tBBC Game Preview: Indiana Hoosiers

Written November 21st, 2013 by Ken

Candy cane for the Holidays

The #3 Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0, 6-0) host the Indiana Hoosiers (4-6, 2-4) for a 3:30 PM EST kickoff at the Horseshoe. The Buckeyes, the Rodney Dangerfield of BCS-Land comes off a 60-35 “squeaker” over Illinois while Indiana’s high-flying offense got badgered by Wisconsin in a 51-3 loss. Oof. Ohio State is on a 22 game winning streak, which ties the school record. The next win, this one, will establish a school record.

Ohio State on Offense


Millenium Man

Ohio State brings in a high-powered offense (49.4 ppg and 536 ypg), which is 12 points and 100 yards per game better than last year’s undefeated team. The tempo is a bit higher, running 75 plays per game this year, compared to 70 last year.

This offensive touchstone for this game will be Carlos Hyde’s’ quest for 1,000 yards. As you’re aware, this will be Coach Meyer’s first 1,000 yard rusher and will be a validation for Hyde for his patience and dedication.

Indiana brings a defensive unit that is last in the B1G in rushing defense (251 YPG) and total defense (535 YPG). So, I guess in that sense, it’s a well-balanced defense. At this point, Indiana’s rushing defense is a bit better than Illinois, but after OSU drops 250 – 300 yards on them, they won’t be.

Ohio State on Defense


Coming to a QB near you

If you were uncomfortable/annoyed with OSU’s defense performance against Illinois last week, get ready for more of the same this week. Indiana’s offense ranks only a spot or two below OSU’s in most categories, 39 PPG, and 497 YPG. In fact Indiana leads the Conference in passing offense. If Scheelhaase made you uncomfortable last week, keep the Maalox handy Saturday.

The Hoosiers run a dual quarterback system of sorts, similar to Northwestern. Nate Sudfeld plays the part of Trevor Siemian while Tre Roberson is the Kain Colter. Although Sudfeld is a top-notch passer (224 YPG 144 QBR), when he is in the game you either play the pass or key on RB Tevin Coleman (106 YPG). With Roberson, we can get anything. Hopefully, the Buckeye defense can get close to full strength for this game.

Wrap Up

So, how’s it going to shake out? The line has OSU -33 with the over/under at 76, which comes out to around a 56-20 score. The weather forecast for Saturday is 40 degrees, possibility of snow and windy. If so, this may take the air out of the ball, since we have a great offensive line and Carlos Hyde, and Indiana doesn’t. I see a comfortable win, in terms of margin of victory, but not necessarily a relaxing one.

The game is scheduled for a 3:30 PM EST kickoff with television coverage on ABC/ESPN2. Please join us at tBBC for live in-game chat approximately 30 minutes before kickoff.  We look forward to seeing you.

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 47

Written July 15th, 2013 by Ken

Starting the day off in a proper manner

In today’s edition, we celebrate number 47, an Ohio State victory over the Indiana Hoosiers  on  October 21st, 2006, 44-3.

The Buckeye offense was preternaturally balanced in this game; they rushed for 270 yards (1 TD) and passed for 270 yards (5 TD’s). Indiana’s offense less so 7 yards rushing and 158 yards passing. OSU’s red zone offense was particularly effective, scoring three TD’s in 4 trips. Their lone failure was clock expiration at end of 1st half. Which may have been Indiana’s most effective defensive ploy of the game.

Not a whole lot of additional game statistics for this one; and if you think about it, why would there be?


tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 73

Written June 19th, 2013 by Ken

Mike Thomczak, gunslinger

In today’s episode of the tBBC’s Countdown to Kickoff series, we come to #73; the November 5th, 1983 beat down of Indiana, 56-17.

The Buckeyes came into the game with a 6-2 record, with a big win against the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman, but having suffered losses to Iowa and Illinois on the road. Indiana was playing under new head coach Sam Wyche, who had replaced Lee Corso after he completed a pair of losing seasons in ’81 and ’82.

The Buckeyes paced themselves in this one, scoring two touchdowns in each quarter. Keith Byars led the OSU ground attack, and Mike Thomczak continued to cement his legacy as a great Buckeye QB.

Sam Wyche’s Hoosiers ended the year with a disappointing 3-8 record. Wyche departed Bloomington at the end of the season to become the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, leaving the Hoosiers in the hands of Bill Mallory who would eventually lead them to a bowl appearance in 1986.

Silver Bullet Points Can Feel It

Written June 12th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Well, there won’t be a Rumble later today; Jason’s recovering from the Orion festival (he snuck across the boarder to TSUN, and hopes to come back with his IQ intact and his hearing decimated). As such, your soundtrack for today is my favorite Metallica song from back in the day. Also, we’re launching a new feature later this afternoon to get you ready for kickoff… enjoy!

Yeah, That’s Pretty Cool

Buckeye 411

  • Aloha Means “Hello”- So… you want to play the Rainbow Warriors? I’m totally OK with that, as long as it’s a “home and away” proposition… I’ve got my lei all warmed up and everything.
  • This Week In “The Staff Is Awesome”, Part One- CBS Sports had a twofer on Tuesday about Ohio State assistant coaches, starting with strength and football performance coach Mickey Marotti. Interesting tidbits from that article: Coach wanted to “fight” Christian Bryant to get him to buy in, but now counts him as one of his leaders; Braxton has made great strides, but has a more “laid back” personality than previous people that Mariotti has worked with, and Noah Spence was at the top of the recruiting charts at Florida as well as being a high priority for Ohio State- and he’s gained 15 pounds of muscle since coming to Columbus
  • And Aloha Means “Goodbye”- The staff at LGHL have discovered that former Buckeye linebacker David Perkins will most likely transfer to Illinois State following both his departure from the program and some issues at Bowling Green.
  • This Week In “The Staff Is Awesome”, Part Two- Believe it or not Dennis Dodds wrote a very complementary article on Offensive Coordinator Tom Herman, particularly highlighting both his offensive savvy and his ability to get the Buckeyes to buy in… even when it cost them their dinners:

In the best times, Herman’s offense had lineman Andrew Norwell vomiting. The super-fast version of Ohio State’s no-huddle is labeled “Jet.” Jet took off at a key moment in the third quarter of last year’s game at Penn State.

At that point, the decision had been made to run Penn State’s defensive line out of the building the same way Herman had done it at Rice. Go fast, make defenders run sideline-to-sideline. History shows an eight-play, 85-yard touchdown drive that lasted 2 minutes, 15 seconds.

And then, regurgitation.

“Norwell came to the sideline, sat on the bench and vomited at the feet of our offensive line coach [Ed Warriner],” Herman said. “He looked him right in the eye and said, ‘Keep jettin’ ‘em.’ That’s when I knew we had them.”

  • If You’re Into That Kind Of Thing- EA Sports seems to be fond of Ohio State’s offense, while Phil Steele has Ohio State at #2 this pre-season; we’ll be talking with him later this summer on tBBC Radio Hour.

Buckeye Hoops News Read More

2013 March Madness Bracketology: East Region

Written March 18th, 2013 by Jason

The field is set  for the men’s 2013 NCAA college basketball tournament. This afternoon we’ll take a look into the East regional that culminates March 30-31 in Washington, DC. If you’ve already filled it out,  this will be your chance to review the work you did for our Tournament Challenge this year.

The East regional is topped by the Indiana Hoosiers followed by Miami (Fl), Marquette and Syracuse rounding out the top four seeds. Along with the Hoosiers, the Illinois Fighting Illini will also represent the Big Ten in the region.

Eastern Road To Atlanta

Eastern Road To Atlanta

The Favorite: Ranked as the top team in the region, the Hoosiers are the obvious favorite to win the region. Despite falling to Wisconsin in the Big Ten tournament semi-finals, they were considered by the selection committee as a lock for a number one seed. The Miami Hurricanes are the “sexy” pick by the national pundits to take the region. The ‘Canes are on a roll winning both their regular season conference championship and the ACC tournament. If anyone can take down the Hoosiers, “The U” may be the ones to do it.

Cinderella: While I don’t see a traditional “Cinderella” team, I do see a few that are in the middle of the pack that may very well make some noise.

While seeded 10th, the Colorado Buffaloes come into the tournament on the heels of their third consecutive 20 win season, the first time that has happened in school history. Though they fell in the second round of the PAC-12 tournament to Arizona, confidence is high amongst head coach Tad Boyle’s team that they can be a player in the East region. Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Chumbawamba

Written February 13th, 2013 by Jason

Buckeye hoops had a bad week. The Paterno’s just won’t stop. I don’t feel that same about college basketball as I used to. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Buckeye bruises

For the first time in 121 games, dating back to 2010, the Buckeye basketball team lost back-to-back games. The first was last Tuesday’s overtime road loss to TTUN in Ann Arbor (covered last week) followed by Sunday’s 81-68 loss at Value City Arena to number one ranked Indiana. It’s easy to say that the TTUN loss was more heartbreaking. Meanwhile, the loss to the Hoosiers at home was far more devastating.

We’ve been discussing how the Buckeyes have been in a constant search for a number two scoring threat to compliment Deshaun Thomas. While that search has been ongoing, the Buckeye defense has been a stalwart to keep them in close games and a source for momentum when a big play is needed. Most teams look for a big three pointer to change momentum or a high flying dunk, the Buckeyes look to lock down on defense and get a quick score off a turnover. While not the completely unconventional path to a momentum burst, it is certainly the road less traveled. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Gets Some R&R

Written November 7th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

It’s the bye week, and there’s only one song for the occasion. Well, two… something for everyone.


Buckeye 411

  •  Injury Update- Tuesday, Coach Meyer said that it was better than 50/50 for Etienne Sabino to return for the Wisconsin game, something that will add a much needed boost to the Ohio State linebacker corps. No other injury news was given, so it’s safe to assume that Reid Fragel and Orhian Johnson are both OK following their leaving the Illinois game.
  • Freaking Flyer Miles- There’s no rest for the Buckeye coaching staff, who are traveling the nation reconnecting with current verbal commitments and starting to reach out to some new names.  Joe will have an update later this afternoon, but we do know that the coaches are hitting Ohio harder than the presidential candidates as well as canvassing Texas, the DC area, and renewing connections in the south (Carolinas, Louisiana, Florida). They’re doing some bye week fishing, and with a much wider net than we’ve seen in the past… we’ve even got 2015 and 2016 offers starting to go out.
  • Stiffarm Trophy? In spite of the fact that his coach has been a bit closed mouth about it until recently, Braxton Miller has emerged as a candidate for the Heisman.  He talked briefly with the media about this opportunity yesterday- check out The Sporting News’ coverage of the conversation.
  • Other Awards- Monday also saw Bri’onte Dunn named the B1G Freshman Of The Week for his work in the fourth quarter of the Illinois game.  Defensively, Ryan Shazier was named B1G Player Of The Week for the second straight game… see Sammy Silverman’s tribute after the jump.
  • Yeah, But… Urban Meyer in the B1G teleconference on Tuesday said that the Illinois game wasn’t Ryan’s best as a Buckeye, and he left a lot of opportunities on the field.  Remember, folks- he’s only a sophomore…
  • Meyer’s Musings- Coach also mentioned that there’s a two edged sword in dealing with bye weeks; it gives you the chance to get healthy, but it can also lead to a lack of focus and momentum. He spoke briefly about Reid Fragel as well, and said that it was the senior’s work that was evident in how well that he was playing- that when he didn’t apply and push himself, he was only “average”.
  • Rumblin’, Bumblin’, Fumbling? The fumbles were not an issue for Rod and Bri’onte, in Coach Meyer’s mind; they are something to work on, but not something to take away from their playing time.  Additionally, much to the nightmares of B1G defensive coordinators, Coach Meyer said that the two back look that Ohio State thrived from on Saturday would be something that Ohio State would continue to utilize, given the production and development of all of his running back corps.
  • Help Us Help You?  Hey- if you’re on the ol’ Twitter, your favorite bunch of miscreants is trying to get to 2002 followers by the November 24 game against That Team Up North. Yup, the one where they’re paying tribute to the 2002 national championship team… see what we’re doing there? Oh, and if you’re the Fake Jim Mora, nevermind. Read More

After Further Review, Ohio State Holds Off Indiana 52-49

Written October 14th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Nate Williams is out, and Zach Boren has been moved to linebacker. And that’s just what we knew about heading into the game; a matchup that Ohio State dominated until mental lapses and a “never say die” Hoosier team made the contest too close for comfort late.

Since Eric is at a wedding and Tim’s got work, you’re stuck with me for the recap.  Buckle up.

First Quarter

Guapo Being Guapo

Braxton was able to get enough of the passing game going over the middle of the field to keep the Hoosiers honest, and found Jake Stoneburner for an early first down catch on a close call.  A pass interference call kept the Ohio State drive alive, and Braxton made a good read on an option pitch to Corey Brown for the first Buckeye score. After a three and out by IU, the Buckeyes took over again and began to feed Carlos Hyde. After one first down, though, the Buckeyes were forced to punt, and IU began on their own seven yard line.  The Hoosiers continued to have the dropsies, and IU punted back to Ohio State. Rod Smith reported for duty for Ohio State on their third drive. After a couple of nice runs, Devin Smith dropped a sure touchdown forcing Braxton to scramble on third down to pick up the long first. A couple of times during the first quarter, Ohio State showed a new wrinkle of a “touch pass”- they were unsuccessful in converting, though, and Drew Basil added his third field goal of the season.

Indiana got their first first down of the game, and began to move up tempo. Indiana ran an off-tackle play to Stephen Houston who ran 53 yards for the score, and the Hoosiers drew within three. Heuerman dropped the first down pass attempt, and Indiana was able to feather the option attempt and stop Braxton from any gain. A false start put OSU at third and 15; Braxton was only able to pick up five yards and the Buckeyes punted… and it was blocked by Indiana. The Hoosiers started at their own 17, and gained two yards prior to the end of the quarter. Read More