astroWhile our main focus here at tBBC is to cover Ohio State sports, we have also ventured outside of sports from time-to-time.  During football season we had a weekly piece about that Ohio State University Marching Band and Ken regularly provides us with updates on the research going on at the James.  Continuing with this branching out, I am starting a new series where each week I will choose a different department at OSU and highlight the exciting work that they are currently doing.  I was inspired to do this because I have grown tired of hearing people talk about Ohio State as though it was just a jock school and that its academics aren’t that great.  In reality OSU is a top university not only in the US but in the world.  Thus I hope through this series to point out how Ohio State’s excellence extends beyond the playing field/court to the classrooms, labs, and to the world at large.

My day job is as a researcher in astronomy and I have previously written on tBBC about some cool, at least to me, astronomy things.  Thus I figured it would be appropriate to start off this series with a look at the Department of Astronomy.  Consisting of 26 faculty, 16 research staff members, and over two dozen graduates students, the OSU Department of Astronomy is a fairly large astronomy group with a wide range of research interests that cover everything from exoplanets to how stars are formed and their structure to how galaxies are formed to the evolution and formation of the universe.

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