Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Eleven

Written November 16th, 2011 by Chris

What is it about Ross-Ade Stadium? The stadium, with the obscenely big press box, always turns into a house of horrors when the Buckeyes take the field in on Purdue’s campus.

Lots and lots and lots of questions

Whatever you think plagued the scarlet and gray this past weekend, one theory that has been floated out there is the pressure of mistakes from the past. Perhaps exercising the demons of past losses proved to be a tougher challenge for this young Buckeye team. Not to mention the fact that this actually is a fairly talented Boilermaker squad.

As I stated in last week’s column, this was a game that scared the daylights out of me. Ohio State didn’t handle the spread offense the week before, and I figured a better version of that offense would have a better success this past weekend. If you think about it, the fact that the Buckeyes were even in this football game at the end is a small miracle. The fact that the scarlet and gray even had a chance to win the football game at the end was impressive, considering they had no business winning the football game the way they played.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get into a little Scarlet and Gray Q&A.

The running game was rather poor this past weekend. Who’s to blame? Read More

Silver Bullet Points Thinks Pink

Written November 16th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Initially, this week was supposed to be “POPS”- Pink Out Penn State for Breast Cancer Awareness.  While we’ve not heard anything more about that since things changed in Happy Valley, we’re more than glad to give our support. You know… given the circumstances.

This Week's Wallpaper from Kevin Dearth

Buckeye 411

  • Walking Wounded- It seems as if the injuries are piling up for the Buckeyes. Andrew Sweat will miss Senior Day (will dress, but not participate) with the aftereffects of a concussion, meaning Ryan Shazier will get his first start.  Although he’s listed as the starter on the depth chart, Big Hank will more than likely not play this Saturday- although the injury is not deemed season ending.  JB Shugarts might play, as he recovers from a knee issue; he practiced on Tuesday, but is trying to take it easy. Don’t be surprised if Ohio State looks to get someone else to false start against PSU. Philly Brown is also dinged up from last week’s prep, and Boom mentioned that he re-tweaked his ankle, but is doing fine and plans to play.
  • Fickell Speaks- As always, the message is “We control what we can control, and learn from what happens”.  In reflecting on some of the struggles that the team has had recently, Fickell commented that you have to play the hand that you’re dealt, and that life isn’t always fair.
  • We Can Has WR? This week should mark the beginning of DeVier Posey’s two/three game season, barring some arbitrary shenanigans from Indianapolis. When asked about his presence on Gameday, Coach Fickell responded that much of it would depend on how Posey progressed at practice and if Philly was healthy.  He did say, though, that he hopes DeVier gives the offense a spark similar to the one Boom provided against Illinois. So, yeah- he’s playing. Read More

DeVier Posey Suspended Additional Five Games

Written October 7th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

If it’s Friday, it means that it’s time for more bad news.

Last Hurrah?

Devier Posey has been suspended an additional five games by the NCAA for receiving $720 in payment for hours not worked, in addition to “free golf”.  Essentially, this means that his senior season will consist of the games against Penn State and Michigan… I’ll bet he’s incredibly glad he chose to abide by his promise to Jim Tressel and return after the Sugar Bowl. Read More

tBBC Radio Hour: Nebraska Preview

Written October 6th, 2011 by Eric

Eric and Joe get together on this week’s radio hour to discuss the trials and tribulations facing the offense following the Michigan State game. They also talk about the latest suspensions and express the frustrations most Buckeye fans are feeling, along with their feelings towards Gene Smith. Lastly, they talk about Nebraska and what the Buckeyes need to do in order to pull off the win in Memorial Stadium.

For the opponent’s preview, Eric is joined by the excellent HuskerDan of They discuss Nebraska, along with their recent addition to the Big Ten and the welcoming committee laid down by Wisconsin.

All this and more on this week’s Radio Hour!

Note: At the time of the recording, we believed Corey “Philly” Brown would be fully ready to play. Currently his status is listed as “Day-to-Day”, and while there is a chance that we will see him on the field, it’s not as certain as we claim in the podcast.

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Six

Written October 5th, 2011 by Chris

That kind of day

If there was ever a need for a demonstration of Murphy’s Law, Ohio State’s offense against Michigan State might be an apt tool to use. Everything that could go wrong for the Buckeyes did last Saturday when the scarlet and gray had possession of the football.

Nothing went right, and any glimmer of hope that occurred, like the 33 yard pass completion to Chris Fields, was instantly snuffed out before the offense could make anything of it.

With all the on the field issues, the last thing the Buckeye faithful needed were more NCAA issues that crept up at the beginning of this week. With so much unknown, it is time to dive into a little Scarlet and Gray Q&A.

What’s wrong with the offense?

How long have you got? I could write a book this week about what is plaguing the Ohio State offense, but instead I have compiled a list of concerns and ways to fix them.

-Braxton Miller

The first is clearly the Ohio State quarterback spot. Braxton Miller did not look good, and while he didn’t have a whole lot of help, he still did not play well. It is funny how fast fans have turned on the true freshman quarterback.  To go from savior to goat in the less than a week had to have left Miller’s head spinning. Read More

Herron, Hall, Posey Declared Inelligible Against Nebraska

Written October 3rd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Here’s the long and short of it, as far as we know:

During the investigation into former Ohio State Booster Bobby DiGeronimo’s connection with the charity event that saw several Buckeyes suspended earlier this season, the University discovered that there were student athletes who were working for his company, and that this employment hadn’t been cleared through compliance. Here is a link to the University’s self report to the NCAA: NCAA Docs

In reviewing the paperwork, it became apparent that there were instances of hours paid that differed from the hours actually worked. Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, Marcus Hall, Etienne Sabino, and Melvin Fellows were the student athletes in question. The University argued that they were unaware of the additional hours (they did work, and were paid extra), but the numbers, particularly for Posey, don’t support that.

Herron, Posey, and Hall have been suspended for the Nebraska game, with expectations that Posey may be suspended for longer (based on the amount of money involved and the NCAA’s guidelines). These students are currently involved in the reinstatement process with the NCAA, so the actual number of games is still in flux. Fellows has taken a medical hardship, and Sabino has been cleared of these allegations.

DiGeronimo has been dissociated from the University after being a booster for 30 years. You can read the University’s letter here: NCAA Docs

The press release-

Ohio State Update on NCAA Investigation

The Ohio State University Director of Athletics Gene Smith announced today that, as part of the university’s continued investigation with the NCAA to resolve any remaining football compliance issues, violations have been discovered and three football student-athletes have been declared ineligible for the football game this weekend against the University of Nebraska. Those players are Marcus Hall, DeVier Posey and Daniel Herron. The university has submitted a request for reinstatement on behalf of each student-athlete, but it is anticipated that each will sit out at least the game this weekend.

“As we have previously disclosed, the university and the NCAA were not able to finish investigating all of the areas before the university’s August hearing with the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions,” Smith said. “Upon receiving the necessary records from outside parties and conducting a few additional interviews, the university and the NCAA enforcement staff have jointly determined that violations did occur. The violations that have affected the eligibility of these three players relate to their overpayment while being employed with companies associated with Robert DiGeronimo, an individual who was recently disassociated by the university as a result of several student athletes receiving extra benefits surrounding a charity event in February. The university and the NCAA enforcement staff are in the final stages of the resolution of this case, and I anticipate having further information in that regard in the near future.

In addition, Posey was cited for a secondary violation for a round of golf with Dennis Talbott- greens fees around $100.

Smith stated that this would be considered part of the ongoing investigation, and would push back the NCAA’s final ruling and sanctions.  He also said that he was confident that this was not a Failure To Monitor or Lack Of Institutional Control situation that the NCAA has reviewed Ohio State’s processes numerous times, and that these issues are indicative of individual decisions and not systemic issues.

What is most troubling, at least for me, is that some of this “work” occurred during March of 2011… while the NCAA investigation was ongoing, and about the time that Tressel’s knowledge of the memorabilia exchange was brought to light.

We’ll update this as it develops.

Gameday Notables: Quotes and Thoughts From 10-7 loss

Written October 2nd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

It’s hard to share thoughts after a performance like that to open up the Big Ten season against Michigan State. Sometimes, you make a adjustments to stay in the ballgame. Sometimes you get outplayed by a better team. Then there are games like this where one side of the football gives you a chance to win, while the other does nearly everything possible to throw a ballgame.

They say that defense wins you championships. OSU fans are quickly learning you at least need a steady dose of moving the football to be successful. Here are some numbers and quotes to ponder after Saturdays 10-7 Loss.


Ohio State -

Tyler Moeller:

On how the defense performed on the field:

“I thought we played pretty well out there. We had some decent turnovers when we needed to. We did give up 10 points which was 10 too many.”

On losing their first game against Michigan State in the Dantonio Era:

“This is a hard one. Every loss is hard. We fought hard and came up short. The hardest ones are the close losses. The ones where you think you are going to get it done and fall short.”

On the lack of offense:

“I’m not on the offensive side of the ball so I don’t know what goes on with them. I do know they do a lot better job than I could at throwing the ball or being a quarterback. I support them. We are one team.”

On bouncing back for Saturday’s game against Nebraska:

“We will lick our wounds for 17 hours then get in the film room and see what we did wrong and what we can do better. We’ll come back and prepare for the next team.”

Read More


Freshmen phenoms Evan Spencer and Devin Smith. The future.

The receivers are one of the least experienced groups on the entire team. The suspension of Devier Posey compounds the issue significantly.

As young and inexperienced as they may be (and let me reiterate, they are), they are also extremely talented- as you would expect from any group at Ohio State.

It may take a few games to work out the kinks, but if the passing attack starts rolling, these players are fully capable of taking over a game.

The good news is that they don’t need to take over games; they only need to take some pressure off the running backs by giving the defense something to worry about.

At this, they should be more than capable, no matter who the quarterback ends up being.

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