tBBC Game Preview: Wisconsin Badgers

Written September 25th, 2013 by Ken

Not as tough as he looks.

After rolling the overmatched FAMU Rattlers last week, things get a bit tougher this Saturday night as Ohio State hosts B1G/Leaders leader Wisconsin in an 8:00 PM game. The Buckeyes (4-0, 0-0) look to move into 1st place in the Leaders Division by shutting down the Badgers (3-1, 1-0).

First year Badgers Head Coach Gary Andersen was defensive line coach at Utah in 2004, Urban Meyer’s last year as Utah head coach, so there is familiarity between the two gentlemen. After a 4 year stint as Utah State’s head coach, Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez hired Andersen to replace the departed Bret Bielema, who was banished to coach at Arkansas.

I’m going to gloss over most of the season-to-date statistics for both teams because I don’t think those numbers are relevant for this game. Wisconsin’s wins and “numbers’ were racked up against University of Massachusetts (MAC) who has won 1 of its last 16 games, FCS school Tennessee Tech (2-2) and a not very good Purdue team.  Unfortunately, Ohio State’s schedule is pretty similar.

Here are two tables that summarize both teams’ offensive and defensive performances so far this season. As I mentioned above, with both teams having sketchy schedules, use these numbers more for a general indication of performance. The first table, is relative offensive performances comparison between Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Offense YPG Rush Points
Wisc 547 350 41
OSU 529 311 52

Yep, a lot of yards and points against so-so competition.

Here’s the defensive comparison; it’s looks similar.

Defense YPG Rush Points
Wisc 243 76 10.5
OSU 280 80 15.3

Now that we really know that Wisconsin and Ohio State took care of their early season opponents, we move on to the game at hand.

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Ohio State Dismantles Florida A&M 76-0

Written September 21st, 2013 by Eric
Carlos Hyde saw his first playing time today.

Carlos Hyde saw his first playing time today.

For the first time since 2008, the Ohio State Buckeyes welcomed an FCS school into the confines of Ohio Stadium. Not surprisingly, Florida A&M was in no position to handle the Buckeyes and fell 76-0 in a game that was over by the end of the first quarter. Kenny Guiton again had an excellent game throwing the football, completing 24 of 34 passes for 215 yards and 6 touchdowns with only a single interception. Damien Fleming was solid but not spectacular for the Rattlers, going 10/16 for 30 yards and a pick.

The Buckeye Running game was spread around fairly evenly among 8 different backs, all who gained 364 yards on 42 carries. The sole exception was Ezekiel Elliott who got the balance of the yards in the second half and wracked up 162 yards and 2 TDs on 14 carries. The passing game was similarly distributed with 5 different receivers catching touchdown passes, and 10 catching passes. The receivers picked up 215 yards on 24 receptions, including 6 receptions for 70 yards for the tight ends. All of the passing yards came in the first half, as OSU stuck to the running game in the second.

Florida A&M was chosen for rather unusual reasons. While the Buckeyes have never shown a hesitation to play an FCS school (recall Youngstown State), but typically OSU has done it to spread the money around to other schools in the state. FAMU was asked to play a game at Ohio State so that they could show of their famous marching band – the Marching 100. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the band was suspended and not allowed to travel to Columbus.

Kenny Guiton earned the second start of his career, with Braxton Miller still recovering from his MCL sprain sustained against San Diego State. After FAMU shanked a punt following a three and out on their first drive, the Bucks had excellent field position with which to work. Guiton came out and threw 4 straight passes, getting the Buckeyes to the two yard line, and throwing an interception in the endzone. Thankfully for the OSU offense, the Rattler defender made a poor decision by running the football out of the endzone in the midst of traffic and fumbled away the turnover. Jordan Hall plowed the ball into the endzone on the resulting play for the first score of the game.
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Inside Ohio State With Urban Meyer

Written September 20th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Thanks to our friends at Campus Insiders, we’ll be bringing you a quick interview with Coach Meyer every Friday afternoon.

Here’s the first edition as the team prepares for FAMU. The great Jim Lachey hosts…

tBBC Game Preview: Florida A&M Rattlers

Written September 19th, 2013 by Ken


The Buckeyes return home from a successful Left Coast trip to play an FCS opponent out of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC), the Rattlers of Florida A&M University (FAMU).  The Buckeyes (3-0) are coming off an exciting, yet convincing, win over Cali-Berkeley (52-34), while the Rattlers (1-2) lost to Samford (27-20).

This is OSU’s last game before Conference play begins, so it will be a good opportunity to take care of a few loose ends. False starts and tackling techniques come to mind. Even though, to Jason’s chagrin, this is a noon start, the weather forecast is for low 70’s, cloudy and 30% chance of rain. This is no time to “go Cal” and not show up until well into the game. We’re fortunate to have a really good football team; be there to support them.

Ohio State on Offense

This will be a good game to get a couple quarterbacks some playing time before conference play; Braxton Miller and Cardale Jones. I think that Ken Guiton has proved his capability and reliability. Braxton probably needs some fine tuning after missing the last two games, and Cardale needs some ‘live fire’ experience, just in case.


He’s baaaack..

Oh, and the Buckeyes get starting (last year, anyway) running back Carlos Hyde back, although how much playing time he gets is up in the air. I anticipate Dontre Wilson to get more involved with the offense, and possibly even some Ezekiel Elliot.  However, the bulk of the non-Jordan Hall carries will be Hyde’s

FAMU’s defense is giving up 321 yards per game, good for 70th in the country if they were FBS. I think that pending too much experimentation on Urban’s part, OSU will find this defense a bit less challenging than last week. The bright spot for FAMU is that against Samford, they did come up with 2 pick-6’s.

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Wednesday Night Rumble: Speed Spread

Written September 18th, 2013 by Jason

The Buckeyes took their show out west and came away with a convincing win over the California Golden Bears. Kenny Guiton had a whale of a game through the air along with he and the Buckeye running backs chewing up big gain after big gain on the ground. The Silver Bullets played reasonably well considering the attack that Cal brings offensively. We’ll talk about it all and look ahead to the Florida A&M Rattlers. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Smooth Jazz

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

What can I honestly say about Kenny Guiton that hasn’t already been said? We learned about an hour before kickoff that he would start the game and that Braxton Miller was a scratch, dressing in street clothes. The week long starter question had been answered and now we were about to see how Guiton would respond. When you add in that it is on the road against a PAC-12 opponent, we were looking at really good barometer on where we stand should Miller need to come out of a game later in the season or have to miss one. Kenny didn’t disappoint.

What I am happiest about is that after the fact there really are no questions to be asked. Saturday brought about a rather simple conclusion: Yes, Kenny Guiton can play and can be counted on if needed in a pinch, which we knew, and now we know he can pick up the reigns and lead the troops if called on to start.  It makes me happy because let’s be honest, the worst thing that could have happened would have been to wake up Sunday morning still not sure if Guiton can fill the role of starter. Ok, so it would have been worse to wake up Sunday and know undoubtedly that he couldn’t do the job, but you get my point.

How about the actual play?

I like Guiton’s game, and we finally now know what his game is: Braxton Miller Lite. I loved his touch the early touchdown throws. His decision making on whether to keep the ball or take it from the back was excellent all night. He seems to have pretty good vision in picking lanes and watching the defense react to his movements then capitalizing off them. He runs hard, too. Charles Davis brought that up a few times during the television broadcast and I thought he was spot-on. Guiton is no pushover at the point of collision.

Maybe the only real question about his performance that I have is his accuracy. Now, I mentioned above how he was putting great touch on the ball early. He was leading his receivers almost perfectly. But as the game wore on, that came and went. Maybe it was just mental fatigue from the overwhelming nature of the situation and some throws just got away from him. Maybe he got lucky on the early throws. The only way to really know is to have him start more games.

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Are You Not Entertained? Cal!

Written September 16th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

The Buckeyes brought back a big road win from California but let’s see how many of our wishes came true:



  1. Run the Ball – Cal is giving up 5.75 YPC. And it will keep Cal  below their 90-95 plays per game target. The Bucks averaged 6.0 YPC but Cal still hit their target
  2. Pressure on their QB – Come at Goff via stunts, blitzes, whatever. They want to throw and we should break them of this habit.  3 Sacks, an Interception, and a fumble…..I’d say misson accomplished.
  3. Mix Up Play Calling with Play Action – Cal’s D is young and relatively inexperienced. They can be had; let’s have them.  Could have seen a little more in my opinion
  4. No Injuries – A couple of scares but nothing to major.
  5. A Win – Check!
  1. Poll Rising – Score 60-70 points so we stop falling in the polls.  52 Points….and the polls stay the same.


  1. Ball Control – Want to see what ball control offense really looks like prior to Hyde returning. Feed Hall/Wilson/Smith/Ball the rock. Pass when we need to.  Even thought Cal hit their target of offensive plays….I felt like we controlled the ball well.
  2. Electricity – Simple. Electrify and quiet the stadium at the same time with a KO return for TD by Wilson.  No KO return but I’d say 90 yards foor a touchdown on the second play will do the trick.
  3. QB Controversy? – Even if Braxton is healthy. We may have a QB semi-controversy   Kenny G deserves playing time but maybe not at the expense of a rolling O under Braxton’s command. If they stumble a little lets see what Kenny does. He’s earned it.  Let the controversy begin! Read More

Are You Not Entertained? San Diego State

Written September 9th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

After the pummeling that the Aztecs took, let’s see how many of our wishes came true:


  • Scrambled Legs -  The only magic here is for Braxton to not have a serious knee injury to keep him out a long period of time.
  • Swinging Gate – Nope, just the same old same old from the extra point team.
  • Roby – 1 – Kenobi - Wouldn’t call this a stellar game but definitely Welcome Back!
  • Tight Ends - 2 catches for Heuerman but still room for improvement here.
  • Reading Rainbow - An early exit doomed this great wish from the beginning.


  • Improved Blocking - I would say 263 yards rushing and only one sack is definitely an improvment.
  • No Turnovers - Look on the bright side…..we cut the turnovers in half!
  • Attacking Defense - We didn’t get the four interceptions but I would say that the 2 we got were quite nice.
  • More EzE – Ezekiel only got six touches this week…..so I think this may need to wished for again next week? Read More

Ohio State Handles Aztecs 42-7

Written September 7th, 2013 by Eric
Kenny Guiton stood tall today replacing Braxton Miller after his injury in the first drive.

Kenny Guiton stood tall today replacing Braxton Miller after his injury in the first drive.

For the first time since 2005, the San Diego State Aztecs visited Columbus to play the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Aztecs failed to score until late in the 3rd quarter, falling 42-7 in a near total domination in all phases of the game. With Braxton Miller down with a minor injury, Kenny Guiton stepped up and delivered 19/27 passes for 152 yards for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception, and added 9 carries for 83 yards and a touchdown.  His counterpart put up 21/34 for 207 yards, one score and one interception.

For the running game specifically, Jordan Hall ran the ball the most for the Buckeyes, who spread the ball around among their running back committee, and picked up 13 carries for 75 yards and a touchdown.  Most impressively, the young defensive line held an experienced running team to 60 total running yards on 24 attempts for the day, forcing them to go away from their preferred style of play.

The Aztecs got the first shot at offense but found the going troublesome early against the OSU defense. While opportunities were present for moving the ball, SDSU wasn’t able to connect on either of their first two passes. After starting with atrocious field position, they were forced to punt the ball back to OSU, giving them the ball at the 50.

Braxton Miller, taking advantage of his Heuerman up the middle, managed to keep the first drive moving. Unfortunately, Miller suffered an MCL sprain while converting a third down close to the endzone and was kept out of the game for the remainder of the day. On the next play, Kenny Guiton tossed the ball to Dontre Wilson on an outside run to the left for the first touchdown of the young running back’s career.

Dingwell tossed a pick on the very next possession straight into the waiting arms of Doran Grant. Unfortunately Guiton wasn’t able to get the offense moving, and the Buckeyes were forced to punt despite the excellent field position. But things changed on Guiton’s second drive. He made a number of good reads on the zone read with Dontre Wilson, and delivered a huge touchdown strike to Corey Brown 27 yards down the left side of the field. Impressively, the Buckeye backup QB stood tall and took a shot while delivering the ball exactly where it needed to be.
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