LSU Sanctions Teach An Important Lesson

Written July 20th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye


Around noon on Tuesday, the college football world was informed that Louisiana State University was sanctioned for numerous violations of NCAA regulations during the 2009 season.

LSU and the NCAA? Yeah, we were just as surprised as you were. And it wasn’t for the thing that we were expecting.

Seems the Bayou Bengals had self disclosed some issues regarding their football program to the NCAA, had self imposed sanctions, had received a Notice of Allegations and gone before the Committee on Infractions without much fanfare from the national press.

I’m sure it was simply an oversight on behalf of the two national networks that have exclusive relationships with the Southeastern Conference. Particularly the one that has indicated that it’s really interested in investigative journalism over the past few months.

To be fair, though, ESPN has the story on their front page… although it took about an hour or so to get it up there.

If you’re interested in the specifics of the Notice of Allegations, you can give it a read here. As you can guess, this means Eric will be updating The Naughty List again in the near future; but until then, here are the allegations in play:

  • Improper benefits and preferential treatment in the form of housing and transportation for a potential student athlete
  • Over 3,669 phone calls to recruits that were deemed “improper”, either due to their timing (dead or quiet periods) or because the amount. It should be noted that the NCAA was less than happy with the assistant coach in question’s decision to use a non-registered cell phone in order to get around LSU and NCAA compliance requirements. (Read that last part again, “Tressel should have a separate email” people.)
  • A 10.1 violation (Ethical conduct) by the student athlete during the investigation- he was less than truthful
  • A 10.1 violation by the assistant coach in question

Again, LSU discovered and self reported these issues, and disassociated themselves with the coach and the student athlete in question. They also recommended a two scholarship reduction for the 2010-11 academic year as well as other restrictions on recruiting (visits, phone calls, etc.).

To this the NCAA added an additional two scholarships for 2011-12 and one year probation, as well as a one year “show cause” penalty for the former coach.  For many this seemed like an extremely light punishment for the “major” transgressions- for comparison, basketball coach Kelvin Sampson was guilty of committing thousands fewer improper calls at Oklahoma and Indiana, and received a five year show cause classification from the NCAA (although, that didn’t keep him from getting a job in the NBA). Selfishly, I was hoping for some vacated wins.

Of course, there was another perspective on the loss of scholarships, from our friends at

What might we learn about the NCAA from this decision? Well, something everyone should have probably learned a long time ago. Read More

Compare and contrast – NCAA Allegations

Written July 15th, 2011 by Eric

UPDATE- We’ve incorporated all of the allegations into a table for those who prefer getting their information that way. Check it out here, or under the Media Table at the top right of the site.

UPDATE 2- Georgia Tech’s case has been added to the article for completeness. (You need to click “read more” before the link will work properly)

UPDATE 3- This article has been reposted with updates.

USC fans telling their favorite organization what to do

This is the article you have all been waiting for.  Rather than just looking at all of the allegations leveled at Ohio State like I did a couple weeks ago, I now list every single allegation leveled by the NCAA at several different schools.

This article is a public service for anyone who is interested in the details of the allegations for a number of different schools including: Southern California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Boise State and Ohio State.  Each table of allegations is a faithful representation of the allegation posed against the institution along with the response provided by the University for each.  I hope that everyone who reads this will find it an informative and useful resource for discussing the NCAA, amateurism and the recent string of investigations that have swept the nation.

This is not a short article, so you may want to take it in slowly and in pieces. Reading it in one sitting may cause any number of complications that we hold no responsibility for including, but not limited to; excessive optimism, finger pointing, extreme laughter and glassy-eye dazes.

I also point out that what is included in each table is entirely factual information based off the documents provided by either the NCAA or the university in question.  So too with the “results” of the investigation at the end of the discussion for each school.  The discussions themselves are entirely a matter of writer’s opinion and should be taken as such.

For an in depth look at each allegation and the violations therein,

Read More

Welcome to our continuing preview coverage of the 2010 Bowl Season!  The matchup of the day is…

Air Force (8-4, 5-3 MWC) vs. Georgia Tech (6-6, 4-4 ACC)

December 27, 2010 5:00 PM ET ESPN

Independence Stadium, Shreveport, Louisiana


Independence Stadium

The Independence Bowl is one of the older bowl games still in existence.  It was given its name because the first game was played during the bicentennial year – 1976.  The game is played in Independence Stadium, though why that facility is in Shreveport, Louisiana as opposed to, say, Philidelphia is beyond me.

The Independence Bowl started out as a matchup between teams from the Southland Conference playing against any at-large team of the Bowl’s choice.  Big Ten teams that have played the game include Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan State.  The Buckeyes have never accepted an offer to visit Shreveport.

In 1995, the Independence Bowl switched it’s affiliation to the Southeastern Conference which it would match against at-large teams.  In 1998, the Bowl began to take Big 12 teams as its at-large choice, making the Independence Bowl an ad-hoc Big 12 tie-in.  In the case that there were no available teams from those conferences to fill its tie-ins, the Independence Bowl would take at-large teams from any conference.  In 2008, there were no teams from either conference available, resulting in a game between Louisiana Tech and Northern Illinois – a game that Lousiana Tech won 17-10.

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The Week That Were: 11.27.10

Written November 28th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Here’s the soundtrack for this week’s journey through the recent past. It’s from one of my favorite artists, and the greatest Thanksgiving movie ever ANDIWILLFIGHTYOUIFYOUDISAGREE. Ahem.

Although I usually don’t take requests, I almost made an exception for Coach Rodriguez.

What a great week of football- three days worth of collegiate goodness, interspersed with some NFL stuff, lots of food, and the occasional neighborhood game. Although, this year things ended up being a little messy.

There, there... let it all out...

I guess you could say that the mess all started on Thursday, when our friends in burnt orange managed to lose their rivalry game against the Aggies.  As you can imagine, the good folks at Shaggy Bevo are taking this well, particularly given that most of the losses happened in Austin.

The Longhorn’s collapse is the first time in recent memory that a team has gone from the BCS championship game to not even being bowl eligible.  As a “fun fact”; this BCS season will be without the following names: Pete Carroll, Mack Brown, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Les Miles, with the jury still out on whether Bobby Stoops gets an invite.  You know who’s going to be at the BCS Ball?  Jim Tressel.  Again.

Fridays’ games were just as exciting, with Auburn performing the “Greatest Iron Bowl Comeback Ever To Be Vacated” against ‘Bama after being down 21-0 in the first quarter.  Granted, Alabama QB McElroy was injured in the second half, but the Tide followed their protocol and inserted the next person with the same haircut. Read More

The Week That Were- 9.11.10

Written September 13th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Once again, it’s time for a quick tour de farce around the week in college football. You know, in case you don’t have ESPN and this is the only website you read (as it should be). Today’s musical accompaniment: This amazing cover. Good luck getting it out of your head during the TPS meeting.

So much for strength of schedule

James Madison, welcome to the BCS championship game!  Wait, you have to do something more than beat Virginia Tech? Since when?

Quick comment on the Miami game- I like Randy Shannon, and gained a lot of respect for Jacory Harris as a person during the game (as a QB? Nope). Just thought I’d put that out there, since there seems to be a conspicuous absence of the Miami fans that were so prevalent last week in our little corner of the interwebs.

So, the ACC is back to being a basketball conference, right? This week, all of their ranked squadrons went down, including the JMU upset mentioned earlier and The “Rambling Wreck” falling to a team that only scored three points in their loss to North Dakota State.  You want to fix the BCS? One could argue for taking away the ACC’s automatic bid and making them split it with the Big lEast, and then make the MWC and WAC fight over the other one. Problem solved.

That running back that Michigan lets throw the ball is pretty good.  Of course, their opponent wasn’t called Notre Ame for nothing… It would be interesting to see how the game would be different with Irish starting QB Crist in for the entire game, especially given what we’ve seen from the Wolverine defense.

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