Shots from the Schott- Badger Hunting

Written March 7th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Joe is back with his last installment of Shots from Schott for the season as the Buckeyes capped off a 29-2 regular season with a 93-65 win over the Wisconsin Buzzcuts. In case you missed it, here’s video that kicked it off

  • 28 pt win, scoring over 90+ points and 14-15, 3 point range,   That is dealing with it!!!!
  • Finished the season 20-0 at home, which puts us at 37-1 over the last two seasons.  Ohio State has strung together 22 consecutive home wins.
  • Really starting to get a big time atmosphere at the Schott.  Putting the students on the sidelines was still the best decision we have made in the history of the building.
  • The game marked the 5th sell out of the season and easily the most intense crowd of the season.  The crowd was up all game long, with lots to cheer about- Matta described it as “40 minutes of third down intensity”
  • Not only were there real fireworks at the Schott today, but there were plenty of fireworks in the game as well.  Streamers at the end, as well as a nice presentation of the Big Ten trophy.

Adam Jardy FTW!

  • What a senior day for 3 seniors that will be missed!
  • Lighty, what a great player, and will go down as a Buckeye great for everything he has done for Ohio State basketball.  Glad to see him have a big game today.
  • Thriebler! “He’s On Fire!!!!”  He is 17 for his last 20, and was 7-8 for the game, but he was the only one to miss one today which he received a little bit of flak from Lighty in post game.
  • Overheard in postgame notes. Dallas commenting on Diebler and how he was about cry, but he made a joke to keep him from crying.

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Buckeyes Deal With It, Bludgeon Badgers 93-65

Written March 6th, 2011 by Eric

Jon Diebler's shooting today, much like against Penn State, was lights out.

Wisconsin arrived in Columbus to face off with the Buckeyes of Ohio State for Senior Day at Value City Arena.  Surprisingly, the Badgers gave up the most points they have all season long, losing 93-65 to the hot shooting Buckeyes.  Jon Diebler continued his shooting streak from the Penn State game by hitting 7-8 from three and scoring 27 points.  Surprisingly, he was the only Buckeye to miss a three pointer, as 5 others added long shots of their own to shoot 14-15 from beyond the arc for 93.3% overall.

Both teams came out ready to play.  Neither side was able to open up a big lead early, fighting tooth and nail through the first few minutes.  Not surprisingly, the Badger’s early scoring came from beyond the arc.  The Bucks, on the other hand, spent most of their time going low and scoring in the paint, particularly with Sullinger who scored 4-5 in the early going.

Once the CBS feed switched over from the irritating, and never-ending, MVC championship game, this game suddenly slowed down.  For several minutes neither team was able to score a basket.  That streak was finally broken when Jon Diebler sank a huge three pointer from well outside the three point arc, and drew the foul on the shot.  He followed that up on the next possession with another huge three pointer, which finally seemed to unplug the basket for the Buckeyes.
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