The Hunter Needs Silver Bullet Points

Written September 5th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Well, given Coach Meyer’s perspective for this season, the soundtrack for today should be pretty obvious. There’s the awesome option, and the Ah!Sum! possibility. Happy Thursday, Buck-aroos!

Heart you, Dee Dee McCall

Buckeye 411

  • Health Update- According to Coach Meyer, CJ Barnett will be back in action this week against SDSU, and Corey Lindsley will see more time; although the staff will continue to be cautious with his recovery.
  • Back On The Attack? Although he had a good practice today, Bradley Roby has not yet been bumped up to the starter at corner this weekend. Rod Smith, curiously left off the depth chart released on Tuesday, finds himself on several special teams this weekend, which is a pretty good sign.
  • Isn’t That Special- A lot has been made of Ohio State’s practice of having players earn playing time by being a part of Coach Coombs’ charges for a time. If you want to play, prove that you’ve got the heart and passion… I like it, and am hopeful Bri’onte Dunn (who seems to have been singled out this week) will rise to the challenge.
  • Hybrid No More? Coach Meyer mentioned that Dontre Wilson is more of a receiver at this point than a running back.
  • Getting Defensive- San Diego State runs a 3-3-5 Stack Defense, which is a bit different than what the Buckeyes have seen in the past. However, several players mentioned that Buffalo chose a similar look on Saturday, so they feel more prepared. That being said, don’t be surprised to see quite a bit of unorthodox pressure coming from the Aztecs.
  • The Chase- While Ohio State dropped in the AP poll to #3 (I guess beating an FCS school is a good idea, huh NikeU?), they stayed at the #2 slot in the Coaches’ poll.  Oh, and they’re #1 on the Facebook poll… which reminds me; can we be friends? Read More

Dabbling In Technology

Written August 8th, 2013 by Ken

Getting connected

This falls under the “old dog, new tricks” conversation. After several months of fighting the good fight as tBBC’s resident Luddite, I finally signed up for a Twitter account, @KenKohl1. I think that’s the handle, anyway.

I “got with the program”, quite honestly, because of my involvement with this site. I know that several staffers had suggested to me to get up to speed with social media (you know who you are, so don’t stand there shuffling your feet and staring at the floor) just to get a sense of the new media information flow.

Although my wife and I have had home computers (desktops => laptops) for several years, there were really a couple turning points; all family related, of course. First, my mom bought a laptop and learned to do a bit of web surfing (NY Times articles, recipes, etc.) to supplement the daily hardcopy medium.  She moved from cutting out clippings in the local paper and snail-mailing to me to emailing articles and attachments. Read More

Plugging In To tBBC

Written August 25th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

As much fun as the shenanigans and hilarity is hereabouts, it’s never been just about us. The gang works hard to bring you the news and important commentary, but it’s a lot more interesting  when you all jump into the mix. As such, we’ve got a couple of ways for you to get more involved.

Comments; Don’t just read; react and respond! Let us know your thoughts; even if they’re way off base, they can’t be any more random than what we come up with.  Be sure you check out our guidelines, and dive right in.

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