The Week That Were: 09.21.13

Written September 23rd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Monday’s menagerie of thoughts and wonderings on Saturday’s shenanigans comes with music. It was an “ugly” weekend, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make a silk purse out of it all.

Before we dive into the scores, it’s important to remember how trivial college athletics is in the big picture of things. Unfortunately, this is only brought home when we remember the frailty of life, and there were three chances for reflection this weekend.

Ohio State started with a tribute to Columbus Newscaster Dom Tiberi’s daughter Maria, who lost her life in a traffic accident this week.

UCLA followed suit later on Saturday with a 10 man play from scrimmage to honor wide receiver Nick Pasquale, who was killed in a traffic event last week.

And sadly, we found out on Sunday that Cincinnati freshman Ben Flick died after yet another motor vehicle incident.

Again, football is fun… but it ain’t life.

Mid-season Form

Mid-season Form

Let’s stay in the Buckeye State with a reminder of the awesomeness that Ohio State unleashed on Saturday. Sure, it was an undermatched opponent, but that doesn’t mean that the game was insignificant for those that played in it. And, while this was the best block of the week by FAR, the game was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Ohio State did allow ten runs and have two errors in the victory.

PS- I didn’t know that Pam Oliver was a Cal grad. At least TBDBITL seems to think so and responded to criticism in a different way than Charles did earlier.

Ken will be by later to respond to those pundits who seem to have issues with Ohio State’s 76 point victory, but I’ll add only this- I sure don’t hear any bitching about Baylor or Louisville or Miami doing the same on Saturday, and when Oregon did it earlier in the year against an FCS program, they jumped Ohio State in the polls.

You know who doesn’t have a problem with playing until the final gun? The Pirate Cap’n… that’s who.

As you can see up there in the right corner, Coach Kelly and the Irish are celebrating another win in the very friendly confines of South Bend. And by “very friendly”, I mean the kind of affectionate that allows a receiver to climb over the back of a defender and still benefit from the pass interference call. The “Sparty NO!” moment might have happened as soon as Michigan State left the locker room; it’s certainly an uphill battle when you’re playing 11 on 16. Read More

Shots From the Shoe: FAMU

Written September 22nd, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Win the toss, three and out. Long day

Win the toss, three and out. Long day

I like noon games about half as much as Coach Meyer does, which seems to be none at all! First and foremost it is probably very difficult to get up and get prepared for a noon game, even at home in #TheShoe, but the fans have issues as well. Most of the tailgating on the day lasted longer than the game itself and most fans came late and left early.

About the only thing that went right for FAMU was the coin toss. They called it and won and chose to receive the football. I am guessing they maybe thought momentum was on their side after this monumental victory.

As everybody knows, the game was a blow out from the start and the “ol right hander” stole the show yet again by setting a new school record for TD passes in a game with six.

Kenny Guiton took the opportunity to hone up on his targeting skills and even found a wide open(by 90 yards one fan tweeted) Evan Spencer in the back of the end zone.

While the fans were leaving and headed back to their tailgating, TBDBITL took the opportunity to hone up on their swag skills. Read More

BBN Football LiveBlog: Florida A&M

Written September 21st, 2013 by Eric

It’s another day for celebration, because it’s another day of Buckeye Football! Ohio State returns home to welcome the Florida A&M Rattlers into Ohio Stadium.

The game is set to start at noon, expect the chat to get rolling around thirty minutes before.

Go Bucks!

Update: The Chat is still on! If you want to join, just Read More

Inside Ohio State With Urban Meyer

Written September 20th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Thanks to our friends at Campus Insiders, we’ll be bringing you a quick interview with Coach Meyer every Friday afternoon.

Here’s the first edition as the team prepares for FAMU. The great Jim Lachey hosts…

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Florida A&M

Written September 20th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Another week, another victim, and another round of wishes:

Mr. Popular


  1. Duel Threat –   Carlos Hyde and Jordan Hall w 100 yards. Want to see Hyde get in there w the 1 O line and run over people.
  2. Less Penalties –  Penalties are killing this team and 75% of them are of the stupid variety.
  3. A special teams TD
  4. One Half - Braxton to play a half, just to knock the rust off.
  5. Mix It Up - A good mixture of Wilson and Elliot late in the game.
  1. Tackling - I still believe that one day this hope will come true.
  2. Did We Mention One Half? –   No more than one half for Braxton and at least one quarter for Cardale – this is going to be a blowout so get Braxton out there long enough to shake off some rust and then get him back on the sideline, personally I’d prefer him only in for a quarter. Give Kenny one quarter or so and then bring on Cardale and the 3rd team.
  3. Touchdown? - A defense or special teams score
  4. No stupid penalties
  5. Focus – Consistent focus from the team, no looking ahead to next week
  1. Figure It Out –  Have it figured out what Kenny G will do in the regular offense. Hyde may be in dire straights because of his and Halls performances. My favorite quote from analysts is the offense is more efficient with Kenny G at the helm
  2. Leave Bosa Alone –  Kid is going to be an AA defensive end. Turn him loose and find somewhere for Washington.
  3. To that remark –  Play ALL of the twos and threes in this game. Would like to see Cardale take snaps finally Read More

Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 9.17.13

Written September 17th, 2013 by Clair

All Smiles

Cal in the rearview, Florida A&M in the crosshairs…

  • Smooth Moves- Braxton Miller’s sprained MCL proved to be bothersome enough for Saturday’s matchup against Cal that Urban Meyer gave Kenny Guiton the nod to start at QB. Someone tell Kenny Guiton that he is the back up, because he’s certainly playing like QB1. He knows the offense inside and out, reads defenses like a book, distributes the ball with mathematical precision, is a captain and carried his team to victory for the second week in a row. Named the Walter Camp player of the week, Guiton went 21 for 32 passing, threw 4 touchdown passes including a 90 yard soul crushing bomb to Devin Smith, and rushed for a whopping 92 yards.
  • Not So Fast My Friend- OK Guiton was magical, wizard status magical but Braxton Miller is the starting quarterback for the Ohio State Football Buckeyes for a reason…several reasons.
  • Captain, My Captain: Braxton’s scrambling ability and speed alone would land him the starting spot under Meyer’s offense. But Braxton’s development as a pocket passer and his ability to read a defense has dramatically improved since last season. In Meyer’s press conference Monday, he mentioned that the staff was going to have a conversation about a possible two quarterback look going forward. I doubt a two quarterback situation will ever come into fruition with Braxton Miller in the fold. Read More