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It’s that time of the year again! The the smell of brats, dogs and burgers fill the air. And of course a brew of choice in hand. The staff at The Buckeye Battle Cry would like to take this time to thank veterans and those currently serving that have risked their lives for our freedom, and remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

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With the weekend limping into it’s last day, how about we get you updated on some Big Ten and Ohio State news and views? It’s been a very busy time in Buckeye Land, let’s get you updated with the latest clips across the country.

Roll ‘Em.

Green played in 17 games during his two seasons in Lincoln, starting four of those contests.  He exited spring practice behind starter and redshirt sophomore Taylor Martinez  on the depth chart, and that was apparently at least part of the impetus for the decision to ask for a release.  Another factor, by way of HuskerOnline‘s Sean Callahan‘s Twitter feed, was the fact that “Green didn’t feel like he was a fit in [first-year coordinator] Tim Beck‘s new offense.”

Cody Green was well on his way to being one of the up and coming quarterbacks in college football when he joined Nebraska two years ago. The 6th best incoming dual threat quarterback of the 2009 class has at times showcased that ability, but with Tim Beck’s new system and a man named Taylor Martinez, it looks like the Texan will put on his cowboys boots and travel onward.  A good thing for opposing Big Ten teams, because Green adds a lot of depth, and can replace the oft-injured Taylor Martinez pretty evenly.

No word on where Green is targeting, but names of schools that have been rumored are: Boise State, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Houston, and Louisville. A whole slew of other Big 12 schools such as Kansas State, Iowa State, and Kansas are in need of a quarterback.

Boise seems the most compelling with Kellen Moore graduating after this season. Louisville is the home of Green’s former offensive coordinator Shawn Watson, who is now the Cardinals’ quarterback coach and could be a place of comfort for Green.

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