We’re Talking Playoffs: College Football’s New Reality

Written June 27th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Yes. Yes, we are.

Or, as it’s also known, “Now we have a different thing to argue about”.

Today, the presidents of the BCS conferences announced that they’d come to an agreement regarding the terms and conditions of a “four team event” beginning the fall season of 2014.

If you’ll remember, we argued for playoffs for a long time now, joining our voices to the thousands across the interwebs which pointed out the hypocrisy in the current system. This new proposal, while a great step toward “closure”, is not without issues… but let’s take a look at the details before we jump headfirst into our “evaluation”.

Oh, and let the record show… I still think the idea of “champion” will be something that sounds better than it ends up actually being. Fulfillment? World peace? Still elusive.

Here are the specifics:

  • A selection committee will select (duh) the participants, which will be seeded for the first round matchups.
  • The selection committee will evaluate the win-loss record, the strength of schedules, head to head record, and whether or not a team is a conference champion. The final matrix for this determination has not yet been decided.
  • There will be four teams- more would not fit in the “Academic calendars”. The rest of the NCAA thinks that’s cute.
  • No “automatic qualifier” designations… sorry, Notre Dame; you’ve got to actually win something to get in.
  • The semi-finals will be on December 31 and January 1; the final will be on the first Monday that’s more than 6 days away from January 1.
  • Six bowls will rotate the semi-finals, with the finals being bid out nationally and facilitated by the conferences. It will not be a “bowl game” per se.
  • Rumors are that the Rose, and “Champions” (SEC/B12) Bowls are among the six bowls in line for the semifinals, with the other four to be bid.  You’ve got to think that the Sugar/Orange/Fiesta will be in the conversations, although the controversies around these over the past months might be a challenge.
  • This is a twelve year agreement, although the financial issues (TV Revenue, allocations, etc.) are still being ironed out. The Commissioners have agreed in principal, but need the Presidents to be on board before it’s finalized.

While this is a step in the right direction, there are still a number of things that are missing from making this ideal (outside of the “what does it mean to be ‘champion’ anyway? thing). Here are some of my initial reflections… Read More

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