BBN Bracket Challenge: Major Awards

Written March 14th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

We told you earlier that we were in process of coming up with some cool swag for the winners of our BBN Bracket Challenge, and now we’ve got enough that we can let you in on the awesome.

It's Italian

Our overall winner will get their choice of a shirt from the guys at Fresh Brewed Tees, their choice of Buckeye Flag from CVS Flags, a Cholula Hot Sauce Gift pack, some goodies from Fox Sports Ohio, and the opportunity to write a guest post here at tBBC. There may be a couple of things we’ll throw in here as well, but this is what we’ve got for now.

UPDATE:  Since I posted this, we were given a $25 gift card for The Buckeye Room- they’ve also got a promo where all OSU fans can get 10-20% off on purchased during March- Use the promo code MADNESS2012 when you buy gear online!

UPDATE2: We’ve also been given a “Rise And Grind” shirt from the guys at Time and Change for the winner!

If you’re in the #2-#5 spot, you’ll win one of the CVS Flags; if you’re #6-#10, you get one of the gift packs from Cholula. Huge thanks to Annapolis at The Buckeye Blog for coordinating the giveaways.

In the case of any ties, we’ll go with best first round score as the tiebreaker. After that, we’ll draw names from a pith helmet we’ve got laying around the office (don’t ask).

IMPORTANT: When you sign up, PLEASE don’t forget to include your email address so we can get in touch with you if you win.

Here’s the important details again: Our boycott of the four letter network continues, so we’re using Yahoo for our contest. For reference, here’s the group information.

Group ID#: 78517  Password: sw00n&su11y

(those are zeroes and ones)

Deadline is 12:15 Eastern on Thursday- That’s TOMORROW. Good luck!!

BBN Bracket Challenge- Welcome To March Madness!

Written March 11th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

The brackets are set, the glass slippers are polished, and Brady Hoke’s head is exploding in anticipation of cheering for his school’s first round. The good news, though, is that Rick Neuheisal can participate in a “pick-em” competition without having it impact his employment.

So, there’s no reason that he can’t toss his hat into the ring of this year’s Buckeye Bloggers Network tournament challenge!  With all of the sites involved, you’ve got to think that winning this thing would be pretty significant in terms of bragging rights across Buckeye Nation.

We’ve got a great prize package that’s still being solidified, but in the mean time, here’s all that you need to know to get involved:

Our boycott of the four letter network continues, so we’re using Yahoo for our contest. For reference, here’s the group information.

Group ID#: 78517  Password: sw00n&su11y

(those are zeroes and ones)

Deadline is 12:15 Eastern on Thursday, March 15… no, we’re not including “the first four” in our contest. Good Luck!!

Also, here at tBBC we’re going to be busy this week giving you all the coverage that you’ll need and more than you’ll want to get you ready for the greatest week in college sports. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Monday: Joe and Eric preview the West and East Regions
  • Tuesday: WVaBuckeye and Mali have looks at the South and Midwest’s breakdowns
  • Wednesday: We take a pregame glance Loyola (MD)
  • Friday: Should the Bucks win on Thursday, we’ll introduce you to their next opponent (Gonzaga or WVa)
  • Thursday- Sunday:All day BBN LiveBlog Coverage of rounds 2 and 3!
  • Sunday: First Weekend final thoughts

And that’s in addition to our usual coverage of breaking news and other insanity… Stay Tuned!!

tBBC Goes Bowling!!!

Written December 16th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Obligatory Rose Bowl Photo

Ah, the most wonderful time of the year.  As if you needed an excuse to sit around and watch football, having it on eleventy days of the week means that you’ve got a built in excuse to avoid certain members of your family and drown out your kids’ “holiday pageant rehearsal” noise.

‘Cause, really… how many times can a person botch “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” on the recorder before some sort of homicide happens?

And, since you’re going to watch the games anyway (or at least tell people that you are- what you do with the LSU/Alabama matchup is your business) you might as well win something, right?

So- it’s time for The Buckeye Battlecry Bowl Spectacular!!!

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Picks For The Weak: Week 5

Written September 29th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Use Your Brain Weaklings!

Week five is here, and I hope you’re not steaming out of your ears as heavily as Dana Holgorsen was on the sidelines Saturday.Watch out Country Roads, Mountain Mama — Dana Boy has got road rage without a license. Harness your fear of driving on the same road as the skulletsen.The fact of the matter is that week four is is in the books and we are cruisin’ clear on the road to week five. Week four is in the rearview mirror. As Donnie Brasco would say — Forget about it!

Last week was one to forget for Jim here @tBBC. He was the only one out of the panel of tBBC staff,  our expert and the computer to finish under .500. It’s okay though, if there is one thing I can guarantee, it’s that Jim isn’t laughing on the sideline. He’s a boss, but there is no joking in weekly college picks. Just over-thinking, hesitation, and some really bad decisions.

Alabama, LSU, and Baylor gave the board a sweeping W, while Dabo and Clemson made everyone eat the rock. Shows what we know about ACC football.

The computer had it’s best week of the year, going 7-3. Our expert, Kyle Kensing of Saturday Blitz went 8-2. Leading the Buckeye Battle Cry charge was Joe L, rebounding after a few rough weeks to open the season. The big man went 9-1 thanks to those damn Clemson Tigers.  Here’s a look at the week four standings:

Mali 7-3 – Eric 5-5-Jim 4-6 – Experts 8-2 – Joe L – 9-1  Joe D 7-3 – Computer – 7-3

Eric finished for the first time this year at .500 or worse. He’s going to bulldoze through week 5 though, like a freight train — watch out weaklings! Here is a look at the season standings:

Mali 27-12 – Eric 26-13- Joe L. 26-13– Experts 22-7– Jim –24-15- Joe D 21-18 – Computer – 20-19

Week 5 Analysis:

This week we talk to Bill Connelly of Football Study Hall. Enjoy the talk of this week’s big games.

Picks For The Weak: Weak 5 With Bill Connelly by The Buckeye Battle Cry

Now, let’s get to the picks!

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tBBC Challenge: College Football Pick-em

Written August 28th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

A bit understated

Don’t forget to get your entry in!!

So you think you’re smarter than the guys on Gameday, and your Saturdays are spent screaming at the radio during Division 3 matchups. There’s a cornhole set in every room of your house; your wardrobe will change significantly once you see what Luke Fickell is wearing on the sidelines this season.

You’ve got picture in picture in picture, with tBBC livechat in a separate window on the 50 inch plasma.  Your spouse left you and took the kids, and your first thought was “Who’s going to make sandwiches at halftime?”  A Realtor came by your place and asked you when you wouldn’t be around- seems the ‘enthusiasm’ you bring to watching football drives the property values down. You match your grill cover to Ohio State’s jerseys for that game, and make sure to wear underwear that’s the opponents’ color… and sometimes, you remember to wear pants.

While you think that killing trees at Auburn is ridiculous, you’d swerve across 4 lanes of traffic to hit some roadkill that might be a still-breathing wolverine or badger. 6 lanes and a divider if it had an “Alumni” sweatshirt on. You won’t cut your toenails during the season, and don’t plan on bathing until after the Conference Championship Game.

You, my friend, are a college football fan.

Do you need help?  Possibly. Can tBBC help you? Not a chance- but we do have a way for you to match your skills against others of your particular “emotional makeup”.

That’s right, it’s time for tBBC College Football Pick-em!

This year, we’re going with the Yahoo! format (since they’ve owned college football this summer), and will be keeping tabs throughout the entire season to see which of our readers really knows their stuff.

In addition, Joe D will be bringing us weekly picks and predictions from the staff and from guest prognosticators elsewhere in the media.

To play, you need to enter by going to the Yahoo! site and click the “Join Group” button. From there, enter the following information…

Group ID#: 8801
Password: Moeller

Just as a reminder, while there’s bragging rights for the best weekly picks (especially in the livechat), the ultimate winner will be the person who finishes on top at the end of the season. Luckily, they’ll email you reminders if you need that kind of thing. In case of a tie… well, I’ll come up with something.

Our friends at Fresh Brewed Tees have given us some shirts to provide to lucky winners, and we’ll also turn the keys to tBBC over for a guest post to our expert.  Feel free to invite friends, and remember to check back here each week for updates and our thoughts on what might be going on. Then, if you do the opposite of what we recommend, you’ll probably score pretty well.

Get in the game!!

Kudos and Clothing!

Written April 5th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

With the crap-tacular showing by Butler’s Bulldogs last night, we begrudgingly offer congratulations to  UConn’s Huskies, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Champion.

More importantly, though, is the conclusion of tBBCBC, where Kriswitha_k correctly predicted a finals appearance by Calhoun’s Corps, and won the tournament with 77 points.  In second place was WorriedSick, who managed two of the Final Four, but lost points in the earlier rounds.

This screams “Winner”

Kris wins the Threebler shirt as well as a chance to guest post here on the mothership- drop us an email with your address and shirt size and we’ll hook you up.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Fresh Brewed Tees-  They’ve also been getting a ton of love from the media for their “Not In Our Garage” shirt following last week’s Lebroncalypse.

No huge surprise, but Eric finished highest amongst your humble correspondents, with yours truly finishing second.  Jim finished third, which is kind of like VCU making the final 4 given his preference for football coverage- he’s definitely a renaissance man.

Congrats to the winners (and by that, we mean “everyone who played”). Be on the lookout for more giveaways and partnerships in the coming months!

tBBCBC Update- After Week One

Written March 21st, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, it wasn’t a pretty weekend by any stretch of the imagination, particularly if you’re a fan of the Big lEast.  Although, having Purdue and MSU take early bows out of the tournament certainly didn’t help the B1G conference any either.  ACC? Yeah, keep remembering that you’re a basketball conference.

In terms of our bracket challenge, we’ve got a tie for first place:

Could be worse

We’re not really sure how graphicjay got into our contest, but we’re glad to poke fun of him and his “Hoop Like A Champion Today” finals prediction.

While the Ninja and (I’m assuming) large canine are currently in the lead, entry “Tressel was framed” has the most possible points remaining.

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2011 Buckeye Battlecry Bracket Challenge!

Written March 16th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, we now know what’s awaiting the Buckeyes on their trip to Houston… Kentucky, Syracuse, and North Carolina stand in their way, a veritable history lesson for college basketball fans.

And now, it’s your turn to get involved- As always, we’ve got a bit of bracketology for you to waste time filling out at work on Monday through Wednesday, and then waste time watching fall apart on Thursday and Friday. Ah, American productivity.

We’re using Yahoo and their scoring system, mostly because that’s what everyone already’s used to (and yes, recent events made us question that… but is ESPN really any better?).  To join, just follow this link. For reference, here’s the group information.

Group ID#: 66044
Password: di3bl3r

We mentioned this in the chat on Sunday, but this year we’ve got a pretty awesome prize for our winner. The highest score when the champs cut down the nets will get to write a guest post on anything they want (sports related), and will also win a bit of memorabilia. Our friends at Fresh Brewed Tees have created this amazing shirt for this season, and have given us a few for our Bracket Challenge:


We really should have copywrited that…

Again, thanks to Fresh Brewed, who donates $1 from every sale to the Cleveland City Mission. They’ve also got a great Japan Relief shirt they’re selling, where 100% of proceeds go to relief efforts.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll be bringing you our take on each region so that you can be ready to dominate (or equally ready to mock us mercilessly). Picks lock at the tip of the first games on Thursday (sorry, first four)… sign up now!