add on to that point, the Buckeyes only had 3 TO’s as a team!
  • Brent Musberger on the sidelines calling the game.  I am sure he had some great lines during the game! I’ve heard he gave a shout out to the student section, and how the location change has given the Buckeyes a true home court advantage.
  • Thomas, boy the kid doesn’t see a shot that he doesn’t like.
  • Lighty came out of his slump to the tune of 13 straight points.
  • 5 different guys in double figures.  Always nice to see that!
  • Mark Titus is upset somewhere, as both Sibert and Smith had a chance to complete a Trillion last night and they both failed earning stats in different categories.  Was nice to see them on the court.
  • Speaking of those two I do know that the spirits are high and they realize that their time will come.
  • Only two more home games… come and make some noise!