Behind Enemy Lines: A Trip to Un-Happy Valley

Written November 2nd, 2012 by Janelle

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Happy Valley to see the Buckeyes play on the road.  If you read my previous article about Penn State, you know I don’t exactly have warm, fuzzy feelings for the Nittany Lions and their fans, so when I decided to travel to State College, I was wary of what foolishness I might encounter while there.

Spoiling The Party

I am happy to report that for the most part, everyone we encountered last Saturday was very pleasant and welcoming.  In fact, we even got “welcome to Happy Valley,” “enjoy the game,” “good luck tonight,” etc. from various fans in blue and white.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked when people were being warm and welcoming toward us.  It was astounding after how they have treated other OSU fans and myself in the past.  Could I really have a trip to Penn State without encountering anybody acting completely out of line towards myself and other OSU fans? Could it be that for once, we all just focused on the game and had fun? It all seemed too good to be true. And it was.  Once kickoff drew near, all bets were off.

We started walking down to the stadium around 4, and things went down hill from there (side note: The walk from where we were tailgating to our gate at the stadium had to be about a half hour. I’ve never appreciated how relatively close together everything is at Ohio State until last weekend).  Anyways, the friend that attended the game with my parents and I got flipped off as we walked towards the stadium.  Then, once we got to our gate, we started hearing the foul language and seeing some of the offensive shirts.  I wasn’t even really upset at any of that because those saying those things and wearing those shirts were the exception, not the rule for the most part.

What really set me off was the man who was sitting in front of us who had clearly had entirely too much to drink.  From the time we sat down, every time we would cheer for the Buckeyes, he would turn his head to the left and belt out boos to drown out our cheers.  Then, when the game started, he was literally screaming his lungs out to the rest of the fans in our section trying to get them to stand up on each play (oh yeah, unless you’re a student, they sit during the entire game at Beaver Stadium unless it’s a third down for the other team).  The dude was just obnoxious.  Then, when the Buckeyes took the lead, he sat down and was whining to his girlfriend next to him.  He was going on about how Ohio State fans are the “stupidest fans in the Big Ten” and how Braxton is the “stupidest quarterback in the Big Ten.” Hilarious, right? Go ahead and laugh. Read More