Silver Bullet Points Lays It On The Line

Written March 13th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s championship week here at tBBC, and we’ll have all your B1G Tournament coverage coming up until the Buckeyes cut down the nets.  So, it only makes sense, then, to have our soundtrack for today be the latest from OSU alum and friend of the site Mekka Don, who’s scored an exclusive deal to provide music for their coverage. From the press release:

The intersection of music and sports is prominently on display during high profile sporting events.  Almost every sports arena has a DJ; players submit playlists to be played during warmups; and networks license music to help create excitement for their broadcasting.  Mekka Don, an independent hip-hop artist and former NCAA athlete (Ohio State football), has inked a multi-song licensing deal with the Big Ten Network to provide music for the upcoming Big Ten Tournament games and coverage.  The Big Ten Tournament begins on March 14th on the Big Ten Network.

And here, in an exclusive for tBBC readers, is the the title track for tournament time:

You can support Mekka Don and download this at his site on iTunes… just in time for March’s Madness.

Buckeye 411

  • That Happened- And we’ll talk about it in today’s commentary. But first, some better updates.
  • Heacock is going WHERE?

    Welcome Back? Rumors have been swirling all week that former Buckeye Defensive Coordinator Jim Heacock would be returning to the WHAC in a “quality control” capacity; huge tip, it seems, to Nevadabuck from the Scout site for dropping the knowledge first.  The position would be similar to what a number of schools (most specifically Alabama) are doing in expanding their staff, and you’ve got to think that it will not only strengthen the Silver Bullets but also maintain the relationships that Heacock had with area high school coaches. In addition, it provides a fallback of sorts should the defensive staff lose a member to another opportunity.

  • The Ping Of The Bat- What are you doing Friday, before the Buckeyes tip off in the B1G Tourney? Might as well head over to Bill Davis Stadium for the Scarlet and Gray’s Home Opener.  Ah, spring…
  • Once A Buckeye, Part One- Ramzy at 11W is a must read every Tuesday, but today’s article knocked it out of the park. It’s a continuation of his conversation with Maurice Clarett, who several of us have had the privilege to connect with over the past year or so. Ramzy talks deeper about MoC’s story outside of Ohio State, particularly his passion for impacting the lives of young adults and his new projectdo yourself a favor and go read it now.  I’ll wait. When you’re done, head over to Maurice’s site and pick up a copy of his book… incredible stuff. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Gets Apocalyptical

Written December 19th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Advent Calendar Of Sorts

This could quite possibly be the last SBP of… well forever. The Mayans have spoken… or the Aztecs, I always get them confused. So, of course there’s only one soundtrack for the moment… it’s been a good ride.

Buckeye 411

  • Something Significant- As exciting as this season was, I’d be willing to bet that the most important game that Urban Meyer coached this year might just be the one involving military veterans just back from tours of duty. It’s part of  the “Tostitos Homecoming” event that will air on January 3rd, but Coach Meyer once again found himself across the field from Bobby Bowden. The event also included stars from the NFL and pop culture… a great event for a great cause.
  • Longsnapper Update! It’s no secret that we’ve got a soft spot in our heads and a warm spot in our hearts for current Buckeye and Nittany Lion scourge Bryce Haynes. That why we received Monday’s news that Ohio State had gotten another verbal for the 2013 class on Monday with mixed emotions; sure, it’s a “preferred walk on”, but the position in question is long snapper. Thomas Worthington’s Nick Sharick joins the team by way of Tennessee- he took a grey shirt with the Volunteers after not participating in fall camp. Eligibility wise, he’ll be a freshman while Haynes and Makridis complete their eligiblity in the next two years- as a “preferred walk on”, he’ll have the opportunity to earn a scholarship during his tenure. This is definately a move that is impacted by Ohio State’s scholarship restrictions this season- we’ll talk more about that a bit later in today’s commentary.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye’-  Wide receiver Verlon Reed has left the program, and will transfer to a yet to be determined institution. It sounds as if the transition is “amicable”; Reed was recovering in 2012 from a knee injury after having a relatively successful 2011 campaign.
  • Mo’ Money, Mo’ Compliance? One of the interesting stories recently has been Ohio State’s “strengthened” compliance efforts following the self audit and issues in 2010-11.  As a part of that, student athletes are receiving valuable “real world” coursework, including budget creation and money management. Folks who mock these as unnecessary “jock” instruction haven’t worked with college students recently- I’d love it it my students leaders had the same requirements.

As a part of this, though, the University is requiring students to have “open” bank accounts- to allow the University to better monitor incoming funds to avoid no-show jobs and booster “gifts”.  Read More

The Drive To Retire Dennis Hopson’s Jersey Number

Written February 15th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Fox Sports Ohio was gracious enough to invite us to write a bit about the #Hop2theRafters movement, and published the following article yesterday.

In an era defined by highlights, by “Oh! Did you see that!!” tweets and texts to friends, every fan is convinced that the others they know need to recognized the greatness of their favorite star or team.

2096 for #32

But, as quickly as the excitement builds, it also dissipates; athletes who are all over today’s timeline or emailed YouTube clips are soon out of the public conscious as “Next!” becomes “Now.”

Sure, there are those who transcend the sport – the hall of famers, the heroes of a championship team, the persons responsible for iconic moments in a franchise or team history — those names are readily offered up by the fanatics and casual fans.

Most, though, end up in the “Hey, what happened to?” file, the “I remember that guy…” area of conversations between people who are deeply knowledgeable about the sport, or the discussions where followers of an earlier area are defending their favorites against the young guns of the modern day.

What does it take to be recognized, though, by the institution itself?  For some Ohio State basketball fans, that question has been answered in their quest to have the University retire the number of the career scoring leader, Dennis Hopson. Read More

The Week That Were: 10.02.10

Written October 3rd, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

From the “He started it!” files- This week, we join our friends at 11W in celebrating Oktoberfest and all it’s splendor. So, break out the lederhosen, get your sauerkraut all warmed up, and find grandma’s recipe for schnitzel…

Drink enough and you'll dance too

This weekend looked to be the best thus far in terms of quality matchups, but only a few actually lived up to those expectations. Let’s start in the SEC, shall we?

Alabama, man… Another “can’t they both lose?” as the Crimson Tide invited the Gators to their place. As we were reminded over and over and over again by unbiased network analysts, when these two team play, the winner usually heads on to a national championship. As much as  I hated to see Urban’s squadron be held without a touchdown (sarcasm alert), it was interesting that Alabama seems to be perfecting the tenets of Tresselball- No mistakes on offense, aggressive defense, solid special teams. Granted, they’ve got a Heisman Trophy running back to hand it to, but it’s important for Buckeye fans to remember these successes when they start screaming for offensive coordinators.  I was also more than pleased to see that sometimes the Gators can get too cute for their own good.

Read More

Happy 3rd Birthday to The BBC

Written September 23rd, 2009 by Jeff

Allow us a moment of celebration….today is our birthday!

During the early stages of the magical 2006 season, I was a big fan of a few different Ohio State blogs, including Men of the Scarlet and Gray, Eleven Warriors, and Around The Oval (which is now an administrative blog for Ohio State academics).  I loved reading the Buckeye blogs, but I wasn’t as involved with them as I would have liked.  But I did LOVE to make highlight videos.

Two days after Ohio State beat Texas 24-7, I posted this video;

That video was pure therapy for me.  I created it and posted it on YouTube and it gave me closure from the 2005 loss to Texas.

The video got a LOT of hits thanks to el Kaiser at MotSag, who posted the following;

I know it was cathartic to watch the Buckeye’s loss to Texas be avenged in convincing fashion, but whoever made this video Jeff is just being mean.

Soon after, Jason at Eleven Warriors embedded the video on his site under the title “Oscar Quality YouTube”

This may be the finest film ever uploaded to YouTube..

The writers and the blogs that I loved were now watching my stuff.  It was an awakening for me.  In the middle of the night before the Penn State game, I decided to start my own blog.

The first posting of The BBC was hosted on and the template was very very basic.  I was thrilled when I found out that it got a half-dozen views.  JD Arney at Around The Oval told me to “keep writing and people will notice”.

So I did.  Again and again.  I created more videos, I began posting stats and observations, I branched out into professional sports and I just kept writing.

Today, The Buckeye Battle Cry has grown more than I ever expected it to.  You know the growth already, you can see it all over this site.  Five excellent writers,  a thriving live-blog, the Big Ten Bloggers, and a plethora of great features and dedicated Buckeye fans reading our stuff have made The BBC the blog I always dreamed it could be.  So I’ve set my goals higher, and we’ll keep growing.

Three years ago today, The BBC began with the help of some friends.  Today, it is succeeding thanks to more friends.

Thank you to my new writers – MaliBuckeye, Jim, Eric, and Dave at The BBC.

Thank you, JD Arney (wherever you are).

Thank you, el Kaiser.

Thank you, Jason.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

Dropping a deuce – Part One – Terrelle Pryor

Written September 3rd, 2009 by Jeff

Two days before kickoff.  48 hours.  Are you ready?

In keeping with the tradition of our countdown format, we bring you a player who has worn #2 for the Buckeyes.  But Jeebus, who to pick????  Oh, the hell with it…..let’s just do a series of our #2 legends!

Let’s start with our current hero, Terrelle Pryor.

LeBron In Cleats sees you, but you won't see him until he's past you.

Pryor sees you, but you won't see him until he's past you.

Pryor has been given an appropriate nickname by the guys at Eleven Warriors….”LeBron In Cleats”. Admit it, you love it.

Pryor is entering his sophomore year at quarterback for Ohio State, and he’s already the team leader. When college football analysts begin to talk about the fresh faces that the Buckeyes will field, and how that will be a problem for Ohio State, they never mention Pryor. He’s already considered a veteran for the Bucks. When was the last time a sophomore QB for any team was looked upon in that light (besides Saint Tebow)???

LeBron In Cleats begins his second season at Ohio State the day after tomorrow, and we all expect to see a bevy of highlights. Of course, The Buckeye Battle Cry will be replaying those highlights as much as we can, but let’s just relive some of his highlights now. Sit back and enjoy…

Now are you ready?

Mid-day navel-gazing

Written September 1st, 2009 by Jeff

Just a quick few notes on what to expect from the BBC as we ramp up and launch our 2009 season…..

We’ve got a weekly feature called “What Do You Want To See On Saturday?”, in which our crack staff (or is that “staff which is on crack?”) will discuss the keys to victory, and the necessary milestones for upcoming big games. We’ll be running that every Thursday.

On Game Day, we’ll be hosting a live chat courtesy of Cover It Live. So far, we’ve got a few other Buckeye blogs on board and we’re looking for more. Join us for pre-game discussion and a live chat during each and every Ohio State game.

There used to be a wonderful feature on Buckeye Commentary, a “play of the week” video that could be either downloaded or streamed live. That was Keith’s brianchild, but we don’t know if he is bringing that feature with him over to Eleven Warriors. We’re going to give it a try here at The BBC and see how it goes. We have unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth on our servers, so it’s worth a shot (psst…Site5 hosting is awesome).

We will be participating in the Big Ten Bloggers’ Pick’Em contest every week. Two years ago, The BBC were champions of the league, but we slipped into the lower half of the league last year. We shall avenge our fall from grace in 2009!

All that being said, one year ago today, The Buckeye Battle Cry is celebrating an anniversary today. One year ago today, we moved from a free blogspot blog onto our own private domain name. Back then, it was just me writing as much as possible, and I knew it was a big step forward, but I didn’t know how much this site had left to grow. The blog itself is nearly three years old, but we made our big move onto this domain a year ago.

Today, we feature five writers – myself, Dave, Jim, MaliBuckeye, and Eric. We’ve got a handful of advertisers so we can actually afford to pay the costs of our domain/servers! And more importantly, we went from about 100 readers a day (a year ago) to 700 readers a day (today).

No, we’re not the biggest dog on the block, but I am thrilled with the progress we’ve made, and I’m overjoyed that you have stayed with us and you keep coming back to check out The BBC. We promise we will keep giving you the content and the humor you love, and thanks for sticking with us throughout our early days and into our latest growth spurt.


Written August 31st, 2009 by Jeff
Looks like Michigan players were doing A LOT more "after hours" than just practicing.....

Looks like Michigan players were doing A LOT more "after hours" than just practicing.....

Isn’t it cute how they’re gently cradling each other’s balls?

h/t – Good Shizzy, Eleven Warriors