Weekend Wonderings: Holidays Edition

Written December 22nd, 2013 by Ken

 thinkerWelcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings. Due to holiday and travel plans, there will not be a WW next week; you may want to bookmark this page and re-read this next Sunday.  Grab your hot cocoa/hot toddie and let’s proceed.

Before we get too far along, I want to wish you and your families best wishes for the Holdays.

The James/Wexner, Cleveland Clinic

Of course, we have a couple items this week.

  •  We are already aware of likely benefits of men eating cooked tomatoes (sauces, etc) for the benefits of lycopene in lowering their risk of prostrate cancer. The earlier studies (linked, above) are now backed up by research in regards to tomato consumption in women and the effect of reduction of breast cancer.

“Based on these data, we believe regular consumption of at least the daily recommended servings of lycopene-containing fruits and vegetables would promote breast cancer prevention in a population at risk for breast cancer”

DoubleHelixThe lycopene appears to trigger the production of the hormone adiponectin which is the “risk-reducer”. Now, a couple caveats; first, this beneficial effect is more pronounced in women with lower body mass index. There are a lot of health benefits to having the recommended BMI, the efficacy of nutrients and hormones in disease reduction/prevention is one of them. So, eat your tomatoes and watch your BMI-driving calories this holiday season. There really isn’t any single thing that is the Magic Bullet with cancer prevention/cure, but a lot of little things can add up for you.

Speaking of food, here is a cooking video (34:00), courtesy of The James, on healthy meal preparation for the holidays. We’re here to help. You’re welcome.

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