College Football Notebook: Week 7 Notes

Written October 8th, 2013 by Joe Dexter

This might be an Ohio State bye week, but folks — this isn’t the federal government. Here at tBBC, we never shut down. Unless of course, we’ve eaten too many nachos or sipped on too many bottles. We are like a torrent site on a ship in some random ocean. We don’t shut down — We RISE UP!

Without further ado, as your rebel pirate wannabe torrent lovin’ leader, and the power invested in me, I bring you the breakdown of some of the top stories in college football.

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Don Treadwell could hitch hike back to East Lansing….

Don Gone

According to Miami University officials on Sunday, The Tread has worn off the tires of the RedHawk faithful.  Don Treadwell was relieved of his responsibilities after a 21-9 loss to Central Michigan to open up MAC play. You cannot blame Athletic Director David Sayler for making the change. Treadwell was 0-5 this season and 8-21 while at the helm.

Just how bad was this team? Out of the 123 teams in the FBS, Miami is ranked 115th or lower in almost every major offensive and defensive category.  It makes you wonder, how such a tradition rich program got so bad so quickly. Especially when you look at the history of coaching success at this program.

From Woody and Bo, to former assistants Jim Tressel, Sean Payton and Kevin Wilson. That doesn’t even touch on the echelon of historic coaches in Miami’s history. Names like Paul Brown, Ara Parseghian, Bill Mallory, Randy Walker, and Terry Hoeppner.

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Are You Not Entertained? Miami Edition

Written September 3rd, 2012 by Eric


Urban was absolutely high energy on Saturday.

No. False. Starts.  Mali continues to jinx the right tackle spot. That’s probably the ghost of JB Shugarts occupying the position now.

Special Forces. Special teams were reasonably good, including Bradley Roby tearing away a poorly snapped football in the endzone.

Quick Cals. There are still some kinks to be worked out here. Only half the students made it, and the PA system blaring AC/DC through the event was less than ideal. We’ll see if they fix some of the bugs down the line.


The “UN-Caged Tiger.” 161 yards running, 207 yards passing, and 3 total touchdowns. An uncaged tiger indeed.

JUICE.  Other than Sabino’s first penalized lick on a player, the first quarter was severely lacking in Juice. After that? I think you got your wish.

Noah Spence. Picking up his first career sack (its counted in the stat sheet despite the intentional grounding) was a great way to start.

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Guest Post- Who’s Next?

Written June 9th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Part two from Ty Kelly’s manifesto after winning our bowl competition; for background, allow him to reintroduce himself.

Time to spin the wheel?

Now, let’s talk about the future of the head football coaching position at The Ohio State University. Clearly, we have to look at it from the administration and the athletic director’s viewpoint – whoever that may be in seven months, (because an argument can be made that A.D. Gene Smith, and Pres. E. Gordon Gee may not last another three months at Ohio State).

Regardless, the 2012 A.D. and OSU brass will likely be looking for three main criteria-

  1. Somebody who has an impressive record of head coaching experience.
  2. A candidate with a proven record not only on the field, but a record of a clean, drama-free program.
  3. Someone with a disciplinarian personality, who can endure the pressures of  the NCAA microscope while executing his duties as CEO of one of the elite Division 1 teams in America.

So…who fit this description ?  Bo Pelini? … Probably.  Jon Gruden? … Maybe. Gary Patterson? Urban Meyer?  Each candidate has their pros and cons. I will go in to full detail for the top tier candidates as to why or why not they may be the head coach at OSU in 2012, and I will briefly go over the rest of the candidates who could be considered viable in the position.

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