Keys to Victory: Nebraska

Written October 6th, 2011 by Jim

Do I think the Buckeyes can win on Saturday night? Yes, I always think the Buckeyes can win.

What changes for me is how likely I think that outcome will be. For most games, my level of confidence in a Buckeye victory is very high.

This week… not so much.

The reason for my extreme pessimism centers almost exclusively on offensive coordinator Jim Bollman. His performance last Saturday was the sad culmination of a decade’s worth of built up frustration stemming from his bumbling mismanagement of the offense.

My faith in his ability to put together a coherent, much less effective, game plan was utterly destroyed once and for all, and it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel while Jim Bollman is still on the staff.

Regardless of what happens for the rest of the season, getting a new offensive coordinator in 2012 is absolutely essential no matter what the head coaches name ends up being.

I still have faith in the players. The Buckeyes have some of the best talent in the Big Ten.

Unfortunately, when the offensive coordinator calls slow developing pass plays that require five offensive linemen to block seven pass rushers while the QB stands in the pocket waiting for receivers to get open 20 yards down the field over and over again; well, talent can only take you so far.

(And as an aside, let me say that the poor pass protection against the Spartans was NOT the offensive lines fault given that the scenario I outlined above was standard operating procedure throughout the entire game. Everyone railing against the offensive line needs to find another scapegoat for the pass protection problems; his name is Jim Bollman and his play calling put the entire offense in a no-win situation the entire game regardless of the level of individual or group performances.)

If Ohio State continues to squander its talent on offense under Jim Bollman’s leadership, the game against Nebraska and the rest of the season will not be pretty.

Here are my keys to the game. Read More

The Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour returns with our first 2011 game preview! Eric chats Akron with Jim and Joe, along with how we feel the team will fair in their first game without Jim Tressel. They chat about the defense, and about the pessimism Jim feels regarding the offensive line.

After that, Eric is joined by Matt Sussman, Editor of Hustle Belt, SB Nations MAC blog. Matt discusses Akron, including their prospects for this upcoming season, along with his thoughts on their offense and defense. We end by discussing the prospects for the entire MAC this season, along with a fearless prediction of who will be MAC Champion.

All this and more on this week’s tBBC Akron Preview!

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tBBC Radio Hour with Time and Change Clothiers

Written August 4th, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour triumphantly returns!

Eric first chats with Eric and Billy of Time and Change Clothiers. He gets the lowdown on the clothing company, and what brought these guys together in Columbus. They also discuss their thoughts about Ohio State’s situation, and how Fickell will do as a coach.

Time and Change Clothiers will be running a Launch Party after the Colorado game on September 24th.  There will be live entertainment, food, and awesome T-shirts – so it will be certainly worth the time to attend!  Keep your eyes glued on the Buckeye Battle Cry for more news regarding this great company.

After that, Eric, MaliBuckeye and Joseph Dexter of take their first of several preseason looks at the 2011 Ohio State Football season. In this episode, they discuss the schedule as a whole, along with the games that are most, and least, exciting to them.

The show ends with their thoughts on the Michigan football team this year, and their thoughts for how Fickell will fare this season.

Enjoy the show!

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tBBC Radio Hour with Michael at OHD

Written February 25th, 2011 by Eric

This week, Eric is joined by Michael, one of the new writers at the Our Honor Defend blog.  The two spend a large chunk of time discussing Ohio State Basketball, including how the rest of the season is going to shape up, and whether or not they believe Sullinger will stay or go (you may be surprised by the answer).

They also look ahead to next basketball season, and take a peek at the upcoming football season including yet another discussion of the possible Quarterbacking situation.

All this and more on this week’s Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour!

tBBC Radio Hour: Episode 9 with OSU Silver Bullet

Written February 6th, 2011 by Eric

Dave and Drew of the OSU Silver Bullet Blog join me for the next installment of the radio hour! We talk about the National Letter of Intent Day, particularly who we’re excited to see and what we think of the class as a whole, as well as talking about this year’s basketball team.

All this and more on this week’s Radio Hour!

tBBC Radio Hour: Episode 8 with Marcus Hartman

Written January 28th, 2011 by Eric

Update: Fixed. Should work with no trouble now.

In the newest edition of the Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour, Marcus Hartman of Buckeye Sports Bulletin joins Eric@tBBC in discussing the future of the OSU football team, the upcoming football recruiting class and some of his thoughts on the OSU Women’s Basketball team.

All this and more on the latest Radio Hour!

You’ll find the podcast below the break.  Enjoy!

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Preview: Ohio State vs. Eastern Michigan

Written September 25th, 2010 by Jim

How long will Evil Tressel let Pryor put up Heisman stats against EMU?

Eastern Michigan is bad, really bad.

So bad that it is hard to find a place to start describing their ineptitude at playing the game of football.

Since I like to focus primarily on Ohio State in these previews, and as readers of this blog, you presumably care primarily about the Buckeyes, I will keep this as brief as possible.

Eastern Michigan has not won a football game since 2008.

Moving on…

Ohio State has some things they need to work on this week as they prepare for Big Ten play.

Join me after the jump for a look at what those things are. Read More

What do you want to see on Saturday? EMU

Written September 25th, 2010 by Jim

Dane is good at getting the team fired up to meet our expectations.

The game on Saturday will be a little more than a scrimmage for the Buckeyes as they prepare for the Big Ten schedule. It is not the most exciting game for fans, but if anything, the low quality of the opponent increases the expectations.

Here are some things that we want to see from the Buckeyes on Saturday.


  • A 40+ point win- Put them away and do it fast, then let the backups run a typical playbook, not the vanilla run-only playbook.
  • No injuries- Put the starters on the bench fast and avoid what happened to Beanie Wells against Youngstown State.
  • A shutout- Let’s remember, they may be from theMAC, but they’re also from Michigan.  Make them pay for that single word in their school name. Read More
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