Across the Web: Northwestern

Written October 3rd, 2013 by Eric

It’s time for another rousing edition of Across the Web! This week, we chatted up our buddies over at Lake the Posts about the Ohio State @ Northwestern game. Enjoy!

Kain Colter #2

Kain Colter #2

The Buckeye Battle Cry: The Bye Week couldn’t have come at a better time for Northwestern, who’ve had some injury issues this season. How’s the health of Kain Colter and the rest of the Wildcats heading into B1G play?

Lake the Posts: Depends on who you ask. The stats for bye week teams is less than flattering. Kain Colter is fine after missing the Cal game with a concussion. The real focus has been on Venric Mark, who ‘Cats fans haven’t seen since the Cal game (he took a few snaps, but hasn’t played since). The vague “lower body” injury, which we know to be a hamstring injury, has sidelined our first All-American in eight seasons. Mark is a gamechanger. ‘Cats fans are worried that he hasn’t had game reps and now has to make his first real significant appearance on this stage after 5 weeks out. After watching OSU’s “D” against Wisconsin’s RBs, there is reason for concern.

tBBC: Pat Fitzgerald is a defensive guru by nature, but the Wildcat offense is what makes the headlines. Who are two standouts on the defensive side of the ball?
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Ohio State Hands Michigan its First Loss 56-53

Written January 13th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Slam I Am!

Ohio State hosted their rivals Michigan in Columbus on Sunday afternoon.  Michigan was seeking to remain the only undefeated team in nation and become the Number One team in the nation but was unable to do so.   Led in scoring by DeShaun Thomas, defensively by Sam Thompson’s 2 steals, and a couple of key free throws down the stretch by Lenzelle smith Jr., a stingy and gritty Ohio State team handed the Wolverines their first loss by a score of 56-53.

It was a tale of two halves in this game.  Ohio State came out on fire defensively.  After giving up the first three points of the game, the defense stepped up and forced 9 turnovers and scored 16 points off of them.  At one point in the first Ohio State was up by 21 points and with about 7 minutes to go in the first half Michigan only had 8 points total.  Michigan’s zone defensive combined with the Buckeyes getting in foul trouble, allowed the Wolverines to get within 12 at the half.

The second half was a back and forth tussle in which Ohio State was hoping the buffer that that built in the first half would be enough to pull off the upset.  Michigan cut down on their turnovers and forced Ohio State into a slow down, half court game that proved to be a problem for the Buckeyes.  They used this style of play to cut the lead down to 2 at one point but couldn’t take over the lead.  With 12 seconds to go in the game, Lenzelle Smith Jr. hit two free throws to extend the lead to four and propel the Buckeyes to a 56-53 victory. Read More

One Fan’s Opinion: Benedict Arnold, Ohio, and TTUN

Written September 4th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Here’s a perspective from an NFL blogger, Clayton- be sure to check out his work as the pro season kicks off and give him a follow on Twitter.

Over 200 years ago in our Country’s history there was a man poised to be a possible hero. Instead, General Benedict Arnold has become the household name for traitor. I am not going to turn this article into an American History lesson, but as we get closer to the kickoff of the season, and as the recruiting news keeps coming in almost daily, I take a look at three of Ohio’s all time Benedict Arnolds.

It’s no secret that Ohio State and that state north of Toledo have forged wars over the same territories. Most of the big time recruits in the Midwest are chased after by both schools. Not only does the recruiting get tough but also the recruits get tough. Recently Logan Tuley-Tillman infamously took to twitter and tweeted a picture burning his Ohio State offer letter. You don’t have to be a MENSA member to take a guess at what the fallout of that action was- Let’s just say that he will not be dotting the ‘I” ever. The worst part is that he is not even an Ohio native, he’s from Illinois!

Desmond Howard was born and raised in Cleveland, Oh and played his high school ball at St. Joseph High. A very accomplished athlete, Howard earned 3 varsity letters in track and football. There is no doubt about his athleticism but only doubt in his loyalty to his born state. Howard is famous for striking the Heisman pose against the Buckeyes in ’91. If you look real close at the photos you can almost see the red laser dots of thousands of wolverine hunters taking aim their prey. Read More

Proper Parenting- Buckeye Edition

Written July 3rd, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

So, I guess video games are a thing.

Personally, I never got into them; all the wang-dangles and fleebity floobles and having to use eleven fingers to push the buttons.  What’s wrong with a joystick and orange/red button?

Yup, my video game expertise ended with Bill Walsh Football… mostly because life happened, and I promised my wife no gaming (in exchange for unlimited internetting… win!).

Thus, I’m not going to hang out and buy the latest edition of the newest thing… although, the current EA commercial leads me to believe that it might not be a horrible thing, as it will help me raise my children with the proper values.

And, given the dual nature of our household, it might be good to have reminders around.

Silver Bullet Points Leads Their Target

Written July 18th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Returning the favor

It’s been an interesting week in Bristol Connecticut, way out on the edge of the prairie of reason and rational thought… Let’s talk a little about what’s happened since the last time we chatted.

“There was never any suspension or any other form of disciplinary action. We took the time to review his upcoming work assignments in light of the book to which he contributed and will manage any conflicts or other issues as needed.   Bruce has resumed his assignments.”

It’s interesting that he could “resume” something that hasn’t been suspended, and that this major media source would choose to not allow comments on their statement.  Brooks goes on to point out that Feldman has not tweeted or written since this issue (something he was prolific at), and that not only was his future with the network threatened, but the ripples were even felt among student athletes, at least one of whom was afraid to comment and risk ESPN jeopardizing their draft status.

As usual, Gerd’s perspective on this was dead on, both before the “statement” and afterwards

Check out what might have been so controversial, and our “conversation” with a hall of fame ESPN Analyst after the jump

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The inaugural BBC post

Written September 23rd, 2006 by Jeff

The night before a big Ohio State game, I find it difficult to fall asleep. When I do finally drift off, it’s a hard sleep, but it never lasts very long. I often will wake up at 5am and have trouble getting to sleep again. This is my curse, and I am living it again at this very moment.

It’s 6:50 am (and Michigan still sucks), and I have read about everything I can read about the Ohio State/Penn State game that will begin in about 8 and a half hours. So there’s only one thing left to do….create my own Buckeye blog and write my own damn articles.

Welcome to The Buckeye Battle Cry.

Fat guy on the field.  Call security

Fat guy on the field. Call security

A little intro…my name is Jeff, I am 37 years old, I live in Canton, Ohio, and I am an Ohio State football fanatic. For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the scarlet and gray. When I was a little boy, my dad and I used to watch games together every Saturday. Back then, the games would be re-broadcast at 1030pm, and I’d stay up late to watch the Bucks all over again. Dad took me to my first game on September 8th, 1984. We beat Oregon State 22-14 that day.

A few years later, I stepped onto campus as a freshman at The Ohio State University. My first game as a student was a 24-3 victory over West Virginia. Later that year, I traveled with Block O to the Michigan game, which turned out to be Earle Bruce’s final game as the Buckeyes Head Coach. Of course, we won 23-20.

I spent the next 10 years going to every Ohio State/Michigan game, whether it was in Ann Arbor or Columbus. I repaid my father by taking him to see the 1989 game up north. We lost 28-18. Yes, I was there when Desmond Howard struck the Heisman pose. I thought my luck was bad when I looked at my record of attending OSU/UM games and saw it at 2-7-1. Now I know it wasn’t my fault. It was John Cooper’s.

My favorite Buckeye player is a man who I never saw play, not even on tape. Quarterback John Borton (1952-1954) was the father of a very special friend of mine. In the early 90s, I wrote an article about him for the Massillon Independent. He invited me into his home and we spoke about every Buckeye detail we could think of. I was enthralled by the stories he had to share, and the article just wrote itself. A few weeks later, Borton asked me to represent him at halftime of the 1994 Purdue game, where the 1954 National Championship team would be honored (along with other NC teams). His health was failing him and he couldn’t make it to Columbus. I happily stood alongside Buckeye legends on the sideline, sending best wishes from Borton to his old teammates, but refused to step on the field with such great men. Despite representing one of the players, I never wore the uniform. Anne Hayes offered me a solution, and she insisted I ride with her in her golf cart to the center of the field. I could have died a happy man that day.

John Borton passed away four years ago, but left behind a loving family who honors his accomplishments to this day. And I firmly believe he had a role from up above, as a few short months after he passed away, the Buckeyes gave us a 14-0 season and their first National Championship in my lifetime.

His ashes have since been spread on the field at Ohio Stadium.

I’ll keep this blog updated as frequently as I can. If nothing else, I know I’ll have time every Saturday morning at 6am to work on it.

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