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The Week That Were: 10.30.10

Written October 31st, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Happy Halloween! As tempting as it is for me to throw a little Western History at you with today’s musical accompaniment, let’s go with something a little more Disney:

Following up on our Protestant Reformation reference, let’s jump in with the  goings on over at Ntre Ame. Remember when beating Notre Dame was a significant accomplishment? Seems like it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days, if you count the Golden Hurricanes of Tulsa as one of the cool kids.  By the way, it’s still not a good idea to Urban Dictionary “Golden Hurricane” FWIW.

The Irish lost their QB, Crist, for the season… if only his name had another letter, he’d be back in a couple of days.  The game ended on an interception in the endzone from a Hurricane named Flanders… surprising given his relationship with the faith. From what I’ve read online the play by play commentator for NBC said “and that’s the final nail in the coffin…” Probably not the wisest choice of words, given the circumstances.

One thing that concerned me about the horrible tragedy that happened with the video guy is the way that everyone was using it as a storyline. Let me get this straight- the tragedy was a rallying point of inspiration for the Irish, until they lost. Then, they couldn’t have won because of their heavy hearts.  I understand the need to make meaning of these types of situations, but it just seems incredibly disrespectful to trivialize this for interest stories or university PR. Again, just my $.02.

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Video Evidence: Triple Threat

Written September 29th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Cole brings this week’s highlights from the Big Ten Player of the Week- Terrelle Pryor.

He runs, he throws, he catches… That’s an action figure there, son.

Silver Bullet Points- Beginning of the Big T1e1n’s End

Written September 28th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

The quarter's so you can call for help...

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Report- Dorian Bell and Travis Howard should be back this week, and Chimdi Chekwa is expected to go on Saturday, even though he’s been hampered by back spasms and so forth.  Jake Stoneburner is still questionable; the high ankle sprain won’t be fully diagnosed until later in the week. Remember when the question about the tight end was whether or not Ohio State would throw to on?
  • Hate to Say We Told You So- Coach Tressel spoke briefly about Illinois student athlete Justin Green, an Ohio State verbal who only switched over to the Illini after he was told that he would be playing running back. The Buckeye staff had been up front that they saw him as a corner, so there’s got to be a little bit of wistfulness from Green, who’s at corner and could be making a difference for a team ranked #2 in the country. Read More

Are You Not Entertained? EMU Edition

Written September 27th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Just a quick follow up to our Friday requests… and no, Joe, you still didn’t get a pony.


  • A 40+ point win- You OK with 53 points? You’re not? Man, there’s no pleasing some people…
  • No injuries- Well, no “injuries” per se, but the cramps and dings are something to be concerned about as we enter the conference season. Stoney’s high ankle sprain is something to keep an eye on, though.
  • A shutout- Fail. While Heacock likes having teaching points, and the defense needed something to light a fire under them, giving up three scores to Eastern Michigan is not something that makes us happy.

Most efficient QB on the team

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Buckeyes Thrash Eagles 73-20

Written September 25th, 2010 by Eric

More physically challenging than brushing off Bobcats

In a game that was never remotely close, the Buckeyes handed the Eagles of EMU a 73-20 loss that displayed plenty of offensive flash, and a couple defensive question marks.  Terrelle Pryor was the star of the day with 6 total touchdowns including 4 passing touchdowns to Dane Sanzenbacher (9 rec 108 yards), a 53 yard rushing touchdown and a receiving touchdown thrown by former High School teammate Jordan Hall.  The Buckeyes put the majority of their effort in the passing game and it paid off as they hit 13 different receivers for 303 total yards in the game.

First of many

The 73 points scored in the game were the most in the Jim Tressel era, topping the 58 points scored on Northwestern on September 22nd, 2007.  The previous time OSU had scored more than 70 points in a game were the first two games in 1996, 70 points against Rice, and 72 against Pittsburgh.  This game also saw the most points scored by OSU since October 28th 1950, when the Bucks scored 83 on a 3-5-1 Iowa team.

I think Dane just scored again

The Buckeye offense was near unstoppable in the game today.  The Buckeyes wracked up 645 total yards of offense with 342 rushing yards to go with their 303 passing yards.  The only turnover the Bucks gave up was a fumble late in the game when walk-on Tight End Ricky Crawford dropped a pass from Joe Bauserman after bobbling the reception.  The Buckeyes managed to have 11 players run the football for positive yardage, including Terrelle Pryor’s game leading 104 on 7 attempts.  The longest run of the day went to Jaamal Berry with a 67 yard touchdown scamper late in the game giving him 74 total yards for the day.  Dan Herron appeared to be the primary running back during the game – unsurprising with Saine’s injury from practice – collecting 12 carries for 55 yards and an early touchdown.

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Preview: Ohio State vs. Eastern Michigan

Written September 25th, 2010 by Jim

How long will Evil Tressel let Pryor put up Heisman stats against EMU?

Eastern Michigan is bad, really bad.

So bad that it is hard to find a place to start describing their ineptitude at playing the game of football.

Since I like to focus primarily on Ohio State in these previews, and as readers of this blog, you presumably care primarily about the Buckeyes, I will keep this as brief as possible.

Eastern Michigan has not won a football game since 2008.

Moving on…

Ohio State has some things they need to work on this week as they prepare for Big Ten play.

Join me after the jump for a look at what those things are. Read More

What do you want to see on Saturday? EMU

Written September 25th, 2010 by Jim

Dane is good at getting the team fired up to meet our expectations.

The game on Saturday will be a little more than a scrimmage for the Buckeyes as they prepare for the Big Ten schedule. It is not the most exciting game for fans, but if anything, the low quality of the opponent increases the expectations.

Here are some things that we want to see from the Buckeyes on Saturday.


  • A 40+ point win- Put them away and do it fast, then let the backups run a typical playbook, not the vanilla run-only playbook.
  • No injuries- Put the starters on the bench fast and avoid what happened to Beanie Wells against Youngstown State.
  • A shutout- Let’s remember, they may be from theMAC, but they’re also from Michigan.  Make them pay for that single word in their school name. Read More

Know your enemy: Eastern Michigan edition

Written September 25th, 2010 by Jay

It is I, Ron English.

Upon looking up the name of the head coach of Ohio State’s opponent this week, I thought to myself “That name sounds familiar,” but I couldn’t quite remember from where.  Then, upon seeing the picture of Eastern Michigan’s coach coupled with the name, I thought to myself “Wait a second, I’m pretty sure I do know this guy…”  A few lines into the biography on the EMU athletics site and my suspicions were confirmed: This was Ron English, as in the former defensive coordinator at a certain other school in that state up North.

If there was one thing that made me slightly uneasy about playing scUM through the middle years of this past decade, it was Ron English.  Why?  Certainly not because I could analyze his defensive schemes (or because I know much about football in general, to be honest).  No, it was because Ron English has the game face to beat all game faces.  Take a look…

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