The Countdown Continues: Seventeen

Written August 16th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Again, tempting to post a classic tune or an awesome one from my youth.  You’re welcome.

Last year, we honored Todd Boeckman for his work with the Buckeyes. This year, we want to look at a couple of the current players who are set to make an impact this year.


#17 Ben Buchanan You can’t play Tresselball without a great punter, and Ben has this responsibility firmly resting on his shoulders.

The 2009 Academic All-Big 10 punter found himself in a “kicking dual” coming into the season, but all reports from Saturday’s kick scrimmage indicate that this job is his alone. According to Ken Gordon,

He averaged 46.1 yards on 9 punts, including a 60-yarder and a 53. His best kicks, though, came on three tries pinned back on his own 1 — 40, 44, and a booming 57-yarder.

While we’d much rather that Ben had no work this season, it’s great to know that Ohio State is in good hands… um… foot.

Secondly, we highlight receiver Grant Schwartz from Dana Hills CA, who followed his father’s footsteps to play for Ohio State.

Hello, ladies...

In addition to giving us an excuse to post his photo at the requests of our female readers (seriously, mom… stop emailing), we also love Grant for representing Ohio State so well in Ann Arbor last year:

Way to stand your ground, young man- remember that this year, it’s in our house…