Pick ‘Em- It’s Almost Over

Written December 6th, 2013 by Scott

After 90 picks, tBBC’s pick ‘em between Gary and myself has come down to the final week.
b1glogoWith our contest deadlocked, we will pick the winners of Saturday’s games and use the total points scored in the B1G championship game as the tiebreaker.

To recap last week, both of us took Ohio State, Nebraska, Sparty, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Indiana.

We missed on Nebraska and Wisconsin and head into the last week deadlocked at 30-15. Thanks Bo Pelini.

I’m glad the Huskers don’t play this week.

Who forced you to pick us?

Who forced you to pick us?

Anyhoo, we are going to pick all the relevant and not-so-relevant Saturday games and see if we can’t get this thing figured out.

Games we are picking:

  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma State
  • Marshall-Rice
  • Central Florida-SMU
  • Memphis-UConn
  • Texas-Baylor
  • Missouri-Auburn
  • South Florida-Rutgers
  • Stanford-Arizona State
  • Louisiana Lafayette-South Alabama
  • Duke-Florida State
  • Fresno State-Southern Utah
  • Ohio State-Michigan State

Gary likes Marshall, UCF, Oklahoma State, Uconn, Baylor, Missouri, Rutgers, Arizona State, FSU, Buckeyes, LA Lafayette and Fresno State.

Gary questioned my manhood and told me not to copy his games. “Well I know how much you have to cheat off me to stay in this thing,” Gary said.

Unfortunately, there is not one game I would and will pick differently. So it comes down to total points in the B1G title game.

Gary has 45 points. I’m going with 46 points.

Let’s hope that we’re both WAY under. Go Bucks.

tBBC Pick ‘Em: Week Five

Written October 25th, 2013 by Scott

OK, I’m starting to feel a little nauseated.

This pick ‘em thing is not working out like I planned.

I’m losing.

Of course I expected to win. Who expects to lose other than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Let’s recap our last week of picks, which was two weeks ago. Took a week off to attend the funeral of my 95-year-old grandmother in South Bend.

So our picks from the previous week included both Gary and myself picking Penn State over TTUN and Nebraska over Purdon’t.

Gary took Sparty and the Badgers, while I incorrectly took Indiana and Northwestern. Blech!

Once again we don’t have a consensus for this week’s picks.

Gary and I agree that Ohio State will beat Penn State, Nebraska will beat Minnesota and that Northwestern will win at Iowa.

But again, we differ in another game.

I like Illinois to defend the home field against Sparty, who couldn’t score with a pocket full of change in a …. well, never mind.

“Sticking with my hometown boy Dantonio to bring me success in beating down a Chicago Blackhawks fan,” Gary said smugly.

Illinois can’t stink all the time, right?

So to recap:

  • Gary’s picks: OSU, Nebraska, Michigan State and Northwestern.
  • Scott’s picks: OSU, Nebraska, Illinois and Northwestern.

Standings after four weeks:

Gary 11-2
Scott 8-5

tBBC Pick ‘Em: Week Three

Written October 11th, 2013 by Scott

I guess my sarcasm didn’t get me very far last week.

Gary had a solid week of picking, hitting on all the games except Illinois-Nebraska.

I thought I was safe with Penn State over Indiana. Really, Nittany Lions?

And Iowa let me down too.

Still a long way to go and we have some fun ones this week.

Let’s start with the consensus picks. We are both taking Penn State to knock off TTUN. And we both like Nebraska at Purdue.

I’m done with Purdue. Boiler down.

I’m gonna jump on the Hoosier bandwagon while Gary will take Sparty.

“It’s a home game,” he said. “The hometown pick worked for me last week.”


The big game is up in Madison where Northwestern will try to rebound from the neutral field loss to Ohio State.

I like the Cats here. Gary doesn’t.

“I don’t think they can go up to Camp Randall and win,” Gary said.

So let’s recap.

  • Scott’s picks: Penn State, Indiana, Nebraska and Northwestern
  • Gary’s picks: Penn State, Michigan State, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Standings after 2 weeks:

Gary 7-2
Scott 6-3

Gary isn’t getting cocky ….. Yet.

“One game is not enough,” he said. “If you keep picking for your neighbor I might be ok.”


tBBC Pick ‘Em: Even After Week One

Written October 4th, 2013 by Scott

They say tying is like kissing your sister.Big-10-logo

Pucker up. That’s where we stand after one week of our head-to-head pick.

Yours truly and Gary were correcting in picking Ohio State and Illinois to win last week. I correctly picked Iowa winning at Minnesota but was disappointed in the effort of Purdue as Gary was right in picking Northern Illinois.

“They are just horrible in every freaking category,” he said in justifying his pick.

This week we have a full slate of Big 10/11/12 games.

Let’s get the obligatory picks out of the way: We both are picking Ohio State and TTUN.

But that’s where it stops. Read More

Braggin’ Rights and Wrongs: tBBC Pick’em

Written September 27th, 2013 by Scott

The B1G 10 season is about to kick into full gear and two of your favorite BBC writers are going head-to-head the rest of the way.

Each week yours truly and Gary will pick the games that matter We may agree, we may not. And when one of us is right and Gary is wrong (it’s starting already) there will no holds barred.

It’s a light week so lets get right into it. We will include the 2 non-conference games as well.

Wisconsin at Ohio State
No differences of opinion here. We both predict an Ohio State victory over the Badgers.

Iowa at Minnesota
Gary likes Minnesota. I like Iowa.

In choosing the Gophers, Gary opined “I think the two teams are evenly matched.” He gives Minnesota the home-field edge as the margin of victory.

Iowa has been stuck in reverse since losing to Ohio State in a de facto Big 10 title game a few years ago. Kirk Ferentz has been feeling the heat and I think the Hawkeyes will get the big win they need.

Northern Illinois at Purdue Read More

2013 Picks Challenge!!

Written August 24th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

thechaseIt’s here. Game week.

The 2013 Ohio State season kicks off Saturday with one goal in mind: Pasadena. For all the Roses… or for the Crystal Trophy.

Between now and then, though, there’s a lot of football that will happen- big plays, controversial calls, fantastic finishes, amazing performances… and we’ve got your chance to get involved, with our annual “Pick-Em” contest. Read More

Major Award: tBBC Bracket Challenge

Written April 9th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

A great game on Monday night led to a great result- Michigan didn’t win.  I’m sure that was as exciting for you as it was for Rick Pitino, right?

Congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals on their season, and to Columbus’ Trey Burke on his college career. Thanks, too, for deciding to go pro so I can actually enjoy your talent without being sick to my stomach.

Closer to home, the BBC Bracket Challenge has a winner… artist extraordinaire, Kevin Dearth, whos “RIP Homer” entry won by one point over two other challengers. The neat thing about this entry- it’s named in honor of his step father, a Louisville fan who passed away earlier this year.

Kevin wins the prize package- a shirt from The Buckeye Room, an autographed copy of Maurice Clarett’s new book, some swag from our friend Mekka Don, and the chance to grace the pages of tBBC with a guest post.

For staff bragging rights, The Wonder From Down Under edged out yours truly by one point as well- I knew Charles had some of that Australian mojo going for him.

Thanks for participating in this year’s event… Go Bucks!

tBBC Tournament Challenge: Descent Into Madness

Written March 17th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye
One Team. One Dream

One Team. One Dream

At the beginning of each season, every program has hopes for ‘one shining moment’ where they cut down the nets. This year, that all ends in Atlanta.

As Ohio State has struggled and succeeded in the toughest conference in basketball this year, it’s been with this goal in mind. Learn from the victories. Learn more from the losses. Remember the goal.

Starting the fourth week of March, they and the other teams that have earned the right to be in the NCAA tournament will begin taking one step toward hoisting that trophy; one step, with hopes of more. Last man standing.

As always, we’ll be following the tournament from tip to tail here at tBBC, even through the “play in” games. And, as always, you’ve got a chance to not only join us but show off your prognostication ability as well. Read More

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