What we know: The Allegations

Written June 29th, 2011 by Eric

Yea, this picture pretty well sums up the last 6 months.

UPDATE- We’ve put all of this information into a table for those who prefer getting their information that way (and read USA Today). Check it out here, or under the Media Table at the top right of the site.

We’ll also work to update it as necessary, should more evidence emerge either supporting or refuting these concerns.

Update 2 – It has come to our attention that not all of the information presented was sourced properly.  The article has been modified to be more clear.

It’s been a hectic couple of months to be a Buckeye fan.  The first half of the year has felt like every media organization in the nation, including our own home base news sources, have been giving our favorite university the third degree.

One constant in these media investigations is that the national news sources never return to the scene of the crime to report on what they got right and what they got wrong.  To be honest, who really cares?  People love dirty laundry, after all.

So we here at the BBC have decided to compile a list of every allegation leveled at Ohio State University and its Football Program in the last couple months.  Of course, this idea may seem familiar to you.  Admittedly, the Ozone (and seemingly everyone else) beat us to the punch, but we thought we could be more thorough.

We are going to do a blow by blow account of everything anyone said or suggested about OSU, as a resource for you when these things take on a life of their own. We’ll also give you the information regarding which of these have been refuted, so you can refer back as you’re bringing truth to the water-coolers around the country.

The time frames reference when we learned about the accusation, not when the violation (or accused violation) occurred.  Also, anything after “Effect” on each point is writers opinion only, and not to be taken as fact unless linked as such. Read More

Terrelle Pryor Leaves Ohio State As Scandal Brews

Written June 8th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

We wrote on Tuesday about former three time Academic All Conference QB Terrelle Pryor’s decision to end his career at Ohio State, a move that was a surprise of sorts to many Buckeye fans.

Certainly, there were reasons to speculate that he’d played his last in the Scarlet and Grey, but given his legal team’s remarks last week that he was planning on completing the season, it seemed strange for this move at this time.  Particularly given the NFL lockout, his recent evaluation, and his recovery from off-season surgery.

Innocent autograph, or Bigger problem?

Late Tuesday night, news broke that may have answered the “Why Now?” question. First, ESPN reported via Outside the Lines that a former friend of Pryor’s has stated that Terrelle received between $2ok and $40k during his tenure with the Buckeyes by signing memorabilia for free-lance photographer Dennis Talbott.

The former friend, who is identified only as someone who was with Pryor every day until they had a falling out, saw Talbott provide Pryor with merchandise and with cash and checks.  In addition, this source has indicated that Pryor’s celebrity resulted in his receiving numerous loaner cars and free tattoos (reinforcing earlier concerns), as well as free meals and preferential treatment at various Columbus area establishments.

Pryor’s lawyer stated adamantly that his client did none of the things alleged in the report, which went on to describe Pryor’s purchasing habits and verified expenditures on some “lavish” items including those from Gucci.

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