March Madness 2012: East Region

Written March 12th, 2012 by Eric

The madness continues here at the Buckeye Battle Cry! This has to be one of our favorite times of the year (really, who doesn’t feel that way?) and we love to celebrate by talking about as many teams, games, and players as we can! Joe Dexter was kind enough to get the whole thing kicked off this morning with a preview of the West Region. Now it’s my turn to take a look at the home-favorite East Region. Tomorrow, WVaBuckeye and MaliBuckeye will take a look at the two remaining regions, so that you can have plenty of time to read and peruse your way to what is hopefully a winning bracket!

Make sure you join the BBN’s Bracket Challenge this year!  Bragging rights abound!

Favorites: The East region is graced with a few powerful teams that could be poised to make a deep run. The Syracuse Orange obviously stand in the best position of everyone in the region. The Orange hold a 32-2 season record, including non-conference wins over fellow tournament teams Florida and NC State. Seven-footer Fab Melo, a Sophomore out of Brazil, anchors Syracuse in the paint and is assisted by senior forward Kris Joseph, who leads the team in scoring at just under 14 per game, and senior guard Scoop Jardine, who seems to have been at Syracuse for 50 years. The ‘Cuse lost in the semi-finals of the Big East tournament to fellow East Region member Cincinnati, but looks to bounce back in the Big Dance.
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2011 Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State -vs- Notre Dame

Written December 28th, 2011 by Eric

The Basics: Thursday, December 29th from Orlando Florida at 5:30 PM EST. The game will be televised on ESPN. Florida State (8-4, 5-3 ACC) and Notre Dame (8-4).

History: Originally known as the Blockbuster Bowl, CarQuest Bowl, and MicronPC Bowl, the Champs Sports Bowl has been a regular feature in late December in Orlando Florida for the last 10 years. The Big Ten last participated in this game two years ago when Wisconsin defeated Miami (FL).

Florida State: While the Seminoles have ended up in a relatively low level bowl, it belies the quality of their season. Their four losses were by a grand total of 21 points, with ten of those coming at the hands of then #1 Oklahoma. This FSU team might be one of the toughest teams you’ll see play this December. They lean on the strength of quarterback EJ Manuel and his 2417 yards and 16 touchdowns on the season.

Notre Dame: The list of teams that has defeated the Irish this year is a who’s who of good football teams: Michigan, USC, Stanford, and….South Florida? Ok, maybe not all of the games were, but the South Florida game occurred at the very beginning of the season. It’s tough to hold that against them. The Golden Domers will be up for the task of taking on the Seminoles. Expect a high flying passing act through the entire game as ND quarterback Tommy Rees attempts to keep up with Manuel.

Fun Fact: Ohio State has never participated in this bowl game. However, exactly half of the current Big Ten members have – Penn State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Purdue. Penn State, however, last participated on the last game they were an independent: January 1, 1993. The following year, the Nittany Lions were playing in the Big Ten.

Who we got?

  • Chris – Florida State
  • Eric – Notre Dame
  • Jim – Florida State
  • JoeD – Florida State
  • Mali – Florida State
  • JoeL – Florida State

Tayler Hill scored a career high 31 points to lead the Buckeyes to a come from behind win.

Yesterday the Ohio State men’s basketball team took care of business in the men’s Big Ten-ACC Challenge.  Today the OSU women’s team got their turn as they hosted Florida State in the women’s Big Ten – ACC Challenge.  The Seminoles started the year with high expectations but have had a disappointing season so far, despite this they were still a very dangerous team.

After the two teams traded baskets for the first four minutes of the game, Florida State scored 7 straight to open up an 11-4 lead.  Ohio State responded with a six point run of their own to cut the lead to 11-10 with twelve minutes remaining in the half.  The Seminoles fired right back with another 7 point run to extend the lead to 18-10.  The two teams went back to trading baskets with the Buckeyes slowly chipping away at the lead.  A Samantha Prahalis three-pointer tied the game at 31 with just over a minute remaining before halftime.  Ohio State took the lead seconds later as Amber Stokes came up with a steal and took the ball to the basket for a layup.  Neither team managed to score in the final minute of the half and the teams went into the locker room with the Buckeyes up 33-31.

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The Week That Were- 9.24.11

Written September 25th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Time for the stroll through the week’s absurdity in college football… this week’s soundtrack is inspired by a conversation with a colleague and the Stomping in the ‘Shoe- Enjoy the Stone Foxes.

Spelling? Check. Planning? Meh...

The big game of the week, according to the folks at the four letter network, was Saturday Night’s matchup between LSU and West By God Virginia. When the smoke had cleared (not from burning couches, ironically), all we knew was how good the Tigers are, particularly on defense.  That’s not a commentary on their O- it’s great to see Princeton HS star Spencer Ware excel- but the fact of the matter is that the LSU defense is the best in college football.  In today’s poll has Les Miles’ team at the top, and given their victories over ranked teams (Oregon, Mississippi State, WVa), I can’t say that I disagree.  You want to be the man? Beat the man… and LSU has done just that.

Those who might be wondering how LSU manages to both recruit top athletes AND to keep them motivated may have found an answer on Saturday night- I’m pretty sure that’s a benefit, although I will withhold judgement on if it’s improper (mostly ’cause I’m jealous). Read More

The Week That Were- 9.17.11

Written September 18th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, after a loss there really is only one choice for this week’s soundtrack… Just be thankful I didn’t go all Broadway on you. I know that there were exciting things on the field to talk about, but the big story brings us to…

Not just for Wisconsin fans anymore...

This week in EXPAND-A-PALOOZA: Well, well, well- Saturday awoke to the ACC getting their big boy pants on, and Sunday it became official- Pitt and Syracuse would be joining the conference in all sports. This was a surprising move, since the ACC has been relatively quiet throughout this process, although last week the powers that be agreed to raise the conference buyout to $20 million (from $12-$14 mil).  While it looks proactive in many ways, it’s got to be influenced by rumors that the SEC was looking to poach several schools (FSU/Clemson) from the conference.  The addition of Pitt and Syracuse also effectively block the B1G; these programs were always in the minds of those who believed that B1G Commish Jim Delaney was looking to connect with the NY media market- that ship may have now sailed. As a reminder, the B1G is constrained, in a good way from my perspective, by the belief that the conference’s affiliations should transcend television dollars or “great matchups”, and include schools that are parts of the CIC or AAU to share research revenue opportunities.

Other rumors today are that TBPU, OU, UT, and TTU would head to the PAC-16 and be in a western division with Utah, Colorado, and the two Arizona schools.  To solve the problem of “not playing in California” for recruiting purposes, the conference would move to a “pod” system that would have teams playing three other schools every year, and then two schools from the other two pods on a rotating basis.  Yeah, it’s that complicated. Be aware, though, that UT folks were just in LA for the UCLA game (more later), and that UT and OU have board of regents meetings called for Monday, with Texas having “Conference Alignment” on the agenda.

Elsewheres, UConn has also been rumored to head to the ACC (holy cow, is that going to be a basketball powerhouse conference), while WVa is rumored to have submitted it’s petition to be the SEC’s #14.  Where does that leave the B1G? Notre Dame/Rutgers/Mizzou are supposedly the next targets… although the CIC/AAU thing is still a strong draw for some who are connected to Longhorn Nation.

Oh, and if the insiders at a certain Northwestern message board are to be believed, ESPN is at the heart of this.  Anyone else curious how media conglomerates became involved in the actions of institutions of higher education? And you thought the “coverage” of B1G sports by the four letter network had an agenda now… what do you think will happen when three of the four super-conferences have deals with Bristol’s network.  Now THAT’s something congress should look into, if you ask me- particularly given the fact that the organization that was created to monitor and guide these matters is pretty much powerless on top of other issues.

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Silver Bullet Points Breaks Wind

Written September 14th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Your weekly update from the Ohio State press conference as well as notes from around the world of college sports- this week, we take a pointed look at the NCAA after the jump.

Usually we reserve soundtracks for TWTW, but someone emailed me a song today that I thought I’d share. They described it as “a warning to South Beach re: Mr. John Simon“… enjoy.

Creating its own hurricane…

Buckeye News

  • Injury Updates- At the presser today, Coach Fickell mentioned that one of the reasons Braxton didn’t play on Saturday was that his prep was impacted somewhat by being dinged up last week. Today, though, several Buckeyes reported that Brax seemed healthy and ready to go.  They also reported that Nathan Williams practiced healthy, so it would be difficult to imagine him missing out on Saturday.  Jamaal Berry is back on the kick off return team, which must mean that his hammy is better.  At this point, though, there’s no word on how “Philly” is after leaving the game with a leg injury- although Coach Fickell said that he “didn’t look good”.
  • Captain, My Captain- Only two captains this week; Florida native Mike Brewster and sixth hear senior Tyler Moeller will serve as game day leaders.
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Here We Go Again (or not): Conference Expansion News and Notes

Written August 13th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

You will be assimilated

Update: Well… huh.  The SEC has stated that they’re not extending an offer to aTm at this time, bringing this whole shebang to a screeching halt.

Sources say that the argument over who might be the 14th team and Aggy counterpart was partially responsible for the decision.

No word yet on whether or not the Big 12-2 will just preemptively break up with aTm in response to their looking around at other suitors.


After last summer’s exciting adventures in conference expansion, it seems as there might be a nice refractory period for at least a couple of years.

Ah, but like an addict jonesing for the next hit, university administration, conference leadership, and sports fans across the nation couldn’t stay away from the possibility of becoming bigger and better, particularly where money and egos are involved.

Yup, I referred to Freud… since much of what is going on seems to also be impacted by a sense of fear and frustration; schools not getting the respect they deserve, so leaving for greener pastures becomes a bright, shiny option.

The major factor, as before, is TV money. Just like the BTN started this gunfight last year with it’s ability to pay programs more than they might have been getting from other conference revenue sharing agreements, network exposure and cash are also at the heart of this wave of rumors.

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Silver Bullet Points Gets Pyrotechnic

Written July 4th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

What's more American than blowing stuff up?

Happy Independence Day, Buck-aroos! As you’re enjoying the cold beverage and grilled meat product that the founded fathers gave their lives to provide, we thought we’d give you a quick update on the news you may have missed when you were stuck in traffic this holiday weekend.


  • Not Done Yet- The NCAA was back in town last week to check into the “golf gate” allegations that Eric covered last Wednesday. Again, it’ll be difficult to prove the students in question didn’t just pay for the rounds themselves, but that still leaves “access to an exclusive course” as a perk that may have been illegal.
  • Shifting Time-line- Ohio State had until Friday to submit their response to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations, but have been given an extension until the 12th due to this festive holiday weekend (When Gene Smith starts smoking the ribs, there’s no bothering him…). However, given the re-visit from Indy’s Finest, it’s possible that the NCAA will ask to see some reflections on golf-gate as well, which could push this back even further. That may not be a bad thing for this year’s class of seniors- since it might mean that any possible post-season ban wouldn’t kick in until next year.  Although, that would certainly hose recruiting and any long term coaching decisions.
  • Speaking of Coaching- We hinted at this last week, but we’re hearing that a decision regarding the open linebacker’s coaching position has been made and will be announced following Coach Fickell’s return from wherever he gets his  shirts vacation.
  • In England, They Call It “Rugby”- And Ohio State is still awesome at it… but you can help by going here and voting for them against (savor the irony) Army.  It won’t mean you love America… just that your “Red White And Blue” is more “Scarlet Gray and… well, this runs out of steam, since we don’t want anything to do with blue”.

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